I'm lucky

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I'm lucky

Unread postby restricted » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:03 am

I snapped the tendon in my leg (I fif the other one 2 years ago) and had to go to hospital for 2 days. Anyway, I obviously had t have a cast put on. The last time \I cut trousers t go over the cast. Not wanting to ruin more clothes, I wore y kilt. The doctor said it was a great idea and it got around the hospital like wildfire.
Back at home, the carers turned up all sorts of times, so I had to be up at 6 to have a shower. But they would turn up between 7 to 11.30.
At first it was taking me an hour to get a pair of pants and shorts on. So if I hadn't had my shower, the carers would not hve time to do anything for me. I only wanted them to make sure I was up.

I spoke to a girl two doors away and she lent me a skirt she had when pregnant. But not wanting to ruin it for her, I gave her the money to get me one. It was great. Slipped over the head. so if I wasn't ready, at least although weird, it meant I was decent. Now the girls think I wear the skirts.

It also came in handy as by tickling my muscles, it helped massage them and it was the only material I could put on over my kneecap. Now I am nearly back to normal, I still find the skirts ideal as it means I can relax and massage my leg muscles at the same time.
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