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I married Natalie Grange about a year after we met. Yes it was quick and I wish we had got to know each other better now. I wasn’t to know how it was to turn out was I? My name is Peter Woods.

It all worked well for the first few years. But our sex life started to go stale. Sex became a matter of duty rather than showing love for each other. We admitted that this cannot go on. One day, five years into our marriage and we got invited to a fancy dress party with one of the girls from where Natalie worked. I say worked as Natalie’s father owned the firm and one day it would belong to her. I knew that and that is why I insisted on signing a prenuptial agreement. I wanted Natalie, not her money.

We had a month to think about the party. I wasn’t sure but Natalie said it would be a great laugh. I said what about armed forces? Ship’s captain, sailor and Wren? Or pilot and WAAF? Natali said that had already been taken. So reluctantly I agreed. Luckily, I was too big for Natalie’s clothes. She said she would have a look round in the charity shops. A week later and Natalie told me she has got some clothes for us both.

I pulled the skirt on and the blouse long with the jacket. I was to go as a Secretary. Natalie was going to be the boss. I’d have to sit on her lap while she dictates a letter to me in front of everyone. That should make people laugh. I felt a right plonker but Natalie assured me although this was only a test run, I looked good. Soon she had her suit on but only with a blouse and not a shirt and tie. I argued against it and Natalie said I felt foolish as the clothes weren’t the best. Three days later, she told me she had got some new clothes for me. Natalie had laid them out on the bed for me. She went in the other bedroom and got dressed. I went into the bedroom to find the skirt and blouse plus a jacket on the bed, but when I looked a bit more closely there were panties, suspender belt, stockings, a bra, some fillings for the bra cups, clip-on ear-rings a wig along with a wig net to hold the wig on my head.

On the side was a complete makeup set. Finally I saw the 3 inch heeled shoes. I called Natalie in and told her I could not wear that outfit. Natalie told me I could and that I looked good the other day, so this would look even better. I held the knickers up. They were a soft satin material. “That will give the visible panty line profile that you will need” I said pants would do just as well. Natalie gave a good argument that at least I could try it now when there was only her to see me. Finally like a fool I relented. I stripped off and Natalie held the panties open while I stepped in them. She pulled them up to my waist and asked how they felt. “I feel strange”. She smiled at me. The suspender belt went around my waist and she fixed the two ends together before tucking the suspenders under the panties and clipping them to the stockings. I asked why and was told to make it easier to go to the toilet.

Natalie gave my bum a rub. I told her that felt nice. Then she rubbed my dick through the panties. It was already beginning to swell. Now it was crushed between my body and the panties. “Wow, I should have done this before. I think I’m in for a treat tonight” she exclaimed. I had to admit it that it was the strongest erection I had ever had.

The bra went on next. Natalie fastened it behind me. Before I could say anything, she put the fake breasts into the cups. They were cold against my nipples. I shivered. Natalie laughed. Now you know what happens to us girls when our nipples get cold” Then came the shirt blouse. It was like a man’s but the other way round. Right over left. I put my arms in the sleeves and Natalie buttoned it up. She suggested a choker to cover my Adams apple. I asked “what about a cravat”. Natalie pointed out they went around the collar. But a silk scarf would do it or neckerchief. She would have a look for one to compliment the blouse.

The wig net was placed on my head and then the wig was carefully placed on and clipped in place. Natalie finished it off with clipping the ear-rings onto me. “I won’t put make upon you this time as you are making me hot and I need to get you into bed” she told me.

Then she went to get the suit on she had got. We sat on the sofa and immediately her hand started on my kneecaps and tried to creep up my thighs like I did hers. I undid her zip and found she was wearing men’s pants. “It’s only fair” she said. I had to fumble around finding the fly in the pants. “Now you can understand why I seem to lose interest”.

Her hand went further up my thigh, and even though I played the part of the girl who is “not that sort of girl”. I slapped her hand and she started all over again. This time she kissed me more intensively than she had ever done before. It took my mind off of her hand and before I realised it she was rubbing my cock through the panties causing it to get an even more intense erection. Finally she pulled the panties down and grabbed my shaft. We decided to go to bed. I took the blouse and skirt off but Natalie asked me to keep the panties on. It was the most intense sex session we had ever had. We fell asleep exhausted afterwards.

