I was faithful to my girlfriend

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I was faithful to my girlfriend

Unread postby joemamma » Mon Apr 27, 2020 8:13 pm


I was 25 y.o, and stationed in Germany with the US Army during the 1980s. Every time we had a holiday weekend, my unit would make it a 4 day weekend to make up for time we spent training in the field. I was playing golf near the post where I was stationed. I was by myself, but on the hole ahead of me was a young lady, also by herself. I ended up catching up to her. After some small talk, we decided to play the last 12 holes together. I was an officer, and she was enlisted, but on the golf course, we were just two people playing golf together. Our skill levels were both similar, as we both were only casual golfers. I was stationed near Munich, and she was stationed in Berlin. She left Berlin for the long weekend to get away from a back breakup with another “troopie.” She took the train south cause she heard southern Germany was beautiful. She was fun to talk to, and what most people would describe as a “ginger,” red hair, freckles, average build, with a fun personality and a mischevious smile.

When we finished golf, we shared a quick bite in the pro shop, and I asked her if she needed a ride any where. I had a car, and she was dependent on the streetcars. She asked where I lived, and told her I lived nearby in the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters). She said she’d never seen an officers’ quarters before (She lived in the barracks in Berlin), and asked if I could show her my quarters. I figured this was a harmless request, and I drove us onto the post. We both showed our ID, and I drove over to my BOQ. When we got to my room, I excused myself as I had to relieve myself pretty urgently. When I came out of the bathroom, she was sitting on the bed, reading a Penthouse Variations magazine that was on my nightstand. Variations was one of those mags that had Penthouse Forum letters, but these were often fetish related. I also looked at my nightstand where a pair of my handcuffs was sitting out in the open. She picked up the handcuffs and asked if I was an MP. I responded no. She easily surmised I was into bondage (true!). She called me over to her, and placed one of the cuffs on my wrist. She asked where the keys were. I told her in the nightstand drawer, which she opened, and found the keys, plus a stash of more mags. She had me turn around, and secured the second cuff to my other wrist. She told me to sit on the bed, and tell her about my fetish.

I felt like a naughty schoolboy as I told her I was obsessed with bondage since my early teens. I told her it started watching magic shows, and escape artists. I always wanted to be tied up, and try to escape. She told me to get out of the cuffs. I started struggling, and asked for the key. She told me I wasn’t very good at escaping. She asked if I could slide my cuffed hands under my butt, and then my feet and legs through so I could get the cuffs in front of me. I told her no. She told me I’d have a better chance if I could get the cuffs in front of me. I stopped struggling. She told me not to stop struggling, and keep trying. I got nowhere fast.

She asked me if had ever been tied with rope. I told her no, but always wanted to be. She asked me if I had any rope. By this point, my secret was out, so I said yes in the bottom of my closet. She opened my closet and found a box with lots of rope, more handcuffs, and some balloons, and neckties. She said every perv has a stash somewhere. She brought the box over to the bed, and told me to lay face down on the bed. I did, as she sat on the backs of my legs just below my butt. She freed me from the cuffs, and started massaging my butt. She told me she was a “butt gal,” and that mine was magnificent. I told her I have a girlfriend back in the states. She asked me if I had been faithful to her, and I said yes. She told me she respected that, and made some crack about me being “an officer and a gentleman.”

She had me stand up, and take off my shirt. I was standing there in nothing but my shorts. She started measuring out rope. She attached a chest harness that went around the back of my neck, under my armpits and across my chest. She had me spread my legs as she attached a crotch rope around my waist and between my legs. She told me she was being very kind by running the crotch ropes on either side of my package. Although this girl was not my type, her proximity to my manhood made me hard. I got even harder as she began tying my hands behind my back. It didn’t feel all that tight, but there was definitely some rope hanging from between my wrists. She had me turn around and face her. With her sitting on my bed, and her bending over to tie my ankles and knees, her face was inches from my cock. She smiled at me, and said she was flattered by the size of my erection. BUT, she said she was also going to help me remain faithful to my gf back home. She pushed me down on the bed, face first on my belly. She squatted over my calves, as she pulled the rope between my wrists towards her. My wrist knots tightened, and she pull the ropes between my wrists towards my knees, where she literally removed any slack I had. She then secured the wrist rope to the knee rope. She asked if I knew what was next. I responded that she was going to hogtie me. She laughed and said, “Yep, but we’re gonna do it my way.”

She bent my lower legs at the knees forward, and started running the rope from my ankle knots to the back of the chest harness at my neck. She stood over me on the bed, and yanked every bit of slack she could, before tying the ankle ropes to my neck rope. She then told me she was almost finished. She took the handcuffs, and weaved one cuff through my wrist ropes, and the same cuff through the ankle ropes. She then wrapped the handcuff chain around my wrists and ankles, and attached the second cuff around the wrist and ankle knots too. She explained my wrists were tied to my knees. My ankles were tied to the back of my neck. My ankle and wrist ropes were double handcuffed together, and the handcuffs were double locked. If that were not enough, she told me she made sure the handcuffs keyholes were facing each other, so even if I had the key in my hands it would be quite challenging to get the key in the keyholes.

I joked with her, “All this, cause I left my handcuffs out.” She told me to struggle, because it turned her on. I struggled as much as I could, but wasn’t getting anywhere. My hardon had not subsided at all. It was crushed under me as I was on my belly. She took one of the neckties and blindfolded me, and told me to keep struggling. She then climbed on the bed. She had removed her shorts and panties, and had her pussy within inches of my face. I could smell her arousal. She then proceeded to masturbate only inches from my face. She teased me telling me how she has a full red haired bush. I never saw it, but could certainly smell how turned on she was. She came. She asked if I was comfortable. I told her yes, and that I wanted her to keep masturbating, and cum as many times as she wanted. She told me to get myself off my rubbing my cock on the blanket. And we masturbated together, me hogtied, rubbing against the bed, and her with her fingers in her pussy, only inches from my face.

A good time was had by all, BUT, I never cheated on my girlfriend!
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