Another introduction...

Introduce yourself to the community, they won't bite... hard.

Another introduction...

Unread postby Kleanthes » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:54 pm

...who would have expected that here? Besides everyone who can read, of course.

I'm not 40 yet, which is probably the nicest thing that one can say about me, male (at least, last time I checked), pretty much hetereo (at least, last time I tried), into the whole BDSM stuff (wow, this day is full of suprises, isn't it?) and in a happy RL 24/7 relationship with my submissive. DS is the basis of our relationship, everything else comes from that, so I don't play with random people, but I enjoy a lot of varied stuff with my partner: I'm into bondage (leather, rope, western, shibari), quite a bit sadistic (yes, this means I start to really enjoy it as soons as she stops to enjoy it), into needle play (no cutting, though), having fun playing in public, interested into pet-play, etc.

I've been reading stories here for a few years (once a month perhaps). A while ago I wrote some stories (and posted them, albeit not here), but while I can communicate in english reasonbly well (I hope), it's not my native tongue, so I don't feel fluent enough to actually write erotica in english. Perhaps I'll try so anyway one day, at least some grammar will get abused then and some poor readers have to suffer.
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Re: Another introduction...

Unread postby Hypercat » Fri May 19, 2017 12:09 pm

Hy, youngster! I'm 41! Getting chubby and I can't help it (I love food almost as I love furry and bondage. But thankfully I'm not born in U.S.A. or else I would be waaay past chubby!).
I'm into bondage but not into BDSM, eccept when I'm angry (and you wont like me when I'm angry).
And I now I spelled "hi" the wrong way, but that's my trademark already. Because I'm Hypercat-Z!
If you meet someone claiming to be me and saying "hi", that's not me!
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