A Good Wife Keeps Your Belly Full And Your Balls Empty

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A Good Wife Keeps Your Belly Full And Your Balls Empty

Unread postby Johnbarby » Fri Sep 04, 2020 10:35 am

It is a typical Saturday morning. You have just gotten out of bed.

The sound of spatula, pan and sizzle from the kitchen as you see me cooking us up a nice full English breakfast.

Buttered toast, hot sausages, bacon, beans, grilled tomatoes, and eggs with cheese and mushroom, just the way you like them. You walk up behind me and give me a peck on the neck, I smile and turn back giving you one on your forehead.

I ask you to sit down at our table on the balcony, neatly laid out by me, plates, glasses and all.

You do as I bring you all of it, a smorgasbord of delectable delights on this crisp morning. I pour you a tall glass of chilled cold coffee and we sit down to dig in…

The birds are chirping, as we eat, talk and laugh our way through the meal. Soon, with clean plates and the last bite of my toast, I finish up and lean back in my chair in contentment. I look at you, with adoration and a hint of something else flashing in my eyes.

“Clear the table,” I say without any kind of tone or enunciation.

You are a bit startled, but of course comply for no other reason than that I asked.

You stand up and begin to clear your side, before coming around to mine. You take mine away as well, all the while as I look at you with a steady gaze. I sip my cold coffee as you return from the kitchen. I continue to look outside our balcony at the buildings next to our high-rise.

Reaching down, I unzip the fly on my jeans, and pull out my thick and veiny cock.

"Strip! I say" without even looking at your general direction.

Not expecting it, and yet not sure as to what I had in store, you hesitate.

Perhaps it was you mind hard at work, or the years of training that I had put you through, but the thought of my belly being full, now instantly reminded you to empty my balls

I look at you now, stroking my hardening cock slowly for emphasis, with full eye contact and a hand wrapped around my meat pole as I stroke it. The visible glisten of my precum now at the dome of my shaft.

You begin to undress, taking your top and little short skirt off, till you stand there, naked at the edge of my balcony. Your glittering eyes, yearning for the chance to have your luscious lips doing something absolutely incorrigible. Full, heavy breast heaving as their dark chocolate tips harden with excitement. The full bush covering your womanhood as your wide, birthing hips taper behind you at a pouting derriere, jutting out.


I see you now, getting down on all fours as you crawl to me, with your round ass up in the air with almost feline sensuality. You get under the table and rub your face into my thigh asking for permission to proceed.

I stroke the top of your head with my palm in approval, petting you, as you begin to rub your face up against my shaft. The heavy, musky scent of my precum is intoxicating to you, as you feel a tingling sensation at the back of your neck, making its way to your now painfully hard nipples and an electric slit that is now getting wetter by the second.

I slide my leg forward casually, as you straddle it with delight, rubbing your tits on my thighs, while you gingerly hump my shin. Your face now completely engrossed in the bliss of my manhood rubbing up against it as you unconsciously purr in satisfaction.

You begin to run your tongue along the shaft of my thick cock, licking it from base to tip, before kissing the tip and letting yourself take it inside your wet, hot eager mouth.

In the years that we have known each other, I had changed you. In the moment that you find yourself now, under the table, naked, at the edge of an open balcony, sucking my cock, it dawns on you, just how much. You have never felt this good, the sensation of your hard tips rubbing up against my denim covered thigh, as your dripping cunt shags and humps my shin. You taste my essence, the manhood that your body desperately craved for so long, now in your mouth as you slobber all over it, pleasing it as you hear my rumbling groans of satisfaction.


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