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This is the second story I was sent and reworked. (and finished)  Toby and Pat met in the launderette.  Pat was a nurse in her 1st year and Toby was a traffic warden. They hit it off right from the start. By the time the washing was finished they felt like they had known each other for years. Pat said she couldn't afford the tumble driers so she would have to take her clothes wet and dry them indoors. Toby said there would be plenty of room so she could share. "As long as you don't take my knickers" she giggled.Toby grinned. "Somehow I don't think they would fit me" Pat laughed. "I bet you would look cute in them though" Toby blushed.

The pair exchanged names and telephone numbers and agreed to meet the next Saturday and he would take her out for a meal. The months flew by after that and it was heading towards Pat's hospital's anniversary fancy dress party. Pat invited Toby who said he would love to go, but hiring an outfit would cost a lot of money and he couldn't afford to waste money like that for a one night one off thing. Pat said she would think about it. She knew some nurses who made their own clothes, perhaps they could make something for them. Toby said he had no objection as going as an Eastern potentate and her as a slave girl. "I suppose you would like me to wear a bikini and a locked collar around my neck?" Toby said that would be lovely.  Pat objected to that idea.

The days went by and they were seeing each other at least three times a week.  The day of the party grew forever closer. Pat said she had an idea that wouldn't cost money. Toby was interested. "How about we go as each other?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I go as a traffic warden who will cause a riot as I can print tickets and put them on their cars""And what about me?""You go as a nurse?"

"I suppose that would be easy. I can wear my own black trousers but I would need to get hold of a man's tunic top. Or a white coat and I could go as a doctor"

"I was thinking of you going as a female nurse and me as a male traffic warden"

"I can't wear a dress. I suppose it could be a tunic top"

"I think a dress would look lovely on you"

"That's silly. I'd look ridiculous"

"Oh go on. Do it for me. Surprisingly nobody has ever done it before"

"And what if someone decides to do it this time?"

"That would make it all the better. You wouldn't feel a fool if there was someone else with you"

"Possibly, but your uniform won't fit me"

"I could get someone to get you a larger one. If I bring a tape measure next time we meet I can measure you up. We still have a month to go. I think it will be a giggle"

Two days later, Pat turned up with a tape measure. "A size 18 will fit you"Next day, Pat turned up with a bag. "Take your clothes off"

"I can't. Not in front of you"

"I'm a nurse for Pete's sake. You have nothing I haven't seen before. One of my first jobs was to bandage a man up where he had put it in a bottle and it had got stuck. He had to smash the bottle and cut himself. I was only a student at the time and I could hear the other girls giggling. I knew they had saved that for me"

"Do they do that to all young students?"

"Of course they do. Everybody goes through it.  I walked into a cubicle to find a man naked sitting on the bed. It was when I qualified. He had only come in for as he had sprained his wrist. I was shocked but he told me that the nurses had told him that a complete examination would be necessary and he should take all his clothes off"

"Have you done it to someone else?"

"Yes. A young lad on his stag night was handcuffed and his balls were chained to the handcuffs. The firemen cut him out of them and brought him in. He was purple all around his cock and balls so the blood had been restricted. I told a student nurse he needed massaging.  You should have heard the scream when he got an erection. She had never seen an erect cock before. It gave us all a good laugh. We had one tyrant of a doctor who used to sleep in one of the cubicles at night, so one quiet night he stripped off. We crept in and removed his clothes and left him a nurse's dress. He had to walk all around the hospital to find his clothes'. He couldn't report us and he never slept again. He also treated us with respect after that"

"I thought you msaid nobody had gone dressed as a nurse?"

"Not at a party they haven't. We have put some yobs in them before"

"You've done what?"

"It was a Saturday night and they came in bleeding and drunk. They had been fighting. They started to hit out at us. We told them to strip and lie on the bed. When they came round their clothes had gone and had been replaced by old nurses' uniforms. We told them there weren't any gowns and that was all we had.  We were surprised how complient they had become. We made them sit in casualty to the amusement of everybody else.  After five hours we gave them their clothes back. Now we keep them ready for another night. Just in case"

Toby started to take his clothes off. "Wait. Put some music on and let me see a slow strip"Toby put his shirt back on and played a CD. Slowly he undid his shirt buttons again and started to slide his shoulder out of the shirt. His arm followed and then he started on the other side.  The shirt has swung above his head and let it fly to the sofa. Pat sat there with excitement showing on her face.

She loved it and clapped. "Off, off, off" she cried.The shoes slipped off and the belt undone Toby slowly pulled down the zip of his flies. He kept pulling it up and down again while Pat was still crying "off, off, off. Gerrem off" Toby slowly lowered his trousers tormenting Pat with a slow increasing view of his legs. Eventually he stepped out of his trousers and Pat clapped. 

"Well what next?" he asked. He turned off the music. "Get those off" Pat said pointing at his boxer shorts. "How can I? I need something to cover me up"

"I've got everything you need. Now get them off. Do what the nurse tells you to" Toby lowered his boxers and stepped out of them.  "Item one" Pat said, handing him some cotton knickers.

"I can't wear these"

"Of course you can. If you are going to be a girly nurse you need to do it properly" She held them open on the floor and Toby stepped into them.  Pat pulled them up around his waist and ran her hands all over his bum. "That's not so bad is it?" Toby agreed but couldn't see the sense in wearing knickers.  The next thing was a corset. "Item two". Pat wrapped it around him and pulled the laces. "I can't do it too tight as it will damage the bones" Toby felt his ribs being squeezed. Pat tied off the laces."Item three" Toby stepped into the stockings. Pat Rolled them up and clipped them to the corset. "Item four. A petticoat was lipped over his head.

"What do I need that for?"

