FREE CLOTHING GIVEAWAY - San Francisco April 17th

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FREE CLOTHING GIVEAWAY - San Francisco April 17th

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April Crossdressing Club - FREE CLOTHING EXCHANGE

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM

Wicked Grounds
289 8th Street San Francisco, CA

Cost: Please join our Patreon & support Wicked Grounds by purchasing food.

Dress code: Please dress up! Fetish wear encouraged.


We all have beautiful things that we ordered online or were not brave enough to try on so we all have LOTS of clothing that doesn't fit us or that we have grown out of physically or stylistically.

OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW (or at least new to you).

Please participate even if you have nothing to share yet. Use this as an opportunity to make room for more fun in your closet. You deserve clothing that looks and feels good! There is no reason to hang on to clothes that don't fit. Come find the "Cinderella" to match those "perfect" glass slippers that you ordered in the wrong size from the internet.

Bring gently used (clean) feminine clothing that is ready to go to a new home. Getting dressed and undressed is welcome, please no bare butts on the seats. We love to match outfits to their new people so that everyone has something pretty to take home. If you don't have clothing yet, please take some of ours!!!

All clothing at the clothing exchange is FREE, any ties between people who want the same article of clothing will be determined by a stripping contest.

. . .

Hosted by Mistress Alice from

Come celebrate femininity with us, be it full time, part time or for the first time. Please dress up!!!

We emphasize FUN instead of "passing." None of us are perfect. No one here is the gender police. All gender is performative. Beards, body hair, flat chests, big bellies, baldness, mismatched clothes and flaws bless members of all genders and do not make you automatically un-feminine. Our members span a huge spectrum of gender expression. Come be yourself at our unique and supportive community munch and adventurous afterparty.

The word "sissy" often targets the feminine (and ultra-feminine) with derision so we use the word carefully when we talk about gender play. This is a triggering term for many people but some of our members choose to deliberately reclaim it. You do not have to be femme to celebrate femininity, admirers and explorers are also welcome.

You can change clothes with us at the munch, but please do NOT get dressed in the Wicked Grounds bathroom. Since our venue is 18+ and we meet in the back of the coffee shop, this gives us relative privacy to dress and undress together. There is only ONE bathroom and it needs to be available for others to use.

Please flash us your pretty panties as you change into something more adventurous! It is fun to share our transformations with each other. Many of us have no safe place to get dressed so doing so as a group can be very empowering.

Makeup is also welcome at the table. No one was born knowing how to put on cosmetics so it can be helpful to practice and learn together. Limited makeover assistance is sometimes available, bring whatever makeup you have and try to arrive early if possible.

We adjourn to Bondage-a-Go-Go to dance the night away. "BAGG" is a kinky nightclub around the corner at the Kat Club. This bar is 21+ only, please bring ID. They have a dance floor and a small dungeon where limited BDSM play is allowed (genitals must be covered). There is a cover charge that varies depending on special events, dress code level (all black and/or fetish wear) and club membership.

If you feel unsafe walking dressed up to or from your car, we are glad to support you through carpools and the buddy system. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This event continues through the generous support of our members near and far. People all over the world plan their vacations with our monthly meetup in mind. Keep it SUSTAINABLE and keep it going for another six years by joining our Patreon:
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