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Unread postby Y|yukichigai » Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:43 pm

Okay, so, a few of you might remember a little story I wrote up called Final Program.  It went on for five-and-some chapters and I was intending on writing more, but then real life intervened and I... sort of... got distracted.  It's very hard picking up a half-finished story again, at least when you leave off mid-thought.  Final Program was no exception.

I still intend on completing the story, adding probably another 8 chapters at least, but every time I sit down to write I come up with bupkis in terms of picking up from the moment I left off.  Which is tragic, really, when you think about it.  Unfortunately there's little I can do about it, except hope I figure something out.

What I HAVE done, however, is made good on my promise to find a good, decent, non-apocalypse ending for the story.  It sort of came to me out of nowhere, and before I could forget it I decided to write it down.  From that ending situation came a little epilogue, a follow-up to where my story will (eventually) leave off.

I don't really need to introduce the epilogue much, or put you in any frame of mind you aren't already in after reading the first five chapters of the initial story.  Furthermore, the epilogue doesn't give EVERYTHING away, like how exactly Chastity arrived at the situation depicted therein, or what led her to the decisions which brought that about.  There's still a lot to write about regarding Chastity's experiences, and I fully intend to, in body-tingling, lip-wetting, pants-tightening detail.

So with that introduction, allow me to present to you a glimpse of the far future of Chastity's situation, some 17+ years after the experiences that will be covered by Final Program

=====================HERE BEGINS THE STORY=====================

The door slid open, revealing a tastefully decorated large apartment. As usual, both Jan and his wife Mai-Lin were standing there to greet her. "Lynnie!" Mai-Lin exclaimed as she stepped forward to hug the younger woman. Lynn smiled and murmured a wordless greeting in reply into Mai's shoulder length black hair, so different from her own flowing red locks. Mai always greeted her like she hadn't seen Lynn in months, regardless of how long it had actually been since last they saw one another, in this case just shy of a week ago. It was one of Mai's more endearing qualities, and it made Lynn smile. Behind his wife the tall, sandy-haired Jan smiled a similar smile, and he and Lynn shared silent amusement until Mai-Lin broke the hug and stepped back. "Come in, come in!" Mai gestured, the red synth-silk Kimono she wore flowing and accentuating the motion. Her husband wore a matching garment. Lynn wasn't sure what he had on underneath, but the hug she'd shared with Mai told her the petite Asian beauty was wearing something very interesting indeed.

Lynn stepped across the threshold and into Jan and Mai-Lin's residence, Mai playing the good hostess and leading the way. Behind her Lynn could hear the door close and Jan pressing buttons on the door pad. The soft click of the lock bolts sliding home was accompanied by the coded double-beep confirming that the door was locked. On cue and without breaking stride, Mai-Lin untied the sash of her robe and slipped out of it, depositing it on a nearby chair. Lynn's breath caught in her throat: it was THAT outfit, the one that made her want to drop to her knees before Mai-Lin and serve her with every part of her body desired. A thick corset that ended just under her bare breasts and above her mons, and thigh high boots with stiletto heels, all in black leather, simple enough but worn with such style that Lynn's submissive side started quivering on sight. Apparently she had reacted visibly; behind her she heard Jan's low chuckle. "Oh honey, I think Lynnie remembers that outfit." Mai stopped and turned as her husband caught up with her, and inadvertently gave Lynn another case of the (mostly) internal quivers as she caught sight of how the outfit framed Mai's cleavage and pussy, accentuating her sexuality. Clearly her switch wasn't set to "submissive" tonight.

Jan slid his arm around Mai, wearing nothing but a pair of expertly cut leather pants. Lynn knew from experience (several experiences) that there was nothing underneath those pants except flesh, warm, hot, throbbing flesh, a reflection which earned if not another quiver then at least a soft tingle. The two of them smiled at her, pleasantly but at the same time predatory. What in the world did they have planned for her tonight? Her hands fidgeted, a habit when she was nervous, earning a laugh from the couple in front of her. "Relax," said Mai-Lin, stroking the girl's arm reassuringly, "we aren't going to put you through hell JUST yet. Besides, you know you'll like it when we do." Lynn smiled genuinely at this - it was true, after all - though she couldn't suppress a light blush as she remembered some of the "hell" they'd subjected her to.

