Crossdressing Club's 8th Birthday ONLINE Oct 21st

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Crossdressing Club's 8th Birthday ONLINE Oct 21st

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MISTRESS ALICE'S BIRTHDAY - Oct 21st Crossdressing Club
Wed 21 Oct, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM



Celebrating another year of the Crossdressing Club!

It is Mistress Alice's BIRTHDAY!!! This event started as a very special birthday party and has continued to grow. This is the 8th birthday of our club!!! (or is it 9th? we have to go do some math)

We emphasize FUN instead of "passing." None of us are perfect and none of us are the gender police. All gender is performative. Beards, body hair, flat chests, bellies, baldness, mismatched clothes and flaws do not automatically make anyone un-feminine. Members span a huge spectrum of gender expression. Come be yourself at our unique and supportive gathering.

You do not have to be femme to celebrate femininity with us, admirers and explorers are also welcome.

Our group is ONLINE! Get your webcam ready if you want to show off your stay-at-home look!


Details will be sent privately to everyone who RSVPs on Fetlife and will be posted on our club's Patreon an hour before the event. This is to reduce troll's ability to locate us by typing random numbers until they find an active meeting. We want to keep our group a safe place for gender adventure!

We will go around the room and introduce ourselves, share photos and conversations. Please remember to practice good webcam etiquette like muting yourself when not talking, etc.

This is a good opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones as we are liberated from the need to be geographically focused on the San Francisco Bay Area!

Wicked Grounds was our home when we were meeting in person, they are temporarily closed during the pandemic and I think it is important that we also support them during these difficult times. The best way to support WG is through their Patreon

Here's an article about our event: ... of-sissies

Hosted by Mistress Alice from
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