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Now don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining in any way whatsoever. Quite the opposite. I am incredibly thankful to have found a woman who… Well, I always assumed I would be the one on top, the tie-er, not the one now tied, spread-eagled on our bed with the woman of my dreams sitting on me and riding my cock that is harder than I have ever known it to be. But I am getting ahead of myself. Perhaps I should start from the beginning…
I had returned home pretty much as normal, with the exception of a call to make sure I was on my way! “Yes I’ll be there in half hour. Love you!”
As I entered the front door I knew something was about to happen. She walked towards me wearing the very sexy nurse’s costume we had brought from “the shop” the other day! “Wow!” Was the best I could blurt out, rather ineffectually, and rather an understatement. She had gone the whole hog! This was not a nurse you’d find in any hospital I had ever in. I really don’t think they allowed stockings, suspenders and red stilettos. They should! But I think the men’s blood pressure might end up being a little too high! Just as mine was right now! The costume itself was white PVC embossed with red in the appropriate places. And for once a nice proper looking nurses cap. They usually turned out to be a rather pathetic head band or such but not this one, they had the extra effort here and by God she looked amazing. She had added makeup too, perfectly. Not usually one for lipstick, she now the reddest lips I had ever seen.
Starring straight at her I took off my jacket and tossed in over the nearest chair. I stepped towards her. “Stop right there!” She exclaimed! “You are going nowhere until you remove all those ‘dirty’ clothes.” A sound of distain on the word dirty, and an unusual authority in her voice. “Come on, I don’t have all day! I do have other patients to attend to.” I got the message. I removed my clothes very quickly. I now stood there in my pants. “Those too! Off with them! They’re not exactly hiding anything, are they? I can see the bulge from over here!” She was of course quite right. I, by now had an erection straining to stand free of its surroundings. Off they came. Allowing my rather erect dick to proudly swing free.
“Follow me” She turned and walked up the stairs straight towards the bedroom. She stopped at the door opened it and gestured for me to enter before her. Unhesitatingly obeying I entered the room to see she had done some preparation. From each corner of the bed was a piece of rope extending on to bed obviously attached somewhere under the bed. Sat on the bed were 4 leather cuffs.
“It seems that you have been deemed a risk to yourself and others, so I must restrain you to the bed so that you cannot hurt yourself. Please put the cuffs on.”
“And what if i…” I was cut short
“Don’t argue, or you’ll have to be sedated! You don’t what that do you?”
“No nurse”
“Good… Now hurry up, remember there are other patients needing my attention!”
I of course did as I bid and buckled up the cuffs one on each ankle and each wrist.
“Hold out your hands.” She checked the cuffs. “We don’t want them too tight, or loose.”
She pointed to the bed. “On the bed!”
Without any argument I lay on the bed and put my hands towards the corners of the bed.
She took the first rope, thread it through the ring on the cuff and pulled my arm towards the very corner of the bed. She tied several knots and then went to work on the other arm. Again pulling my arm tightly towards that corner of the bed, again tying more knots than needed. I was now secured. My legs although free were of no use to me whatsoever. Of course that was going to be rectified immediately. She took each ankle and tied them to the corners of the bed as she had done with my wrists. Again with more knots than were necessary, somehow I don’t think she trusted me.
Now I was truly helpless. For once I knew I couldn’t work my way out of this until she untied me.
“Good. I think that should do for now. Hope you’re comfy, you’ll be here for a while. Now remember those other patients I need to check on? Well I am going to do that now. BUT, just to make sure you don’t disturb them with your shouting and screaming I must add one more thing.”
She walked over to the bedside cupboard, opened the drawer and removed a ball gag.
“Open wide”.
“Nope”. I closed my lips tightly.
“Okay. That’s how you want to play it.” She pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth to breath. As I did, she did as I knew she would, pushed the ball into my mouth. Then lifting my head enough to be able to buckle it up. I pushed on the ball with my mouth able to push it out slightly and started to mumble through it.
“Ah not tight enough then. Let’s fix that!”
She raised my head and pulled the buckle another step or two tighter. The ball now pulled deeper into my mouth the leather strap pulling rather tight against the corners of my mouth. Now I couldn’t move the ball at all or make much noise.
“Perfect. Much better.”
She climbed off the bed. Stood and surveyed her handy work. I of course struggled to prove how well she had done, and tried to talk though the gag. Of course nothing much came out. She smiled, winked and turned towards the door.
“I’ll be back shortly. You relax now. Try and keep that erection under control.”

Chapter two
It could have been 5 minutes or half an hour before she returned. I’m sure it was probably not very long at all. I lay there my mind a whirl with thoughts of the coming? What was coming? Whatever it was I was sure tonight was going to be very memorable.
“Good evening again. How is my favourite patient?”
As she walked towards me my penis decided to resume its former glory and once again stood to attention!
“I thought I told you to keep that under control! Well then, we had better see how we can help you with that problem.”
She leant over me and with her nails started to run them along the line just behind my balls, lightly scratching.
“No. That’s not helping is it? Seems to making the problem worse.”
Her hands now cupped my balls and gently squeezed.
“Hmm, Seems they are a little heavy. Perhaps they need ‘emptying’?”
Taking her hand she wrapped it around the shaft of my erection and slowly, oh so very slowly and lightly, started to caress it.
My erection was so solid, it felt like it would burst if it got any harder.