"Come on, we've got something to show you." Mai motioned her guest into the next room, a bedroom-turned-playspace, and the short redhead obliged. She wasn't alone; her friends-and-sometimes-lovers Eddie and Thea were already there. Eddie was the single most unremarkable-looking person she knew, but beneath the average-height, average-weight, average-everything exterior lurked an exceptionally deviant-minded Switch. His longtime girlfriend Thea was anything but average; Amazonian would be an appropriate term, as the pleasant looking, physically fit blonde woman towered over even 6-foot-2 Jan, much less her average boyfriend and the just-over-five-feet Lynn and Mai. Right now she wasn't towering over anything, not while Eddie had her kneeling, cleaning his boots with her tongue. Eddie looked to be more interested in what was on the TV on the wall opposite the chair he sat in, but Lynn knew better, also from experience. Eddie loved few things more than making his powerful goddess of a girlfriend feel small and helpless, even if it took heavy duty chains and special-ordered steel shackles to get the job done. Feigned indifference could be just as effective, too.

The scene continued on for a few seconds until Eddie finally noticed them, or at least pretended to finally notice. "Lynn, hi," he said with a smile, "would you like a seat? Or maybe a boot? The cunt hasn't started to clean the other one yet." The last bit was delivered with a mishevious smile, and Lynn was tempted to say something unladylike. Of course, she was equally tempted to drop to her knees and take her tongue to that boot after stripping off her clothes as fast as she could. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) Jan made the choice for her. "That'll have to wait, Eddie." Jan's hands turned Lynn around, facing the TV. "We invited you here - all of you - because we have something we'd like to share. Look." Jan motioned to the TV, and everyone, the prone Thea included, watched.

The screen showed an attractive blonde woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties, bound in a black latex armbinder, a matching panel gag, and a nosehook, and otherwise bare. Any attempt at movement was hampered by the three-"fingered" mechanical arm snaking down from some unseen point on the ceiling, gripping the woman's armbinder and forcing her into a bent-over strappado. Another arm was steadily administering swats to her backside with a large paddle, and it was clear that while the woman wasn't enjoying every second, she was far from hating it, too. The scene itself was something new, but Lynn knew exactly what she was watching: the woman was Chastity, star of the website "Life of Chastity".  She had spent the last 16 years being randomly bound, teased, tortured, and pleased by a residence full of those arms, and with the exception of two instances where she had fallen ill had done it all day, every day, in full webcam view of her subscribing audience.  In fact, everyone in the room was a subscriber; it was how Lynn had first met Jan and subsequently his wife Mai, and when she'd shown Thea and her then-not-yet-boyfriend Eddie the site they'd subscribed almost immediately. Watching Chastity's frequent robot-administered bondage aroused Lynn on a profoundly deep level, especially as she imagined herself in Chastity's place.

"Don't you wish you could be in that position right now," Jan whispered in her ear, echoing her thoughts eerily.  His hands wrapped around from behind, starting to roam her body, groping lightly through her street clothes.  Mai-Lin looked on, smiling wickedly.  Lynn shuddered and said, "I'd love it, Sir.  I'd love to be at yours and Mistress' Mai's mercy like that."  Husband and wife chuckled in unison.  "Not our mercy, Lynnie," continued Jan, "at the mercy of the machines."  His hand started venturing south; Lynn didn't stop it. "Locked in a residence full of mech-arms, forced to endure bondage and sexual humiliation at random, with no hope of freedom."  His hand started to move in slow circles as Lynn closed her eyes and moaned.  "Forced to spend years, maybe the rest of your life, being used on camera for the amusement of thousands of unseen, anonymous viewers."  Lynn's answering nod came with a surprisingly desperate sounding moan.  Jan's breath was hot against her neck for another few seconds, then suddenly his hands came away and he stepped back.  Lynn almost whimpered in frustration, but instead just opened her eyes and stayed where she was.

