Lifestyle creation

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Lifestyle creation

Unread postby slave joanna » Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:49 am

i have never seen information on forming good life style habits in Mistress/slave relationships. Having been a slave for over 35 years to the same Mistress (wife) i believe it is vital that both share this interest. Almost from the start Mistress was interested in setting rules and boundaries for me. i was given the opportunity to discuss these rules and boundaries. but was not allowed to change them. As an example it was nearly impossible for me to wear panties in my work place, at first, especially because She wanted them to be one size small, in femme color nylon (with and without lace trim), in full cut women's brief style. She asked me if i needed help in making it completely possible for me to wear my panties every day and every where--and i said yes.

One of the helpful things She did was to have me create my own panty drawer in my own dresser. This, She said would get me used to seeing only femme garments in my "special" drawer and create ownership. She also instigated random "panty inspections." At the time there were no cell phone cameras so any such inspection would have to be conducted in person. Mistress sister knew about what W/we were doing--so either Lady could show up at my work place with Her demand for a panty inspection. i was assured that both had a spare pair of slave panties in their purse and would produce them without the tiniest concern for hiding their view from co workers, and that She would give a stern command for me to immediately get into my slave panties. Fear is an excellent teacher of good habits in a Mistress/slave life style.

Women know the value of straps as they are frequently a part of female clothing, and it wasn't long before Mistress and Her sister came up with my first panty harness. A cotton (femme) color shoe lace was form fitted to my waist and loops were sewn at the ends. The end of a second long cotton strap was sewn to the front center of my waist strap with a loop sewn to its other end. By dropping this strap behind the waist band of my panties to come out again from under one of the leg openings to be returned to my waist strap where all three loops are joined with a small padlock. my panty strap allows me to lower my panties to my knees, but will not allow them to be taken off. In terms of wearing my panties it has never been an option for me to be "out of the mood" to wear them because Mistress' key is required to change them. W/w do have cell phones now, and i do get calls from Mistress and/or Her sister to verify my proper confinement from time to time.

Rituals and routines are essential tools in creating a life style. The Girl's panties are laundered on Wednesday. i do have a man cave here--it is a 3 1/2' x 7' room that is under the basement stairs, and it has a locking jail style door on it. There are five clothes lines installed near the ceiling. There is a knee high table to hold a fairly large stainless steel bowl filled with warm water and a cap full of "Wollite" to gently wash panties and lingerie items and another filled with ice cold rinse water. There is an overhead closed circuit camera that is fed into Mistress" i-phone. Each pair of panties must go thru a 6 minute oral cycle before they are washed, rinsed, and hung to line dry. Because the Ladies change panties sometimes two and even three times a day there are as many as 28 pair in the hamper on Wednesday night. Hosiery, bras, slips, a few girdles, and night wear items also need laundering. Mistress tries to be consistent in beginning the laundry at 7 p.m. as She is aware that if i work consistently (breaks are not allowed) it can be 1 or 2 in the morning before i am hanging the last item on the line. i have a foam matrices to sleep on (under the constant drip from wet nylon, but it really is unreasonable for me to expect Mistress to stay awake until 2 a.m. just to release me.

Almost without exception i have had what She calls a monthly "maid's chair review." Basically this is an evaluation of my performance, a time for Her to bring up behavior and attitude issues, and a time for Her to let me know if i am likely to be released from my Holy trainer any time soon. my maid's chair has four short straps with clips to secure my ankle and wrist cuffs and my slave collar once i am seated on my sitting strap. my sitting strap is attached to the chair back and has a cinch loop that is suspended 1" above the seat. i have to squat for Her to get my "cunt loop" over my worthless extension just behind its head between my legs from behind. As my release from my cage normally has me in some state of "male display" (which She does not allow) i must endure numerous and quite painful snaps from Her or Her sister's acrylic nails. This is very humiliating, as well. When the command to sit is given i must obey in one downward motion without coming back off the chair in response to a "baby pinch" from the cinch loop closing or to "attempt" to find a "more comfortable" position. my chair straps are quickly secured to my various cuffs--and standing becomes impossible. A wooden spreader bar is strapped to each knee and my pulled down panties become stretched between my knees as a visual reminder that i am a sissified slave who is now sitting on a tortuous cunt strap. Though completely humiliated, there is a melodic clicking of the Lady's heels as they walk slowly around--stopping occasionally to bend to administer an acrylic snap of Female Authority and demand a response to one of their questions or reprimands during my review. The Ladies are, of course, are completely free to show off a new outfit or to fill the area with a new aroma of their latest perfume-- and to be amused by the fact that no male response other than longing to touch their beauty is even possible. And, make no mistake, they are bent over to display their soft cleavage as they prepare to deliver a cramp inducing snap with a bright painted index finger nail.

