Begining - 1

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RE: Begining - 1

Unread postby Housebound » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:28 am

Begining - 1

Ooof! Blastit.
Oh - Sorry luv! Let me hel... ?

Thelma ! It is you.

Oh, about 20 years or so, We were all part of
the gangs of kids who infested Worsley Woods.

Yes I remember you girls. Someone told you that
the boys had a Wanking Club there and you all
used to come and hide, to see if you could see
what went on.

You? Yes! You used to hide up the Ladder Tree.

No it's gone, I went to look a couple of years ago.
The M62 goes straight through that area.

I used to sneak round from the back and look up
from underneath to see the colour of your knickers.

That day you cheated, you weren't wearing them,
and you shouted Bugger off Pervert! -

       - Then you pee'd on me !

   I'd like you to do that to me - again !

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