"Then say it," said Mai.
Lynn blinked.  "Say what?"
"Say what you want, just what Master Jan said."  Mai's mouth quirked in a wry smile.  "'At the mercy of the machines'."
"I..." Lynn's breath caught in her throat.  Why was this so difficult?  This wasn't as embarrassing an admission as some of the other things Mai-Lin and Jan had forced her to say.  She swallowed and said, with a slight tremble, "I want to be at the mercy of the machines."  Lynn had just enough time to see Mai's wide smile before the familiar sound of moving mech-arms came from the TV.  Wait, that wasn't coming from the TV!  But that meant it--

The rest of Lynn's thoughts became a jumble as she was unexpectedly grabbed by both arms in a comfortable-yet-unbreakable grip and lifted a few feet off the floor.  Someone unseen started stripping her pants, shoes, socks, even her panties off of her with amazing speed.  Suddenly her now-bare legs were lifted by that same iron grip, and each arm was released one at a time, just enough to slip her blouse and quickly unhooked bra off of the arm before the grip returned.  Naked, she was placed standing on the floor, still held, when more of that impossible, impossible here in this room, whirring came back.  Lynn's arms were pulled behind her, and with little notice she felt them released just before the unmistakable feel of a latex armbinder being slipped over them.  She realized she could have fought against it, but why?  This was her dream.  It was an impossible dream - this had to be some kind of trick, some sort of elaborate fake, but why fight it? Why not let the illusion last longer?  It was holding this thought that Lynn opened her mouth for the proffered rubber panel gag, and despite the discomfort she offered no resistance as a nosehook was slotted into her nostrils, threaded through the top of the panel gag and tied off.  The grip released her and, awkwardly, Lynn looked around, expecting to see how the impression of those same arms had been so expertly faked.  And then she saw; it was no fake.

There, extending from the ceiling and arranged lightly, hovered five of the arms Lynn (and everyone else in the room) had come to know from watching Chastity's videos.  They were arranged loosely, hanging next to Mai-Lin and Jan who were now standing together.  Their expressions were like a kid showing off a new toy.  Thea looked bewildered; Eddie had a look of restrained excitement.  Jan said, "don't worry, we'll explain, but first you should have a look out the window."  On cue everyone looked towards the far wall, behind the TV, which had just gone transparent.  It was dark out there on the ocean floor; it was always dark, except for the Habitation's lights, but they were deliberately brightened and dimmed according to the Habitation's local clock.  Right now it was just after 11pm and the lights were as dark as they got, but Lynn could still faintly make out the bubble shapes of other residences.  As usual, they were all dark, windows opaqued, only the faint glow of the lights making them visible.  There was motion to the left: a window going transparent, light streaming from the residence inside.  Lynn couldn't make out what was going on, not quite, but it seemed familiar.  It didn't click until she glanced at the TV and saw what had changed.

Chastity was still bound the same way on the video feed, still being paddled mechanically and mercilessly by the mech-arm, but the once-opaqued window behind her was now transparent, showing the near-black night.  Judging from her expression she'd somehow been made aware of that change, even though she was facing directly away from it.  The arm came down with another swing of the paddle on the video feed, and then across the ocean floor, through the window, Lynn saw the same arm do the same thing in realtime.  Gagged as she was she couldn't talk, but even if she could have Lynn would have been speechless.  Chastity was here!  Well not here, but almost here, just one corridor junction away!  How... what....

Abruptly Eddie began to chuckle, a low, appreciative noise.  "You magnificent bastard," he said to Jan, "damn you, I didn't see that coming.  How long?"  Jan just smiled back at Eddie. "The entire time," he said.  Eddie nodded appreciatively, while behind Jan Mai-Lin was opaquing the window.  The same was not happening on the video feed for poor Chastity, and in fact now two more arms were spreading her legs apart, widening her stance so her pussy was completely visible.  The screen changed views to a split screen, one side showing a feed from the camera in a mech-arm focused on Chastity's distressed face, the other from a mech-arm positioned below and behind her, focused on her exposed ass, a fascinating view as the paddle swung down again, the shock traveling through Chastity's behind and to her glistening cunt.

