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Unread postby FoxIvyy » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:20 pm

Cunty Boss Humiliates The Wrong Employee

Lily is Dixie’s cunty boss. Lily humiliated Dixie earlier in the day in a conference meeting when Dixie didn’t have the correct reports on hand. It's later in the day, after office hours, and Lily thinks that Dixie has come to her office after work to apologize and drop off the rights charts. She drops off the charts but isn’t there to apologize. Lily is still being a bitch and wants her to apologize again. Dixie’s done though and tells her that she quits, then throws down some rope from her purse. Lily laughs at her and asks her what she thinks she's going to do with that. Dixie blankly tells her that she going to tie her up an humiliate her. Lily gets out of her chair and laughs some more at Dixie's feeble attempt to be get revenge. But Dixie grabs her, bends her over the desk and starts tying her wrists behind her back. Dixie sits Lily in the chair to tie her up more and Lily still thinks that Dixie is fucking around with her and blows off literally everything that Dixie says to her. Lily tries the, you'll never get a new job if I have anything to do with it but Dixie informs her that she's been saving up her pennies for a long time and is going somewhere where she will never be found and will be set for life.

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