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Bondage RP

Unread postby AndrewTied » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:09 am

hello my real name is Andrew 23 years old. currently im looking for a dom male or female (ages between 18-35, Note: I will except slight over age for example if your 36 years old). i want to do only a few roleplays at least once or twice when im tied up.

here are things i like to get tied and gagged with during the roleplay:
-Duct Tape (my favorite)
-Duct Tape gag w/clean stuffing
-Cleave Gag w/clean stuffing
-any OTM gag w/clean stuffing
-Zip Ties
-microfaom tape gag w/clean stuffing

the roleplays setting that i do want to do:

-my favorite roleplay settings is called "Friendship Bondage" which means being tied up by your best friend who is a bondage expert and wants to tie me up. the captor can also tie themselves up if the dom thinks i needed company. if its a male no sex can be involved and its not allowed. if its a woman sexual interaction is allowed.

other settings are:

- camping in the woods
- home invasion
- kidnapped

things i like during the roleplay:

- being teased
- being told i can't get out of bondage and should enjoy it
- tickled under my knees
- inescapable bondage
- Sexual Interaction with females only
-M/M roleplays
-F/M roleplays

things i dislike:
-death threats
-mummification (depends if you would do a certain roleplay setting)
-hair pulling
- no sex with males during M/M roleplay settings

i will reply to your note as soon as possible. i hope my information helped and i cannot wait to be your captive.
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