Anyone wants to tying, tickling, and spanking Chinese girl?

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Anyone wants to tying, tickling, and spanking Chinese girl?

Unread postby AlphaPlayer » Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:04 pm

Anyone knows the Chinese bondage girl called "Yan" or "Yaner"? I like her quite a lot, and she shoots a lot of good photos. She seems not particularly good at shooting videos, as she is better at posing for static photos than acting for dynamic videos, but not too bad, I think.

She is submissive to be spanked, both by hands and by instruments. If you get to know her better, you probably can use a bit bigger force. She does shoot nude photos, but not nude videos, so that in case the videos get leaked, she would not be charged as shooting porn in China. She is ticklish on some spots, but not on feet, I think.

Generally, I think she is submissive and bold enough for "creative" photos, as well as tough-position bondage.

Anyone interested in her? I'm in Australia.
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