An obviously confused Thea asked, "Sir, what do you mean?"  She looked just as bewildered as Lynn felt.  Thank God one of them could ask the question.  Jan cleared his throat and spoke.  "I've told you that I'm a subscriber to Chastity's site, but that's not true, not exactly.  I'm the site administrator.  I suppose you could say I'm Chastity's administrator, too.  I manage Chastity's affairs, oversee the operation of the mech-arms, even tweak parameters and feed in new scenarios every now and again.  I've been doing this since the site first started-- well, before, really.  Chastity asked me to set it up for her, and serve as her 'spotter' almost 17 years ago."

Thea and Lynn's eyes boggled, while Eddie showed a much more muted expression of appreciation.  Mai-Lin said, "Lynnie, I know you want to ask what this has to do with you, so let me answer that.  We would like you to be the next woman at the mercy of the mech-arms.  The next Chastity, on camera and under constant control 24/7, for... well for several years at least.  Maybe for the rest of your life, if you decide you want that."  The words, the way they were so frankly said, was as shocking to Lynn as what they meant.  Shocking... and so very, very tempting.  She suppressed a shudder, though of fear or arousal she couldn't say.  Maybe both.

"Why?  Why Lynn, and why a 'new' Chastity," asked Eddie plainly.  Jan's head turned to face him as he answered, "because Lynn is the kind of bondagette who could really live the rest of her life like that and be happy.  Because we want Lynn to have that kind of happiness."  Suddenly his smile became a bit sad.  "And because Chastity isn't as young as she used to be.  Do you know how old she is, really?"  Eddie and Thea shook their heads.  Lynn, who was familiar enough wearing a nosehook to know better, didn't.  "She's 44," Jan said, "she looks younger because she takes such good care of herself, or rather the arms ensure she takes good care of herself, but that won't last forever.  Eventually she'll age enough that more and more people won't want to watch her.  Maybe Chastity won't want to be watched anymore.  She has the right to put a stop to that eventually, or even the whole situation entirely."

Mai-Lin said, "so you would step in for her, Lynn.  Alongside her at first, in a separate residence with a full set of mech-arms.  Maybe we could arrange a few mutual visits, we'd have to see."  The last was said almost as an afterthought, but it caught Lynn's attention.  To meet Chastity, to spend time with her or, dare she think it, be bound alongside her.... "When it comes time for Chastity to retire, " Mai continued, "however fully she retires, there would still be someone controlled by the mech-arms, sharing their experience with whoever wants to see."  Mai-Lin grinned. "For a fee, of course."

"And that brings us to you two," Jan said, looking at Eddie and Thea.  For the first time Eddie actually looked surprised, but he quickly recovered and said, "I... what?"  Jan laughed.  "You don't think we invited you here just to hear our pitch to Lynnie, do you?  Chastity has her spotter," Jan pointed to himself, "and some behind-the-scenes tech work," he finished, motioning to his wife.  "It's intermittent, but sometimes it's a full-time job.  We couldn't take that much responsibility for two people and feel as though we were being safe.  Lynn would need her own people watching out for her, and with your programming skills, Eddie, and your mechanical knowledge, Thea, you fit the need.  It would be your site, your responsibility and thus your profit.  And, after all, you're her friends.  I think it's safe to say both of you love Lynn."  Thea smiled softly at this; Eddie actually looked a bit embarrassed.

By this point Lynn had heard enough; she was sold.  Muffled grunts were all she could get out from behind the gag, much as she tried to make herself intelligible.  This earned a smile from Jan and a shushing from Mai-Lin, who came up to her and put a finger over her gagged mouth.  "I know by now you're ready to be dropped into a locked residence for a lifetime of bondage, Lynnie, but we can't have you rushing into this decision.  You need to think about what this will mean for you, and if it's what you really want.  No life outside your residence, incredibly limited contact with the outside world at best, and a 24/7 lifestyle that is," she showed an odd smile, "unorthodox to say the least.  It would change your life forever."  It took a moment for it to sink in, but Mai was right.  It would be an unprecedented change to her life, but at the same time she had little doubt what she would finally decide, however long she was given to decide it.