"It makes the dress hang right and now you have a girly shape, it will feel even better". Item five" Pat slipped some breast shapes into the cups of the corset. "These are genuine ones for women who have had mastectomies, but they are faulty. However, they won't affect you"  "That will do for now. You can wear trainers" Pat said as she stroked his back and bum for him. Toby liked that. Toby was feeling hot by that time and was glad to take everything off. 

The days flew by and it was time for the party. Pat turned up early at Toby's flat. Once again she dressed Toby in his nurses' uniform. This time though, she added the badge and watch to his breasts. Toby curtsied and Pat laughed.  "Sit down at the table". Toby sat down and Pat did his make up for him.

"I didn't think nurses were allowed to wear makeup" 

"They're not. But if you go without, people will think you did it yourself and love wearing dresses. But by adding make up, they will think you did it yourself and didn't realise nurses don't wear any make up at all"

Toby sat still while false eyelashes were glued on. Next item was the false fingernails. Pat painted the nails bright red. Eye shadow and pencil, mascara was all added. A little concealer, powder and blusher was put onto his face. Eventually she finished with lip gloss and pencil marking the outline.Finally she added a wig and clipped a hat on his head.

"There. Perfect. Now you look the part". Toby said he felt a fool but Pat told him he looked better than some of the nurses she worked with.Pat quickly got into the traffic wardens outfit and showed Toby the parking tickets she had printed. Toby laughed.

"I'll call a cab then" said Toby.

"No, we will catch a bus. It will be cheaper and it goes right past the hoispital"

"I can't go on a bus like this"

"Why? You are not exposing yourself. With me beside you, people will realise we are off to a party. Now let me get finished getting ready" Pat took some mascara and rubbed it all over her chin to give her a swarthy look.  "You men have it easy. All you do is drag on trousers, shirt and jacket and away you go. Look at what us girls have to go through"

"You don't have to shave"

"You don't have the monthly curse"

"You have more choice of clothes"

"You don't have to think about what to wear"Pat took the last item out of the bag. "Here you are Toby. Here is your cape" She fastened it onto him.  Finally she put his name badge on him. "Now you are staff nurse Virginia Crumpet". Toby wasn't sure about all this now. This had gone from funny hah ha to funny peculiar to him. "Don't be an old grump. Once you get to the party, you will laugh at other people and enjoy it. Now relax. You look fine"Toby stepped out into the street. He was shaken at the sudden rush of cool air up his legs. Pat could see what was happening. "Don't worry. You will get used to it"

On the bus people were smiling at them. Pat told them what was happening and everybody agreed they looked nice. Toby was shaken that nobody had mocked him. The women loved his outfit. Once they got to the hospital, Pat showed the tickets and they were ushered inside.  A couple of drinks and introductions and Toby felt right at home. Pat introduced Sister Mary Higgins. "Another nurse for you Mary" Mary said she could do with some more.The hospital head got up and introduced Toby to everyone. He was asked to go to the rostrum to meet everyone.

As soon as he got there, he was grabbed and his hands cuffed behind his back. The keys were dropped into his pocket.  "It's an initiation ceremony everybody has to go through the first time they come to the parties" the head told him. Toby was dragged outside, the cuffs removed and he was tied between two posts with his arms and legs outstretched. He was gagged and they walked off and left him. But not before Pat gave him a kiss.

Toby struggled uselessly against his bonds. He felt like the girl in King Kong.  Mind you, he loved the feel of fresh air under the dress. Toby looked round and saw he was right outside the entrance to the Accident and Emergency entrance. He could hear the party going on and every few minutes Pat came out to check on him. "I can't let you go or they will tie me here again and it's a lot worse for staff" She gave him a peck on the cheek and went off putting her parking tickets under the cars of the staff on duty.Later the late shift staff came out after being replaced by the night shift. The girls said they loved the outfit on him. "Perhaps you should apply to be a nurse. We wouldn't mind having you wear that outfit with us" Toby noted they were in trousers and tunics.

Sister Mary came out and walked around him. She lifted the dress at the rear. "Oh good, Pat has got you in those cotton knickers.   Men seem to think we wear sexy knickers under the uniform. Now you can put them right" With that she dropped the dress and patted his bum. She gave him a peck on the cheek and walked off back into the dance.When the dance finished Pat came out to see Toby. "I'm afraid they have decided that you should stay here all night. It's a good job it isn't cold. I am off to bed now. I'll see you in the morning" Toby watched as she walked off towards the nurses rooms.Other nurses came out and kissed him and rubbed his cock through the dress. "He's loving it. Feel his erection" and such tormenting phrases were used.

Later that night, the night shift came out to see him. He was glad of it. It was getting cold and windy and the dress kept lifting.  They untied him and took him into the hospital where he was told he could lie on a bed. Once he settled down they pounced on him and strapped him down tightly.  "We don't want you escaping. Just think what the reaction would be in the morning when they see you gone"

"Pat must be on duty later" he said but was told she had the day off so would be sleeping in quite late. His hands were tied to the bed and they left him there. Toby struggled once more but found this lot were as good as tying people up as the others. Perhaps they teach bondage to the nurses. Toby struggled once more but had to give up when he realised he wasn't going to be able to get out of it.  Later Pat came out looking for Toby. When she realised he was gone, she panicked and phoned his flat thinking he had gone home. 

Eventually she was told where he was. She went to release him and was grabbed. She was tied to him and they struggled which made Toby wanting to have sex. Pat was rather hot as well. "Right you two. We are leaving you here until we need the space. After that you will be locked in the clubhouse. You will stay there until you name the day. You two look so perfect together. Oh and one more thing. Every time we have a party. Nurse Virginia must come in her uniform. She was a shining example of a nurse" Toby never answered, he was too busy kissing Pat and feeling her wriggle against his cock.  


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