Hostage - Chapter 3

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Hostage - Chapter 3

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Hostage – Chapter 3
On hands and knees, naked, chained at wrists, ankles, and neck, I waited. Ali had the whip now, a braided leather single tail about 5 feet long. Possibly the most cruel choice possible from my collection. She let it drape over my back and ass, teasing me with it.

“Let’s start again” she said. “I just asked you if you were unhappy about being held captive. I expect a civil answer”. Her voice was stern and demanding. “No, not really” I said.
The crack of the whip was immediate. I gasped at the pain. My ass was burning.

“Once more. The correct answer is ‘no, ma’am’”.

“No, ma’am”, I said.

“There Steven. That’s not so hard, is it?” she asked. And I answered quickly, “No, ma’am”.

She told me to get up, and I did. She said we were going to do a little exploring. “That basement of yours intrigues me. I think we have just scratched the surface. I’d like to take a little tour with you.”

She nudged me towards the door to my dungeon and I started shuffling as well as my chained ankles could manage. Going down the stairs was difficult, but doable. All four of the women went down as well, Ali leading me by holding the chain and the others following. She lead me first to the gibbet.
“Fortunatly we found that clever little mechanism you had on the latch. I take it you like spending time in this cage, no?”
“Yes ma’am” I answered.
“And you can lock yourself in and set the timer to release the lock for however long you wish?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“And what about safety. Do you have a secondary release you are hiding from us?”
“No ma’am. I know it is a little dangerous, but I am very careful. Check and test everything before I do anything that’s irreversible”.
We walked over to the rack. Typical medieval devise. A long bench with a four chains and shackles for the wrists and the ankles. Here the shackles were leather cuffs that I could buckle on. They are the kind meant for suspension, so they did not pull to one side as the chains were tightened. I showed Ali how everything worked: how I could buckle myself in, set the timer, and let the motors stretch me to the pre-set tension. She seemed appreciative. Next she led me t my bondage chair.
I modeled this chair after a video I saw
In the video, you can see her strap herself in. Then she puts her wrists in the loops, lifts her arms to release a catch, and the wrist loops are pulled snug, leaving her helpless. Mine was pretty much the same, except for the timer and the release mechanism. I can buckle myself in, let my wrists get trapped as a weight pulls the straps tight into a latch, then wait for the timer to release the latch.
We looked at the chains and overhead winch that could be used for a variety of things. In the simplest configuration I attach shackles to the chains, set the height and the timer, lock my wrists into the shackles and wait for my wrists and arms to be pulled up. With the steel rings in the floor, I could also chain my legs open and wind up with a nice standing spread eagle. I have also done a strappado at this station and even managed a suspension with all four extremities strapped together like this:

I did not use ropes for this, like in the drawing. I used my leather cuffs.

Finally, the pillory. This is my favorite project. Made of furniture grade walnut, well designed with elaborate joinery. On another planet I would be proud to have this in my living room as a piece of furniture. And, it was built to exactly fit my body. Notice that there is a place for feet to be locked in as well as the canonical wrist and neck holes. The wrist holes are about a foot lower than the neck hole. This makes the device comfortable enough for multi-hour sessions. Also, note that the wrist holes are not circles. They are ellipses with the long axis vertical. Once my wrists are locked in I cannot turn them. I get into it by first setting the timer. Then I lock my ankles in, place my neck and wrists in the lower part of the holes, and then let gravity lower the top board until it clicks into the latch. Then, I just wait for the timer to release me. Here is a picture of a model I made before starting construction.

I could tell that Ali was admiring my craftsmanship. “So, not adjustable? Built just for you?”
“Yes ma’am” I said. I told her that the only adjustable part was the ankle stocks, which could be set for bare feet or high heels. Currently it was set for heels.
“Heels you say. I imagine we are going to find some nice costumes in those closets. Shall we check?”
Again “yes, ma’am” and shuffled over to the cabinets with Ali leading me by the chain.
Before we got to my costumes, they started opening drawers. The first one contained my collection of handcuffs. I have regular police style, Hiatt hinged, Darby style and Irish eights. Some with a standard chain and some with a longer one. And of course the Irish eights and Hiatt hinged have no chain at all. A second drawer had all my leg cuffs with a similar variety.
They opened one of the cabinet doors. Hanging on the back and on the back of the door were my whips. I have everything from floggers in soft leather that hardly hurt at all, to the previously mentioned single tail, still in the menacing hands of Ali. I watched as Kat and Red selected a specimen. Kat picked up a riding crop and Red picked a flogger with about 20 strands of stiff leather thongs. Wendy was the only one without a whip in her hands.
Another cabinet had a lot of leather gear. Harnesses, cuffs, and a single glove sized for my arms. There were also a couple of leather hoods in various configurations (full head, mouth uncovered, mouth covered but eyes not) They were all examining my stuff and feeling the leather.

Finally we got to the costume section. I do enjoy dressing up for my self bondage sessions. My stuff is all lingerie and footwear. I don’t have dresses or wigs. I don’t know why (I don’t know where any of these desires come from), but I do love the feel of lingerie and stockings while bound. They found my corset and garter belt, stockings, and gloves. For footwear I have a pair of ankle strap pumps, some ankle boots, and a beautiful pair of knee boots. All in fine black leather and all with a substantial heel. My gloves were also black leather and full length, reaching almost to my shoulder.
“Well, I think it’s time we got you dressed” said Ali. “Let’s start with the corset”. The others were grinning at my embarrassment. Wendy picked up the corset and started to fasten the busk. I could only wonder what was coming next.
Chapter 4 – coming soon.
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