Marty + Selva short stories

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Marty + Selva short stories

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Marty entered Selva’s house. The doors were opened. Marty looked around and there was only silence in those many many rooms. Until a voice came from behind the door that he just entered:
"Were you looking for me, boy?"

Marty looked and was surprised to see Selva waiting for him with her arms opened. She was standing in that corner calm, peaceful and beautiful. If he didn’t knew it was her with her games, he could swear that she’s either a statue or a flower.
He stepped towards her and covered her in a big embrace with his arms and even legs while frenchkissing her.
Then, as if nothing happened and time has gone so quickly, they found themselves sitting lap in lap, kissing, cuddling and joking around like two kids.
But all of a sudden, they were shocked to find that their tools were kissing as well. Marty struggled to pull his weiner out, but it was no use. Their tools were welded.
" So, what now?"
"Well, I guess we've fallen in love enough for today, let’s just fall asleep for now!..." and they fell asleep with their so lovingly welded bodies.
Next morning, Marty woke up alone in his room as if nothing happened...

Marty came to Selva’s place. After he entered the opened doors, he remembered that she messaged him: “Don’t forget to water my flowers!”
So, he dressed up in a tubular “dancing hose” suit, as he called it jokingly, and started to crawl around until he reached for her. She was standing just like the other day like a flower in a vase that held her hips tight. He approached and, while rising, he started to kiss her belly and then her tits while circling around like a snake until he got to her head and kissed her
„Hello, my Eve!” He said
„Hello, my snake!” She said. „Ready?”
“R U kiddin’, dear?” he said while raising his hands and letting his “hose” suit fall from his naked body.
He then started to embrace her body as tight as her “vase” and tickle her with his hose.
„Fishing for my toy, hey? Not today, dear. But because I’m a lady, I can give you my navel. If you stick to it, we won’t get stuck again.”
„OK.” He said starting to play with it...
Suddenly, they found themselves as stuck as in the other day... If there was someone to unweld and save them, we don’t know…
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