Amateurs in need of assistance

What do you mean it has 'only' been a month ?!?

Amateurs in need of assistance

Unread postby Diablo » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:25 pm

My girlfriend and I have only used a chastity device on a handful of occasions. Usually it’s just been on for a few minutes as part of the foreplay. On 1 occasion I wore it overnight, it went on right before bed and first thing in the morning after a little pegging I was released and given an orgasm.

We are going on vacation soon and decided to use this as a prime opportunity to try and use the device for a longer period. The plan is to put the device on a few nights before we leave and the earliest it will come is 7 days later.

During the vacation I will be driving a fair amount but not longer than 2 hours without a break.
We will be spending most of the time in and around swimming pools.
We will have our children with us.

Considering this is the first time I will be wearing it for so long and under strict conditions, I have put it on today and plan to keep it on for a while to gauge comfort and skin irritation, etc. I am however still looking for any tips and advice on driving with it on for long durations, concealing it under swimming shorts, precautions with having the lock in water for so long, will the cold water cause me to shrink and the cage slip off and anything else anyone thinks will help.

She is looking for tips, advice and ideas on how to tease me throughout the days considering we’ll be in public or around the kids for most of the time.
Things to do in bedroom once the kids are asleep and the cage has to stay on.
Games or challenges she can give me to either earn rewards or punishments.
Some ideas for these rewards or punishments.
Ideas on where to keep the key.
Any other advice for things we may have neglected.
Any other tips to make the holiday fun and memorable.

I thank you in advance for any contributions and we are also perfectly fine with you emailing her directly if you feel there are any ideas that are better with the element of surprise and I shouldn’t be aware of until they happen. If so, PM me for the email address.
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