Mistress is constantly aware of my need to see Her Female Authority in action. In Her bedroom and dressing room She simply steps out of an outfit or drops it on the floor where She is standing. In this way i am paying constant attention to serving Her in the simple and constant task of picking up Her discarded clothing and handling it appropriately. She requires Her make up table to be cleaned up immediately after every use--to windex Her mirrors to take away any overspray of hair spray. i am trained to respond without hesitation to various commands, such as "slave prepare my bath" or "slave prepare for bidet servitude." The bitter taste of Her nectar is a familiar one that has me swell to fill the 1.9" length of my cage that always cause my balls to swell into its capturing ring and to turn a shade of blue.

i am Her slave, and it is up to me to follow known rules, to have a proper attitude in practicing make up techniques, to accept the wearing of a sanitary napkin for the duration of my assigned period which begins on the evening of each full moon and ends 7 days later. She is not here to work on my slavery--She is here to enjoy the pleasures of being pampered and obeyed.
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Re: Lifestyle creation

Unread postby One Pivot » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:33 am

Thanks for sharing, but your good habits would be deal breakers for a lot of people, myself included, and I'm dominant.

There's an incredible amount of flexibility in dynamic between subs, doms, masters and slaves. I hope what you do truly works for you, but it's no good practice, just your practice.

Showing up at someone's workplace seems pretty inappropriate.
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Re: Lifestyle creation

Unread postby BoundToWait » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:23 am

I agree with One Pivot, this would be too much for me. Maybe you simply found your perfect fit, which is great, but in general I think that any relationship should be give/take, for both parties involved, not about teaching by fear. Anyway, best of luck! :)
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Re: Lifestyle creation

Unread postby simple man » Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:44 pm

I quote the last two comments, I'm not judging you but once again in your description of your relationship I found that subtle demanding for recognition of your practice as a rightful one (I hope it's clear, english is not my native language). I mean that sometimes slaves want to hear that what they do is right, it seems that you're looking for someone to tell you that it is totally fine to have a relationship like yours. In my opinion there is no such a thing as a "right way" to be a slave, a mistress, a submissive or a dominant, call it as you wish. For example there is a topic in this forum in which I described briefly what I do with my gf. We both play dom/sub roles, depending on the mood and we never go too far because she is not into bdsm as i do (she likes bondage and shibari, so basically as a dom i'm more of a rigger than an actual daddy. Sometimes I force her to go down on me, or I pretend to be punishing her, but that's all. As a sub I used to ask for some kind of treatment, but now I enjoy her natural attitude and prefer to see how she puts on the role of the dominant, most of the time going even beyond my expectations, but she is never going to be a true mistress in the common acceptation). That works for me, but I would never say that it is the only way. By the way, if you feel ok with that, just go on. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable as I imagine to be in your position is that I always considered bdsm as a small part of my life and lifestyle, isn't it too much to bear after a while?
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Re: Lifestyle creation

Unread postby Eleven » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:13 pm

It takes more than 10 minutes until I finish reading your story. That was really awesome man, I never knew that there some kind of relationship like that. I think there's nothing wrong about what you doing right now and I see that you really, really like it, right? For me as long as I'm happy and I enjoy what I've been doing, I'm just keep on going man.
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