Her caress had stopped. Now she was tracing along and around it using just one finger. Good god. How I hadn’t exploded by now I have no idea. I knew when I did it was going to be such an explosion that if I wasn’t tied to the bed I would probably fly across the room!
By now she lie half across the bed. Her head descending toward my crotch. Her dark hair cascading around my lower regions as her tongue started to explore the tip of my aching cock it needed release. I started to thrust, to no avail. She pulled away.
“Oh no. Naughty naughty! The patient must lie still or the treatment might not work properly!”
I tried mumbling through the gag but as usual nothing understandable came out.
“Shall we try again? Will the patient behave?
“MMM” I nodded vigorously.
Her tongue once again started to explore the tip of my erection. After teasing the tip for a short while her mouth opened and descended down onto my cock and started to work her magic…
She might as well have uttered the words ‘abracadabra’. It took so little time before my ‘magic wand’ exploded!
I thrust so hard as I came I thought I might have chocked her, but no she was still holding in there making sure every ounce was extracted.
“Mmm. Well done. I think the treatment might be working.”
She ran her finger along her lip to wipe off a trickle of my sperm. She gave it a quick glance and rubbed the finger along my lower lip.
Gently she ran her tongue along my upper lip and kissed it.
“I think you need a rest before we continue this treatment. Try and get some sleep. I’ll be back soon!”
Again she walked towards the door and closed it behind her.
Chapter 3
I have no idea how long I had slept. I was awoken by the feel of someone straddling my stomach.
“Wakey wakey, time to finish your treatment.”
Her fingers held my cheeks as she ran her thumbs along my lower lip. Lowering her face to mine, began to run her tongue along my lips around the edges of the ball that filled my mouth, tracing the line of the leather strap across my face to my ear where it began to explore. By now my erection was back in full force and straining against her crotch as she sat on me.
I could feel the coolness of PVC on my chest where her chest was straining against the costume. She rubbed her chest slowly across mine. Suddenly she sat upright ran her hands up to her breasts and cupping them under her curves holding them with her fingers and running her thumb across them.
“Would you like a better look?” she teased.
She undid the buttons that had held it closed stopping at her waist so the costume still pulled in against the side of her breasts encased in a very sexy lace bra. I suspected, knowing her as I did, that she would have matching panties below! Again she started to tease by running her hands over and around them. Finally she reached into the bra and pulled out each of her breasts.
“Would you like to kiss them? I’m sure you would. Here see what you can do.”
She moved up my body until she could lean down enough for her to run the nipple of her right breast around against my lips! And rather mockingly said.
“No kiss for them? Oh, never mind.”
Saying this she rose up slightly and both breasts descended onto my face where for a short while she gently moved them around.
When she sat up again she gave me a big kiss on my cheek and reached around behind my head and unbuckled the gag and pulled it from my mouth. Whilst I worked my jaw and started to say something she put her finger to my lips.
“Shhhhh, I didn’t say you could talk.”
She bent down a kissed me. Not a gentle kiss but a very hard kiss her tongue searching hard in my mouth. When she finally came up for air, she had in her hand a pair of tights. These she rather quickly pulled between my lips and began to wrap them around my head. Twice maybe three times, and pulled hard! Tying them very tightly in place. Then came back to kiss me again. Her tongue exploring past the gag. My tongue could now explore too. After quite some time she moved away slightly and said.
“Now let’s try that again, shall we?”
Once again she moved up my body a little until once again she could lower her right breast down towards my lips. I strained my head up a little so my lips could just reach enough to kiss them through the gag. I just extend my tongue far enough through the gag to run it around her erect nipple. She stayed still for a while and then swapped so I could do the same with her left breast. I eagerly tried my best with my lips to kiss it and once again run my tongue around this nipple.
Finally she sat up and started to move down my body again until she could drop down and run her tongue around my chest tweaking my nipples Her mouth opened and using her teeth started to bite. I moaned through the gag, she not only bit but at the same time used her tongue on my nipple. It was starting to get serious now. I knew next that her nails would come into play. And sure enough the next thing I feel was her nails scratching down my sides. As she sat up these nails started to move across my chest and stomach. All this time my erection had been straining against her. Now it stood tall and hard ready to enter her.
With her fingers she started to caress her crotch through the panties. I could see that she already wet.
“Are you ready for to finish your treatment?”
Rather than move and go through the awkward process of removing her panties she pulled crotch to one side and inserted her middle finger starting to play with herself, caressing her own clitoris. After a short while she removed her very wet finger and ran it across and around my lips.
“Sorry you can’t have a proper taste.”
I pushed through the gag with my tongue and eagerly licked at her finger.
Pulling the crotch of her pants to the side again she lowered herself onto me. For a moment she did nothing. She had a way of using her pelvic muscles to caress my cock inside her. It was / is the most amazing feeling. I couldn’t help but moan.
I knew it was going to take a lot of will power not to just come almost instantly. I hope she was as ready as I was. She began to move. Her breasts also began to move in time with her. She was slowly moving faster and as her breasts started to bounce she held and caressed them with both hands. Her moans and gasps becoming quicker and louder. I knew she was close. Thank god because I couldn’t hold it anymore. I exploded and bucked with such force that it seemed I was going to throw her off me.
Luckily whist her movements extracted every ounce of my energy she came too. It was the loudest scream-moan I had ever heard from her.
She lifted herself off of me and lay down beside me and kissed me hard through the gag. She pulled herself as close to me as it was possible to get and rest her head against my chest. Holding tightly in her arms she fell asleep. As it seems so did I.
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