My new multi-tool

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My new multi-tool

Unread postby slpnot » Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:26 pm

I like to shop for stuff . I found the Leatherman tread it is like a watch band . It has a bunch of tools like links of a watch band , I came up with the idea of taking a padlock and locking it to a chain bolted to the wall . Oops thinking that I'm not really locked up .
The tread doesn't lock . I managed to get the lock over the the part that opens . Oh no I'm stuck a have to wait for my girlfriend she
Is still at at work she tells me and won't be home until 6 pm . Is anything wrong ? I said no and I will be in the dungeon when you get home and hang up the phone noting the time I got 2:45 minutes to go . Im gonna buy another one how about you
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