Mai-Lin stepped away as Jan spoke again.  "It will take time to get things ready for you anyway should you decide to go through with it, probably a year or so."  He looked apologetic as he said, "it took months just to get these five mech-arms.  Individual purchases aren't as high-priority as industrial ones.  So you have time to think this over, and we want you to use that time and really, truly think about if this is what you want or not.  We would understand if you decided you'd rather live with the rest of the world instead."

A sudden smack filled the air as a sharp stinging sensation blossomed into flame on Lynn's vulnerable ass.  She yelped and made it one step forward before one mech-arm stopped her forward motion, and seconds later another grabbed the end of her armbinder and slowly lifted up, forcing her into that same strappado she'd seen Chastity in.  "Personally," said Mai-Lin from behind her, "I plan on showing you exactly why you might want to stay out in public where we can get our hands on you."  This was punctuated with another stinging smack, and Lynn's muffled yelp into the gag.  She could hear Mai slapping the end of the crop lightly against the tops of her boots.  "It's been too long since I've made your cute little ass a warm, glowing red, Lynnie.  I don't know if watching the arms mercilessly tormenting you would be as enjoyable."  Another smack, another muffled yelp.  "Maybe after this we'll turn you over to the five here and see what they come up with, just in case it is."

Jan approached in front of her, and her view of his boots changed quickly as he pulled on her nosehook, forcing her head up to face his crotch.  He chuckled as his free hand started to unzip the fly of his leather pants.  "I wish I'd had the arms put you in a ring gag instead of this panel, Lynnie. I should fix that... or maybe the arms should, mm?"  A soft moan made it past the gag as Jan's cock came free of his pants, almost in time with the next loud smack from the riding crop wielded by Mai-Lin.  The whirring sound of a moving arm came to her attention, who knew what it was about to do to her.  Whatever it was, it was going to be just the beginning of a long, exhausting night.


After 1 minute, 23 seconds the blindfold was removed and Chastity's arms were let free.  It was the shortest time she'd been restrained in recent memory... in memory at all actually, though she'd long since stopped trying to keep track of every time the arms restrained her.  It all blended together after 17... no, 18 years.  Blended together wonderfully, true, her memory more of a blurred mass of arousal, torment, and ecstasy, but blended all the same.  She sighed, a bit regretful but tinged with happiness, as she ran her fingers over the white lace teddy she was wearing.

Chastity turned around to go back to the kitchen table and finish her cooling breakfast when she caught sight of something unexpected: there, by the front door, was a sturdy looking chest.  Hard wood or maybe wood-finished polymer, with three latches on the front and some sturdy handles on the sides.  It looked similar to her own toy chest. In fact, it looked nearly identical, albeit a different color finish and with slightly different trim.  Why was this here?  Her own toy chest was in perfect shape - the arms had locked her in it for a few hours some weeks ago, so she knew this for sure - so that couldn't be it.  Was it more toys?  Those usually came in the cliche plain brown boxes, even in bulk.  Unless she was going to have so many more toys she needed a separate box to hold them all.  A light shudder traveled up her spine, not entirely unpleasant.  Was this--

Her train of thought was interrupted when unmistakable muffled noises came from the chest: the sounds of someone gagged and struggling to get free.  The chest moved a little, very slightly, probably the only result of a full-power effort by whoever was locked inside to get out.  It shook again as Chastity reached it, knelt down and started opening the latches.  She didn't even consider hesitating for fear of punishment, this was too unprecedented to ignore. Let the arms punish her, she'd eaten breakfast in mittens before.  In an armbinder too.  Bound so she had to crawl on knees and elbows with a ring gag in her mouth sprang to mind as well.  Come to think of it, maybe a bound breakfast wouldn't be such a bad--

The lid burst open as a short, alabaster-skinned, busty redhead sat up in the chest.  Her arms were tightly laced into an unforgiving leather armbinder, her mouth stuffed with a ball-gag that, Chastity couldn't help but notice, matched her hair perfectly.  Otherwise she was nude.  The young woman mmphhed pleadingly at Chastity, to which she did hesitate.  Was she allowed to remove the gag?  That question only mattered because she had no idea who would be punished if she wasn't.  Her hesitation lasted only a second, and with a little effort she removed the simple gag.  The whirring of an approaching arm sounded, but it merely plucked the gag from Chastity's hand and took it off to be washed.

