Santa's little helper.

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Santa's little helper.

Unread postby restricted » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:29 am

Well, not so little really. I have got two red skirts. One is shorter than the other. The short one gives about 3 inches of frilly petticoat on display and the longer one about an inch. The petticoat consists of 3 layers of material that makes the skirt stand out.

What one do you thing would make a better Santa's little helper. The short or longer one. I ask as I shall be feeding my wife and dressed in it all day and she will be getting glimpses of the petticoats and frilly knickers. :oops:

As for the schoolgirls outfit. I spoke to the occupational therapists who agree I need to do something to make her feel needed and not useless and just wanted. So I am making her "mummy" as when kids are around, that is when a woman will feel she is needed more than ever.

The punishment is standing on some stepladders in front of the window with my hands on my head. That will make the pinafore ride up and reveal my petticoat and knickers. That way she will be able to see from her bed and tease me.
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