Hostage - Chapter 4

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Hostage - Chapter 4

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The Hostage – Chapter 4
While Wendy is fastening the busk of my corset and Kat and Red are getting ready to tighten the laces, perhaps now is a good time to talk about my wardrobe.
I don’t know what sort of transvestite I am. Either a good partial one or a poor one. Let me explain. I have never had the desire to “pass” as a woman. I don’t have a lot of clothes and no wigs or make-up. What I do have are undergarments, stockings, shoes, boots, and gloves. I think leather boots and gloves are just asking to be tied. I like the way stockings feel on my legs when they are tied, and the look of white rope sinking into black leather, whether boots or gloves, is delicious. Perhaps some of these clothing desires stem from my submissive nature. That is, there is a humiliation aspect to the wearing of women’s clothing. And my captors were about to activate that humiliation.
Wendy finished the busk in front and Kat and Red worked together tightening the laces in back. For getting it on myself, I had the laces adjusted so that I could fasten the busk. I had never gotten as tight as it could be nor as much as I would have liked. They were pulling hard. Every time I exhaled they got another fraction of an inch. When they were satisfied that it could go no farther they tied the laces and tucked them in.
Perhaps some of the men reading this have had some experience with women’s clothes. While it is possible to find clothes large enough, they never fit quite correctly. My stuff is all custom made for me. I have been fortunate enough to have the time and funds to do this. Accordingly, the corset gave me an even feeling of pressure over my full torso with no pinch points or loose areas. The corset was black satin with some red stitching for highlights. It was full length, from hips to upper chest, pushing up just below my nipples.
Ali got out some other items and told the others that they would have to take off the chains and shackles to do the rest. Wendy got the key and unlocked the shackles at neck, wrists, and ankles. Ali handed me a garter belt and told me to put it on. It is also of black satin and made by the same seamstress that made my corset. I put it on. It sat on my hips, partially over the bottom of the corset. She handed me a pair of stockings. Shear black with a seam up the back. I put them on, smoothing them up my legs and making sure the seam was straight.
Then the shoes. Black patent leather pumps with an ankle strap. I put them on and buckled the straps. My captors were smiling and teasing me about how “cute” I looked. The ankle straps were sturdy enough to be considered cuffs, and had D-rings embedded in them. The heel was high, but not extreme.
My gloves are among my favorite items. These were also custom made to my measurements. They are of exquisite black leather and reach all the way up my arms. Because they are custom, they fit snugly from finger tip to top of arm, with the exception of the area at my wrists where the gloves had to be wide enough to go over my hands. I prefer this slight looseness to having the buttons that would be required for a snug fit.
Now fully dressed in lingerie, heels, and gloves, they started teasing me. They were pushing and turning me and making smirking comments. Ali commented on how sexy I looked and told the others it was time to see what some of this equipment could do. They had a discussion about the merits of each of my ‘stations’, including the pillory, the gibbet, the rack, and the hoist. I have to say that hearing them talk about tormenting me was both disturbing and exciting. They settled on the hoist.
I was walked to the spot under the overhead pulleys, they locked the steel shackles onto my wrists and attached chains to the rings on the ankle straps of my shoes. My legs were apart by about two feet. A not agonizing, but moderately uncomfortable distance. Standing in the heels was slightly unstable. They used the winch to pull my arms up until I was fully stretched. Not suspended, heels still on the floor, but still high. I could look up and see the bright steel of the wrist shackle against the black leather of my gloves and the chain leading up to the ceiling. My arms were not only high above me but stretched wide. I could look down and see my legs, clad in black stockings, held up by a garter belt, my feet in beautiful heeled pumps, and the chains attached to the sturdy ankle straps. A rather strict standing spread eagle.
The women continued teasing me, both with their words and their hands. Then, Kat and Red appeared in front of me, both holding riding whips. Stiff but flexible, finely braided leather, and quite cruel when applied. Kat was holding hers, flexing it, swishing it, and running it through her hands. Red was rubbing the tip of hers over my body, teasing me with it and causing a thrill to run through me. I was both dreading and relishing what was about to come.
I could bore you with a stroke by stroke account of my flagellation, but, suffice to say I had a good working over. Because of my stretched position, I could not dodge the blows at all. They did my ass, legs, inner thighs, and chest above the corset. They only stopped when Wendy begged them to. She said I had had enough, and to let me rest.
I can tell you that I would not have had those whips in my collection if I did not fantasize about just this sort of punishment, but I also tell you that I was quite grateful for Wendy’s intervention. The others grudgingly hung the whips back in the cabinet. Ali said “Ok, let’s let him rest. He looks secure here. Let’s go upstairs”. Wendy was worried and said someone should stay and keep an eye on me. The others started teasing her about being soft. “Maybe you’d like to switch places with him” said Red. “Maybe you’d feel more empathy if you really understood how he is feeling” said Kat. The three of them took Wendy to the wall in front of me. There was a set of chains and shackles hanging from steel rings in the wall. They locked her wrists in the shackles so that her arms were apart and above her head. She was struggling, but the three of them were too much for her. “There, you should be able to keep an eye on him from that position”, said Ali. They ignored Wendy’s protests as they walked out of the room and closed the door.
Chapter 5 – Conclusion – Coming Soon
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