The next morning we were discussing it and Natalie said she’d like to do it again. I had to agree with her. A week went by and Natalie said it was time to try the whole outfit on. Once again Natalie got me dressed and this time I put the heeled shoes on. She finished it with the make-up. I didn’t want to do it as my company was asking for voluntary redundancies and I had enough to worry about let alone look like a burke. Natalie told me to take it. She had enough income and there may be jobs coming up in her dad’s firm. Still, getting dressed took my mind off off the redundancy threat. Again one hell of a sex session.

The night of the party came and we went. I had to admit, whereas I had a wig, Natalie had gone the whole hog and had her hair trimmed into a man’s style. She looked impeccable. She took my arm, put my jacket on me, gave me a handbag, I walked with one foot going in front of the other. Natalie told me it gave me a nice wiggle. We walked to the waiting taxi and climbed in. Natalie smiled as I swung my legs in together. I was in heaven as the stockings kept tugging on the suspender belt which made me think my panties were being pulled down.

At the party, we were awarded the best outfit award. Natalie was right, there were lots of armed forces outfits. So much so, it was decided the next one would be on a war games theme. I didn’t care, for some reason, I was the centre of attention from all the women present. All of them were friends of Natalie in her dad’s factory. Natalie came over and whispered that I’d better start talking babies and food and a little about clothes. The women loved my outfit and they came up with the idea that at the next party, everyone should go dressed as the opposite sex. Women go as Soldiers and men as nurses, WRACs, WAAFs and WRENs. They went into it in a big way. One said she couldn’t wait to see her husband in stockings and suspenders.

I did worry that I would be mocked by the men, but surprisingly I got compliments saying they admired my nerve and how good I looked. For the next party I was dressed as Samantha Stewart the WRAC, complete with 1940’s wig and Natalie was dressed as Christopher Foyle. Natalie had even managed to borrow a khaki coloured 1940’s Ford V8. This time as I was driving I couldn’t drink alcohol. On the way there, we had to pick up some other people. I had to get out of the car and open the door for them. They loved it. I had to salute the officers.

But I had a good night. I loved taking the female part in the boogie. The only thing I didn’t like much was the 1940’s knickers. Still, that was a small bug to bear. People loved it when I saluted the officers and opened the doors of the car to take my passengers home. That night, Natalie presented me with my own nightie. “We should get some hip and bum pads to make the skirts hang better” Again another fantastic night of unadulterated sex. I took the money when my firm offered it. Natalie told me of a job at her dad’s factory. I said I’d look at it. “What is it? I’m an office worker not an engineer”. It’s for a secretary. I was told. Okay, it will do for now. “I think you should be dressed as a woman for it. Secretaries are normally female” I said I couldn’t do that. For a party is one thing, for a job is another. “Why not? You know all the girls. It will give them a laugh and make them relax”

I must admit, I had grown to love wearing female clothes but I wasn’t sure about this, so I went in dressed normally. I was made to feel welcome by all the girls in the office but got moaned at for not being dressed accordingly. The girls all said they’d love to help me to join them as one of the girls. I love it when they try to look up my skirt and tease me.

The other good thing was my sex life is fantastic now. Even if I don’t have any male clothing left to my name. Natalie, as managing director now, is always in a trousers suit. I found out after some months that the girls all used to wear trousers, but when Natalie told them of her plans, they all opted to wear skirts and dresses to make me feel comfortable. Natalie even gives them time out to take me out shopping. In return she has noticed their productivity has gone up. At one time orders were held up by the office staff but now, the orders are coming thick and fast. So much so, we have taken over another company and we are enjoying huge profits. As for me? My bonus is for the girls to take me to the hairdressers once a month, followed by a session in the beauty salon where I get pampered. .
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Re: Natalie

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I enjoyed that one Res, a nice story and a great ending, both parties enjoying themselves without force.
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