Hostage - Chapter 1

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Hostage - Chapter 1

Unread postby dsteve » Mon Nov 02, 2020 5:04 pm

Hostage – Chapter 1
I am a very lucky guy. I came into a pile of money recently. You don’t need to know how, but I assure you it was an honest and ethical windfall. I am not up there with Bill Gates and Elon Musk, but it is enough to do whatever I want. And whatever I want is mostly to play with bondage.
I have always had some kinks. Bondage and some clothing fetishes in particular. Prior to my fortune, I often played at self bondage and had become quite good at self restraints. With wealth, came the opportunity to take this to a higher level. This involved a new house with a large basement, and a lot more equipment and props. First let me tell you about the “dungeon” I built and how I furnished it.
My house is in the country, on a 20 acre lot. Not quite a farm, but plenty of space for privacy. The basement dungeon is meant to evoke a medieval castle. It has split granite walls and a high timbered ceiling. The floor is a stained and patterned concrete. Radiant heat is installed beneath the concrete so it is always comfortable. The lighting can be adjusted to fit several moods, my favorite being flickering led lights meant to imitate torches and lanterns. After having the shell built by the contractor I used my handyman skills to finish the parts that I wanted kept private. I am good with tools and one of the benefits of my fortune is my shop. I have the ability to work with wood, metal, and leather. I installed steel rings at several places on the ceiling and walls and a few in the floor. I have chains and shackles hanging in several places. In one corner, I built a cell. A cave like hole with a heavy timber door. The door has a grate where you can observe the prisoner with a hatch that can be closed over the grate leaving the cell in total darkness. There are steel rings fixed in several places inside the cell where the prisoner can be redundantly restrained with chains.
For furniture, there is an ‘iron maiden’. This is the classic steel cage built to fit the body (my body). It is hung on a chain from the ceiling, so the prisoner is tightly confined by steel bands and swings slightly and twists, giving a disorienting feeling. There is also, a rack, on which one can be stretched, and finally a stout wooden pillory. The pillory is sized for me. I have been in ‘joke’ pillories at fairs and such. I don’t think I could stay in one of those for more than a few minutes, but the one I built for myself is comfortable enough for an hour or more. Size matters.
All of the items described here have features for timed release self bondage. I will let you use your imagination for that, but they involve electronic timers, motors, springs, ratchets, sensors, and solenoids. What I will be relating here is an adventure that I had not planned on.
It was late afternoon. I was sitting in my library, reading, when I heard something at the front door. I got up, and opened the door to investigate. At the door were four women. Two of them held revolvers, pointed at me. They pushed their way into the house, me backing up with the guns in my face. Instinctively I put my hands up and backed into the entry foyer. The leader told me to cooperate and I’d be ok. They had just robbed a bank and were hiding out from the law and needed a sanctuary until the heat died down. Ali, the leader was dressed in tight black leather pants and boots, a black turtle neck rib knit top, and a cat burglar mask over her eyes. She was clearly in charge. The second went by the name of Kat. She was dressed in a skin tight black leather cat suit, boots, gloves, and was also masked. Both Alicia and Kat had coal black hair and were wearing red lipstick. The third, a redhead who went by “Red” was also in leather. The fourth, Wendy, looked more innocent. She was wearing tight jeans, a black tailored t-shirt. She did not have a mask, but had full honey blonde hair.
They all pushed me into the living room and into an upholstered chair. Alicia sat opposite me, still holding the gun. She again told me to relax. She explained that they needed to hide out for a while and were going to use my house and needed to hold me as well. Ali directed Red and Kat to tie me to the chair. They didn’t come with rope but they each had a scarf and used them to tie my wrists to the arms of the chair. Then Ali sent the others to look around the house to make sure it was safe. A few minutes later, Kat returned and showed Alicia a set of handcuffs. “Look what I found” she said. “And you wouldn’t believe what else is down there”. Alicia smiled and looked at me. “Well”, she said. “We are going to be here until we can hit the road safely. Don’t know how long that will be so we are going to have to make you our prisoner. Looks like you have made that easy for us. She told me to stand up and turn around. She told Wendy to untie me. Then she snapped the cuffs on behind my back. “Let’s go see what you have in the basement.”
I knew I should have kept the door to the dungeon locked, and I knew I was in trouble. We got to the bottom of the stairs, opened the last door and went inside. When the lights went on, the four bank robbers looked around in amazement. After a stunned moment Kat went to the iron maiden and started examining it. I should describe it a bit. It is made of steel bars, bent to conform to my body. No spikes, but quite confining. Kat crooked her finger at me an told me to come over. The others were all grinning. Kat got me in and closed the front half. She noticed the release mechanism and pulled it off. The two halves were now closed around me and secured with a bolt. She noticed the wrist shackles that were welded to the inside of the cage. Reaching my hands through the cage, she unlocked my handcuffs and placed my wrists in the shackles and snapped them closed.
There was a prop under the cage which kept it stable. It was lowered with a lever, leaving me hanging to swing and twist.
“Looks pretty secure” she said. The others smiled and nodded. Kat gave the cage a slight push. They turned out the lights and left, leaving me in total darkness, upright in my cage, wrists restrained to the cage at my side, slightly swaying, twisting, hanging from the ceiling by a chain.
“Uh oh”, I thought.
Chapter Two on the way.
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Re: Hostage - Chapter 1

Unread postby Tesgri » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:21 pm

I liked it. A bit more blunt/concise then I'm used to but it's a good start.

One thing that stood out to me was your reference to the iron maiden but the way you described it invoked the image of a gibbet to me instead.
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