CLOTHING EXCHANGE Crossdressing Club SF Oct 19 Meetup

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CLOTHING EXCHANGE Crossdressing Club SF Oct 19 Meetup

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CLOTHING EXCHANGE Crossdressing Club October Meetup
Mistress Alice's birthday is here!!!”

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM

Wicked Grounds
289 8th Street San Francisco, CA

Cost: Gifts encouraged for Alice's Birthday! Bring female clothing for the clothing exchange! Support Wicked Grounds by purchasing food. Support Alice by joining

Dress code: Crossdressing ENCOURAGED, "passing" as female not required! Secretly wearing panties? Flash us as a sign of solidarity!

This month is very special because it is time for the CLOTHING EXCHANGE!!!

Trying on feminine clothing in a store is a big step and not everyone is brave enough (or able) to do so.

Also, with the advent of internet shopping, many of us are learning that women's sizes are based on completely made-up arbitrary assignments that vary from brand to brand or even from style to style. We ALL have clothes that do not fit. Time to SWAP THEM OUT!!!

The rules:
1 - No one turned away for lack of clothing to share (take our clothes, please, we have extra!!!)

2 - No fighting over clothing. If you cannot agree who gets it, ties will be broken by dance off!!!

3 - No changing in the bathroom & no bare butts on the chairs. We change together in back as a supportive bunch. :-)

- - - - - - -


Crossdressers, sissies, maids, cosplayers, cis-men that wear panties, women, trans and gender bending folks of all kinds welcome. The focus is on the feminine and ultra-feminine so we use the word "sissy" to denote ruffles and extravagance, not humiliation.

Dominants and supporters who enjoy sissy and cd/tv energy also invited.

Costuming is welcome! Please dress up!!!

For those of you who need a place to change, please respect that Wicked Grounds only has one bathroom. Fortunately, Wicked Grounds is 18+ so we love it when you change in back with us. Please flash us your pretty panties as you change into something more comfortable! It is fun to share our transformations with each other. Makeup is also welcome at the table.

Many of us have no safe place to get dressed so doing so as a group is deeply empowering as well as a necessity for some who cannot share this side of themselves with their household or coworkers.

Mistress AliceInBondageLand is available to help with makeup (please bring your own foundation if possible).

The group adjourns to Bondage a Go Go to dance the night away. "BAGG" is a kinky goth club around the corner at the Kat Club. It is 21 and over and serves alcohol, please bring ID. They have two dance floors and a small dungeon where play is allowed as long as genitals are not exposed.

For more information, contact Mistress Alice on fetlife or at
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