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Unread postby gaggedutopia » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:10 pm

What is this area about?
Over the years members have asked and answered hundreds of great questions.  There is a huge pool of people with incredible amounts of knowledge in all areas of bondage.  A lot of ‘golden nuggets’ get pushed to the bottom of the pile as new posts appear.  Since members new and old can benefit from this information we will collect it here.

Can I post my own FAQ?
Yes and no, members cannot post in this area directly. If you ask or answer questions on a regular basis there is a good chance it will appear here.

A topic of mine became an FAQ but it looks different, was it edited?
When informative topics are moved here they are sometimes edited for readability.  Posts that do not add information to the topic or question are usually trimmed.  Posts themselves may be trimmed as well.  A moderator will typically let you know before anything is changed however.

gaggedutopia2009-02-08 22:12:14
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