The Rebecca Captivity Project

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The Rebecca Captivity Project

Unread postby Submission4u » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:51 am

An experienced Dom gentleman has a blonde American girl in her 30s seeking an extended captivity bondage/slavery experience. She has been duly coached through over 2 years of online play and discussion: consent, safety parameters and limits are all well established. She has experience with a former Master and wants a once-in-a-lifetime, intense, “next level” experience. Is willing to relocate anywhere in the world to make it happen. She has the money and the means. Very willing. Very keen.

Visas are an issue. He’s retired and can travel but can’t get a long term US visa. And with a long-term project like this, assistants are preferable. We are looking at both relocating to a suitable venue for the purpose – perhaps to the UK (which offers 6 month visas.) Seeking a suitable private venue (will rent) and would like the help of others who would like to participate.

If you are a Dom/bondage enthusiast (or couple or other) and would like the chance to explore captivity play on this level with an attractive, willing (sane) young lady, please respond for details. All forms of bondage light and heavy included, plus sensory deprivation, “reprogramming”, slavetraining, the works. Not for the fainthearted or the vanilla. This is an adventure.

Of course, everything will be scrupulously well-planned, safety first, consensual and legal. Who wants to explore this level of bondage slave fantasy?
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