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Just in case there are some females who like to see cross dressed men, I have a question for them (and for cross dressers as well)..

At the moment I am trying to save money. People owe me and haven't repaid yet. So cutting expenses down is a necessity. At the moment I am sitting here in knickers, two pair of 100 denier tights and two panty girdles to hold them up, a half slip and skirt. I have the heating off and at present it is 18c which is warm. I have sat in the garden which is 5c at present and found I was still warm. I have had it down to 16 c and even then I was sweating thanks to my clothing.

Now my question for the women is, do you find normal female clothes warm. They certainly seem to be for me even though they are lighter than male clothing. So is it because the clothing is warmer or is it because what I am doing is wrong making me hot.

For the males, do you find female clothing warmer than male clothing?

What I would like to find is a woman who would like to be a teacher of a naughty schoolgirl. Make her take all the lessons in her school uniform including P.E in her little games skirt and knickers plus not be afraid to use the cane on her bum for infringement of the rules. That's my latest dream.
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