Self Nipple Torture

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Self Nipple Torture

Unread postby hornydas » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:05 pm

Lately I have been segregating SB sessions, into less strenuous sessions. Prior, I would bind up, and combine nipple torture and enema to my play, but I don't have the time or the space anymore for that type of play, so I have been playing with my nipples lately. It is easy to devise ways to torture my nipples. There is so much around to use. At a very basic level, I've used hair clips and bobby pins, and paper clips to clamp my nipples. I've used hair combs, pulling and tugging.. I've irritated my nipples by rubbing salt or salted almonds. The sensation is fleeting, but it is very erotic, and I want to always reward myself with an orgasm. My problem is, I think I am becoming addicted to this play. When the opportunity arises, I find it hard to resist the impulse to play. When I determine that that is that, I can walk away and not play, or even think about playing for weeks, even months, but that nasty mistress is always there to remind me that she owns me and can make me do whatever she wants. I don't think it would be so much a problem, but after a session, or series of sessions (sometimes can last a few days or a week) my nipples will hurt and take a couple of weeks to recover. Any input on how to stop would be appreciated.
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