"Thank you," breathed the redhead, working her jaw.  Her arms were still immobilized, but the woman made no motions or pleas to have the armbinder removed, and Chastity was in no mood to push her luck without prompting.  Maybe she knew that wasn't supposed to be removed.  Maybe she just liked being in it.  Chastity could understand either situation.

The enormity of what was going on started to catch up with Chastity as she stared at the pale redhead.  This was the first person she had seen in the flesh for 8 years.  The last time it had taken a burgeoning case of pneumonia to cause either Jan or the arms to override her isolation and call a doctor to check up on her.  Being short of breath with a moderate fever and doped to the gills on cold medication the entire time didn't make the three visits very easy to remember, and it was all business anyway.  But this, this....

"Who are you," she finally asked, incredulous.  The younger woman worked her jaw a few more times before she spoke.  "My name is Lynn.  I'm... well... I suppose I could say I'm a fan, but... if everything goes right I'm also going to be spending the next... the... well, a long time in the same situation you're in."  She finished talking and looked, almost stared at Chastity.  Her expression was a strange mixture: wonder, excitement, fear... arousal.  Chastity wondered how often she'd looked like that, back when this whole thing started.

Chastity asked, "are you going to be living here?" 'And am I going elsewhere' was left unsaid.  To Chastity's relief Lynn shook her head.  "Not permanently.  This is supposed to just be a visit.  Two weeks of orientation, idol worship, and a ratings boost all in one."  At the last Lynn looked up to where she remembered a non-arm camera being and smiled ruefully.  Chastity kept her own, similar smile to herself, though she did mutter, "Jan, you clever bastard."

Lynn made motions to get out of the chest, and Chastity quickly helped her to her feet and out of the container.  As she stood up Lynn got her first good look at Chastity, all of Chastity, in the flesh.  She'd feared that in person her age would have been more unpleasantly obvious, but if anything the opposite was true.  Chastity's skin was smooth and firm, her body tight and downright gorgeous.  There were some signs of age of course -- the faint beginnings of crow's feet at the edges of her eyes, a few lines around her mouth -- but overall she was more attractive in person than she was in video.  Lynn hoped she would age as well, then realized that with the oversight of the mech-arms she very well might, whether she wanted to or not.

Chastity guided Lynn to the couch, where she sat down with a grateful sigh.  Chastity moved to touch the armbinder, then stopped.  "Do you want out of this?  Are you allowed out of this?"
Lynn said, "only if you take it off of me.  Otherwise the arms will leave it on for the next four hours."
Chastity's expression became puzzled.  "Did Jan expect me to leave you in it to... you know... force you to submit?"
"Mai-Lin did it, and I think she just wanted to show I wasn't a threat." The redhead paused to consider this. "Or maybe Mai-Lin just likes keeping me tied up."
Chastity grinned again.  She'd never met Mai-Lin except for a few brief conversations during her twice-yearly allowed vid-call to Jan, but even from that she could tell the Asian switch's Domme side was something impressive.  Lynn's bondage-on-delivery would fit with that.  Chastity started helping her out of the armbinder.

There was a moment of awkward silence once the armbinder was off.  It had been years since Chastity had carried on a conversation with anyone for more than a few minutes, and Lynn found herself still starstruck, not to mention distracted by being naked and starstruck.  It was as thoughts about that were bouncing around in Lynn's head that Chastity decided to ask, "'idol worship'?"

Lynn's blush was immediate and (she had no trouble seeing) full-body.  Unable to lift her eyes to look at the blond woman, Lynn said, "I... I really admire you for what you've done.  I've always wanted to... wanted to be you, or at least like you, ever since I found your site.  And, um...."  Lynn shyly glanced up at Chastity, then returned her eyes elsewhere, "...I've... I've always thought you were really attractive."  Lynn's mouth closed and the silence became a real, physical thing, filling the room and pressing against her.  After a moment of trying to find something, anything to say, she opened her mouth and said, "I don't suppose you're interested in other women?"

