UK SW: No strings slave wanted for tie & tease and more

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UK SW: No strings slave wanted for tie & tease and more

Unread postby Sophist » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:31 pm

In 2nd half November / early December I am likely to have some time and ability to accommodate for tie & tease sessions with submissive males or females.

A few ground rules for anyone who wants to apply:

a. I am not looking for any sort of fuck - no intimate exchange of body fluids. Orgasms yes, penetration no.

b. Whilst these will primarily be bondage sessions (which I enjoy), my primary kink is control, in this case meaning that I will decide what happens to you (within pre-agreed limits). That also means that your role will be to accept and suffer what I do without choice and to follow orders, and within the agreed limits to push your boundaries. So if you are looking for me to follow a script and give you a specific style of bondage or scene then this is unlikely to be for you. Hence me saying that this is for slaves or submissives - rather than bottoms. (That said, if you have any special bondage gear that I might like to use on you, that would be OK so long as it is my choice about whether to use it or not and you don't come with any expectations that it will be.)

I am not gay, but I am interested in playing with males as well as females. I am not LGBT-phobic, but my desire for control and pushing your boundaries realistically means treating you as your physical gender - so this is probably not for CDs or sissie submissives. Similarly because of the bondage I want to do, I am also probably looking for people who are not significantly overweight - this is purely a physical requirement, and not a reflection on anyone's worth as a person.

So, if you are genuinely submissive or a slave and you are still interested, then send me a PM explaining what you are looking for, what your kinks are and what level of previous experience you have.
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