A change for the better?

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A change for the better?

Unread postby restricted » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:38 am

I know next week it is supposed to be getting colder again, but overall it is getting warmer. I sat out in the garden this morning in knickers, tights, panty girdle, bra with G size falsies in the cup, petticoat, and uniform dress. I have had to put up a screen so people living on the hill overlooking my house can't see my face when I sit there. They can only see my dress from the breasts down and legs.

Either side of my house can't see me. Well one can until the new growth of the climbing plants fill in the spaces on the wattle fencing, but even now they have to look intensively. But I find it so calming and peaceful.

I just wish there was a place nearby where I can go and sit in the sun outdoors dressed like it. I found such a place, but now other people have found it and take their dogs for a walk there. :(
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