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This is one of two stories I was sent and finished off. The autor doesn't want to get involved  So here goes. 

 My wife Marilyn is strange. She was very vanilla in our sex life. No matter how much I asked, she would have nothing to do with bondage or cross dressing. Shame, I love both!We have a lovely house with a large rear garden with an oak tree in it, but that is against the north fence so we don't lose sunlight by it. My wife loves all the best furniture, but even she bulked at the price of oak furniture, especially wardrobes. I had some luck though. I contacted a carpenter who made is some 45 millimetre thick MDF ones. He covered them in an oak veneer and in all honesty you couldn't tell if they were solid oak or not. The doors had three solid hinges on them. These were bolted on with the bolts going right through the doors to a steel plate on the inside of it.

While she was out I used to put on my tight hobble skirt, heeled shoes, best blouse and get in the wardrobe, strap my ankles and then my legs together finally pulling the door closed before gagging myself and cuffing my hands behind my back. Fortunately, the wardrobe door lock had to be locked manually or else I could never get out. There isn't a key hole on the inside. I had to stand there in total darkness and pretend I had been locked in.  I used to leave the keys to the cuffs under the mattress on the bed.  I would have to let myself out and hobble to the bed to get the keys for my release. I had many hours of fun like that. I nearly got caught a few times when she came home. I could hear her calling out for me, even though it was subdued owing to the thickness of the HDF. (High Density Fibreboard). She used to call out a couple of times and give up. 

Once, I was in there for hours when she had a lie down on the bed. I was in heaven. I had to stand there for about two hours before she got up to have a shower.  It was a good job she didn't check the door of the wardrobe and lock it.

I suppose this went on for a couple of years. I always thought that if she didn't like it, then what she doesn't see, won't hurt her.  All went well for me. The only problem was that once I had tried bondage, I would stop it for a while until it builds up once more and even though I tried to fight it, bondage got the better of me. I used to ask her to do it, but I think I would have had a better chance of Genghis Kahn becoming the next Archbishop of Canterbury. 

The big snag of course was the fact that each time, the bondage had to be better than last time.  Each session had to be different and outdo the time before. It finally came to a head the day she caught me. I had to work late one Friday night and Marilyn had been spring cleaning.  But by the time I got home, there was a note, "Gone to Jessie's. I won't be home until about 11.30 tonight". I wondered what had happened, but at it was only 7, it gave me 4 and a half hours pure escapism. But of course I would have to stop at 10.30, just in case. Fortunately I had drilled holes in the top of the wardrobe and stretched a 10 denier stocking across the holes to stop insects getting in.  I had cut the stockings open to form one wide strip. This effectively gave me a good filter to let air in but nothing else.

I put on some tights, a tight satin finished panty girdle, and a pair of satin panties over that (with my cock pointing down between my legs), and a tutu that was a bit tight in the chest for me, but gave a nice restrictive sensation. I put the fake breasts in the cups of the tutu, plastered the white make up on and for all intents and purposes, I was a ballerina who had been caught and was locked away.  Finally I slipped the white slippers on my feet.  I ran the palm of my hand over my pantied cock and it was sensational.  Electric shocks of excitement ran down my confined cock. Before I climbed into the wardrobe, I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I had a good all round view of myself. As I danced around, the tutu bobbed up and down giving anyone looking a chance to see my panties. I even bent over and reached as far down my leg as I could. I saw my tutu sticking straight up and allowing my pantied bottom to be on full display. I was ready to be locked away.

"I'm a Looney who needs locking away from the world" I thought to myself. With the gag in my mouth, I had to think what to do. The idea suddenly hit me. I fastened my leather collar around my neck. I locked it in place. Strapped my ankles and legs once more, pulled the door shut and thankfully I had left enough chain so I could lock my leather locking cuffs to the collar with my arms crossed.  I clicked the little padlocks closed joining the cuffs to the collar. I knew that when it came to release time, I would have to struggle to get to the keys under the mattress. Lifting it would not be easy with my arms held in this way.  But that gave me an extra buzz of excitement. 

I knew I could escape, but it would not be easy.I don't know how long I was standing there.  Time just seemed to fly by.  It always does when you are having fun doesn't it.  That is when I got the shock. The wardrobe door flung open and there stood Marilyn and Susie, her best friend. "I told you he is a weirdo" Marilyn said. Susie answered, "Well he isn't hurting anyone. If that were me I would help him by locking him in".

Marilyn slammed the door shut and I heard the lock clicking in place. I was stuck in the wardrobe until Marilyn decided to let me out. My legs grew tired and I had to sit down. I slid down the back wall of the wardrobe and sat with my knees up under my chin. I did try pushing the door open, but that was a waste of time and energy. My jaw ached as did my arms from being crossed over like they were. As the door was opened in the morning Marilyn looked at me and said nothing. She pulled me to my feet and yanked me out of the wardrobe. I was pushed downstairs, hopping all the way.

