Does sub-shop come alive or it's a scam?

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Does sub-shop come alive or it's a scam?

Unread postby IndoRaptor » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:59 pm

Hey there,

I haven't buying gears on for years and today I decide to give it a try. I noticed the company is still named "Autumn Co" and also many recent negative reviews toward her company. Some reviews said their products have contacted with fecal particles. And that makes me worry about the quality.
Anyway, I want to buy a leatherette full body bonder bag (sleepsack) from them. Is anyone here having experiences with this item or buying their product recently. Is it trustable now?
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Re: Does sub-shop come alive or it's a scam?

Unread postby southern_sub_gurl » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:53 am

Hi IndoRaptor,

I have bought from them recently (3 months ago), I didn't order a sleepsack but what I did order arrived brand new and at a good price. I wouldn't say the quality was in line with custom gear but for occasional/light play what I've used has been fine. Leatherette in a sleepsack sounds like it'd be fun, I just wouldn't play too hard in it since leatherette has a tendency to tear at its attachment points and/or seams, especially when it gets warm from body heat. Hope this helps!

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