SF Crossdressing Club Meets TONIGHT May 20th Online

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SF Crossdressing Club Meets TONIGHT May 20th Online

Unread postby AliceInBondageLand » Wed May 20, 2020 9:27 am

May 20th Crossdressing Club - ONLINE EDITION

Our group is now meeting ONLINE during the outbreak! This means that folks from all over the world can enjoy the unique community we've created in kinky San Francisco.

Get your webcam ready if you want to show off your stay-at-home look!

We meet TONIGHT May 20th from 7-10pm via Zoom.

You can join us via webcam, smartphone or normal telephone, depending on what level of technology and interactivity you are ready for. This is a good opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones as we are liberated from the need to be geographically focused on the Bay Area!

Link to meeting and password details will be sent privately to RSVPs and posted on our club's Patreon an hour before the event, to reduce troll's ability to locate and disrupt our gathering (there is a whole group of people who delight in finding open meetings to disturb).


Please no nudity but do DRESS UP. We will go around the room and introduce ourselves, share photos and conversations. Please remember to practice good webcam etiquette, like muting yourself when not talking.

Wicked Grounds has announced their temporary closure for community health concerns and I think it is important that we also support them during these difficult times.

The best way to support WG is through Patreon, via:
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