Once she had made me a coffee, Marilyn removed my gag. "I know what you have been up to for a long time. The mattress and duvet never looked right. I found the keys under the mattress. Now Susie and I had a good long chat last night. She thinks we can all have fun with you. Now, you can either go along with our ideas or get out. The choice is yours. I can get a divorce over your perversion".  Of course I was willing to go along with it, and I had a hell of trouble not to show my excitement. The thought of being at the mercy of two women really thrilled me. I asked Marilyn to undo my hands, but she looked at me and said she would not do it. "You stay right as you are until you agree to do as you are told".I said I needed to use the toilet, Marilyn ignored me. I argued I must get the keys to let myself out and was informed she had moved the keys. They were well hidden from me.  I argued I have to get changed as I had a game of golf later. Marilyn told me that she was sure the other players would mind me turning up as I was. My next argument was I might have to shoot back into work over the weekend. "They will love you in your outfit. You might get your bum patted a few times though". With that she laughed. I asked what she was laughing at. "I imagined all the girls standing at the bottom of the escalator as you go up it to the top floor of the building" I gulped at the thought.

Marilyn held the cup while I drank the coffee. "You know, you being helpless like this really makes me hot. I shall have to relieve myself. Of course, if you want to take that silly outfit off, we could have a session in bed". I told her I couldn't escape and my arms were aching. "You put yourself in it. You get yourself out of it"The next thing was the doorbell rang. Marilyn told me to go to the door and let whoever it was in. I told her that I couldn't open the door. "Silly me. I didn't think of that. Wait here while I let them in" Marilyn left me sitting at the table and answered the door. She returned with Susie and Julie. As soon as Julie saw me, she fell about laughing. She was speechless with hysterical laughter. 

I asked them to let me out. Marilyn told Susie she had a fantastic night thinking about me locked in that wardrobe. "I told you that you would. How many did you have?"  So she had been discussing bondage with her friends."Oh you mean orgasms? I had three tremendous ones"

"You will get more with practise"

"They knocked me out as it was"Susie and Julie walked all around me. They were giggling like naughty schoolgirls at my predicament. "Undo the chains" I begged, but Marilyn butted in.  "I told you, you stay like you are until I think you can be unchained". I begged to be let go as I was busting to go to the toilet. "Would a Tena lady help you? What size would miss like? I imagine a supersize extra absorbent one" Susie said. All three burst out laughing. However Marilyn did release my cuffs on condition that I got dressed once more when I was done.  I would have agreed to anything at that point. I went to the toilet, and had a shower, which helped exercise my limbs while I was at it. I went to get dressed when Marilyn entered the bathroom. "I don't know how long I want to keep you in that outfit, so you had better take one of these" I was handed a fresh sanitary towel. "Put it over your cock when you push it back between your legs once more. The panties will hold it in place" With that she left me once more. Putting it in place and pulling up the tights, slipping on the girdle and panties,

I realised that I the sensation I first had in my cock was not as intense now.  Struggling with the tutu I started to wonder why I got myself in this state. The biggest problem was that Marilyn seemed to enjoy my discomfort and humiliation. She couldn't have known about my cross dressing and bondage, I was always so careful not to leave things lying around. At the end of my sessions, I put everything in my shed. In the shed was my trunk and I always locked it and locked the shed too. Another thought was that Susie and Julie know about my kinky habits. They too were enjoying it at my expense. But the delicious thought of being at the tender mercy of three women made it too exciting for me to back off now.  Once I was in the outfit and the breast implants in place, I wandered down.

"Pitiful. You haven't shaved. I think we should start plucking and waxing" said Marilyn as she looked at the hairs through my white tights. "Never mind, it will do for now. You may serve us tea and as we drink it, you can give us a demonstration of your ballet dance and exercises"

"But I can't do ballet"

"You mean to say you wasted your money on such a stupid outfit and can't dance?"Julie said that Marilyn should enrol me into a ballet dance class. "In fact I might know someone who will take him in on a one to one basis. But from what I was told, she is a hard task master"

Marilyn said she would think about it and the three of them could go along to watch and comment. Julie and Susie thought that would be great. "I'd love to see him squat and then stretch his arms and legs out.  Maybe when he is good enough, we could arrange for a suitable male partner to dance with him. Or maybe your contact will dress as the male part and partner him Julie" "I rather think she would love that. She likes a laugh" Susie ran her hands over the front of the panties. "I can't feel a thing. Has he cut it off?" Marilyn laughed and I blushed."It's a lovely day; shall we go into the garden and have our tea?" Marilyn asked. The girls agreed and I was instructed to take the teas out on a tray. As I walked past Susie, she tweeked my bum giving me such a shock, I spilled the tea. "You clumsy oaf; you deserve punishment for that" Marilyn screamed. I watched as she went to my shed, unlocked the door and entered. She came back a few moments later with my nylon rope. I knew then I was in trouble. The rope was in my trunk. I knew she had got hold of the keys to my cuffs, but the shed and trunk and trunk as well?

