Binder Clips

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Binder Clips

Unread postby MsJay » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:16 pm

The sub is tied, hands behind her back, elbows tied together, then each elbow tied to one end of stand. The legs are tied spread out to the stand, not quite fully spread eagle with a spreader bar in between. Another rope is placed under her arms and up to the top of the stand. Dressed in only black garter belt, stockings, and stiletto shoes. Her hair, which is also black and quite long, is tied in two pigtails, which are tied up separately to the top of the stand, pulling her head up slightly. An open mouth gag and blindfold complete her ensemble.

Her breasts, which are quite large, are tied in a classic rope bra, then large binder clips, after some pinching and biting, are placed on each nipple. Then, a two inch safety pin is inserted in the right breast, just inside the cleavage and about an inch and a half from the nipple, coming out about a half inch from where it went in, facing the other breast. Another two inch safety pin is inserted on the same area on the other breast. The clips are hooked together so the cleavage is squeezed together. While the rope bra is on, this is merely an annoyance, when it is removed however, the tugging and pulling on the breasts will be intense.

A large binder clip is then placed on the tip of the tongue, which keeps it from being able to go back inside the gag. If the eyes could be seen, they would have been bulging out from the shock of the clamp being put on. Watching her face, the clamps on her nipples are pulled and twisted to get her squirming a little more.

A small binder clip is placed on her clit, which is quite pleasurable, especially as it is played with for a while, but then four large binder clips are put on the pussy lips, zipping it closed. The clit clip is being pressed tighter on her clit and all the clips are rattled at the same time.

Then the real torture begins!

The back and ass are caned until bruised and welted, then the ass is paddled until it is not red, but purple. The sub is used to hard canings, but only on her ass, not her back, or the back of her legs. She is now caned from her shoulder blades down to her calves, and it hurts, never having been hit there before. The paddling is near the same, though she isn't paddled on her back, she is paddled, very hard, on her ass, back of legs, and back of arms. She isn't allowed to verbalize any pain, but every so often, a moan escapes her lips, betraying the anguish she is suffering.

A stun gun is then pushed against her throbbing, clipped pussy. She feels it, and her body stiffens with fear and trepidation. She starts to squirm, trying to get away from the dreaded gun, as it is set off. She shakes and dances violently, her legs turn to jelly, and she passes out hanging by the rope under her arms.

When she comes to, she has been taken off the stand and laid down on the bed, with her legs tied spread to under the bed restraints system. She is sat up and her arms are released, and her rope bra is removed, and her arms are tied spread so she is a full spread-eagle to the bed restraints as well. The safety pin is really straining, holding her breasts together. The blindfold is finally removed and her eyes are red from all the crying.

At this point the sub is told she can finally make noise, which is a very good thing, because she couldn't keep quiet at this point even if she wanted to. The binder clips on her nipples are flicked back and forth and are the first to be removed. They are removed one at a time, with a lot of rubbing, pinching, sucking and biting with each removal. The removal is as painful, if not more, than having them on. Painful, but pleasurable as well. She is screaming with both. Finally it is time for the the safety pin. Her breasts are pushed together and the clips are opened and slowly removed while a little bit of blood seeps out.

Then down to the pussy. Once again the large clips are flicked. The first clip to be removed is the one closest to the ass. Then in order up to the top one, going very, very slow. With each removal, the lips are pinched, sucked and bit. With each clip coming off the tongue goes a little deeper with each removal. The sub is going crazy, looking at her face her eyes are going wild with lust.

When all the binder clips are removed, and the pussy is finally open, there is still one last, lonely clip remaining - the one on the clit. It, even though the smallest, had caused the most sensation, both painful and sensual. Knowing she wants this one off the most, fingers glide and pinch the swollen pussy lips to tease her even more. She tries to arch her back in a silent plea to remove the final clip. When it is finally removed, it is first rubbed, which causes the sub to orgasm almost instantly. Then, while she is still cumming, it is sucked, and a longer, harder orgasm takes over. Pinching, sucking, rubbing biting are all alternated and the sub orgasms over and over and over again, until it is no longer pleasurable, but now painful. The clit is twice it's normal size and very, very red. Once last hard pinch to send her over the edge again and she collapses into darkness.

Finally, her body recovers and she comes back to reality and is slowly untied. She stands up, stretches, walks over to her tormenter and kneels at her feet. She tells her, "Thank you, Mistress.". The Mistress pulls her to her feet, puts her arms around her, pulls her head back by the pigtails, and gives her a long deep kiss. "Your welcome. Same time next week?"
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Re: Binder Clips

Unread postby TeaSer » Fri Jul 24, 2020 12:17 pm


As I read the 'report' I didn't understand the item 'Binder Clips'. I thought you meant the plastic-bag locks like and then shutting her pussy just didn't make sense.

Anyway - a nice and intence report.
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