Lynn realized she'd been wrong before: NOW the silence was a real, physical thing.  She glanced at Chastity's face, back at the floor, at her face again, over and over.  A minute stretched on, Chastity's expression unreadable, the tension almost unbearable.  Lynn was doing her best to fall into the floor.  How could she have screwed this up so quickly?  Stupid stupid stupid....  She risked another glance at Chastity, and that's when the older woman slipped her hand behind Lynn's head and pulled her into a kiss.  It wasn't an expert kiss, strictly speaking it wasn't even a good kiss, but what it lacked in technique it made up for with 18-some years of a lack of romantic human contact.  When it finally ended both of them were left speechless, both of their bodies flushed with arousal.  Lynn was working her way to clearing the blockage in her mouth and saying something. Then the arms came.

If there was some extra delay due to handling two victims at once, Chastity couldn't detect it.  Lynn meanwhile was overwhelmed by the sheer speed everything was moving.  First she's kissed by her idol (as well as the subject of many of her more erotic fantasies) and now she was being bound right next to her.  No, not next to her, bound to her.  The arms, finished binding their ankles to their thighs, arms bent back above their, heads, now came with a pair of clover clamps... no, two pairs of clover clamps, and attached them in an X pattern between the women, left breast to left breast, right to right.  Apparently that wasn't enough: the arms came back with some lengths of string, and with a little effort tied one string between Lynn's left toe, running between her legs to end at the clamp on Chastity's right breast.  A similar, taut length ran from Chastity to Lynn.  Their combined moans became louder as a ring gag was deftly stuffed into each mouth and strapped in tightly.  Then the arms paused as the nearby TV came to life.


Bondage routines have been modified to account for two occupants.  Random bondage and challenge tasks will now be executed on both subjects simultaneously.  Triggered events and most punishments will be issued only to the triggering/offending subject

That stayed on the screen for a few moments while the flat TV voice read it off, and was then replaced with more text.

Both subjects must transport all given items to the bedroom.  All items must be held by each subject and not dropped until the time limit ends.

TIME LIMIT: 15 minutes
REWARD: Two hours without risk of being bound (except by vocal command)
PUNISHMENT: Subjects remain in current bondage for four hours.

The second the voice stopped speaking two arms appeared, each holding a moderately sized dildo.  With no warning each was inserted a few inches into each woman's ring-gagged mouth, then abruptly released.  Chastity immediately tilted her head back, keeping the dildo from sliding out, but Lynn nearly lost hers.  It was only by a last minute lunge forward and a tilt that she was able to save it.  With a grimace she tilted her head back and did her best to let the silicone member slide into her throat.  The entire time she looked over at Chastity, doing much the same thing, sending a shudder through Lynn's body that was carried along the chain linking the breasts.  Awkwardly, the two women began shuffling, painfully, towards Chastity's bedroom.

As she shuffled uncomfortably the reality of what was going to happen, not just now but months and years into the future, hit home.  This was going to be her life now.  Not with Chastity, certainly, but a lifetime of wondering when mechanical arms would come to subject her to some unknown bondage or torment.  A lifetime of arousal, subjugation, and looming punishment.  She realized all of that, and felt immensely free.  No choices, no escape.  Just a mechanically controlled bondage slut.  Still shuffling, moaning softly, the two helpless woman continued on, enduring their task and eagerly wondering what the next might be.

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RE: Final Program Epilogue

Unread postby fereak » Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:41 pm

Really amazing, Final Program is one of my favourite stories. Can't wait to see more!
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RE: Final Program Epilogue

Unread postby rubberdime » Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:02 am

Indeed, this was a great series, hope to see more, much more!
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Re: Final Program Epilogue

Unread postby JNMC1 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:21 am

Given how long it has been since a post from Y at all, much less a continuation, I suppose hoping for more is futile. Le sigh. I was really looking forward to the 24 hours of tease and denial punishment.
Even so, in case you happen to be reading this. I loved the story.
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