"These keys were in your coat pocket. You don't think I sat around all last night while you were locked up do you. I figured out there had to be more, so I went looking" With that she threw the rope over the branch of the oak tree at the bottom of the garden.  Susie and Julie walked me up to it and lashed my hands to the rope. Marilyn put a box on the ground and I had to stand on it. Between the three of them they pulled on the rope lifting my hands higher. I tried fighting them, but they were far too strong for me. The rope was tied around the trunk of the tree and Marilyn kicked the box away. I dropped a few inches and it pulled tight on my wrists. I found that I could take the pressure off of my wrists by standing on tip toe. However, I could not do that for long and I started to moan. Susie walked up to me and gagged me once more. "There, that will stop you moaning".

The three of them sat there watching me dance in the sunlight. "I love the way his tutu bobs up and down" Julie said. Marilyn replied she thought it was good because she looked on my computer and found films of ballerinas dancing. "Now he will know what it's like to have someone leering at you". About a half hour later, the phone rang. Marilyn said "it was okay, everything is in place". I had no idea who she was talking to. An hour later I found out. Marilyn left Susie and Julie to go to the front door.

When she returned she brought in my older sister Sarah.  "I see you are still into dressing in women's clothes then. I would have thought you would have grown out of it by now" I gulped. How did she know about my dressing up? "I knew what was going on. All my clothes were never put back properly. I had to wash my underwear before I would use them again. I knew you had been wearing my panties and bras.   They were never put back exactly as I left them. My clothes were the same. My dresses had a stale smell to them.  I suffered it for years. Mum and dad wouldn't believe me. Thanks to Marilyn, I can get even on you now" I pulled on the rope but it was firmly tied. I felt shame and embarrassment at my plight. Julie told Sarah of the idea about me doing a ballet with a woman as the male part. She thought it was wonderful. "What about getting him a game of netball and for every mistake he makes he gets a punishment?" Marilyn thought about it. Sarah kept on talking, "I know a group of netball players who would love to make him wear the tiny skirts and knickers. They would have fun watching him and they would tell us of his mistakes"

Susie piped up, "How about getting him a tennis dress and frillies and making him play tennis. We could lock the gate to the court so he can't get out and for every point he drops he has to be punished. We can all give him a game" The others agreed that would be great. It appeared to me I was going to spend a lot of time in a short skirt with bare legs. Sarah strapped my legs together and looked. Julie said they should go shopping, leaving me to ponder my fate. Susie said she thought it would be better if one leg was tied to the tree so I had to stand on one leg only. Marilyn said they could do that when they got back from shopping and the girls can then see my panty covered crotch. All four of them laughed and went indoors.

I had no idea what they were talking about at the time, but afterwards I found out that Sarah was telling the others how I used to wear her clothes and hoped she didn't notice. Often she used to find the clothes crumpled and not stacked carefully folded like she used to fold them, or in tha same order.After many hours of being on my own, they turned up again. This time they had some people in tow with them. All women. As soon as they saw me they all burst out laughing.  One introduced herself, "I'm Daphne DuPont. I am a ballet teacher and I have been asked to make sure you are ready for the lead female part in Swan Lake.  I have agreed to do it, but only as long as I can take the male part. It always annoyed me that people only looked at my legs and the men get away with no one bothering about them. It's the same for ice skaters. Men wear trousers, but us girls have to wear short flimsy dresses.  I can't wait to get started on you"

She lifted one of my legs and inspected my undercarriage. "We need to get a tighter girdle for him. I need to see him enjoying the agony of the story of the ballet. Afterwards I can ice skate so we can take him ice skating at the female part" I blushed and everyone laughed. Another one said she was in the local netball team. She would get a form for me and a complete outfit, but to let the girls have a thrill, the skirt must be shorter than normal.  We want to ogle his bum like men do ours. "I play tennis and if you get him some nice frilly panties and a tennis skirt, we can play women only doubles. And I know someone who will make his skirt a lot shorter. We'd all like to see his knockers so we can get our own back on men ogling ours"By this time I was blushing as red as the robin that was hanging around in the garden this morning.  I was glad when the day was over and they left us alone. I was stripped tied to the bed and she wore me out in her passionate love making. As we lay back exhausted afterwards she said, "I love tying you up. I didn't think I would.  I'm afraid that when you are bound like that, all my inhibitions fly out of the window. As for the cross dressing, well you don't have to get dressed any more. I will dress you as I feel. I can't wait to see you do some ballet work and playing netball.  Sarah is coming tomorrow so we can take you shopping for some new dresses. Then we will work on your deportment" I fell asleep worrying what Pandora's Box I had opened.

I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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