Thoughts While In A Submissive Frenzy

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Thoughts While In A Submissive Frenzy

Unread postby joe01 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:03 am

Lately, I’ve been feeling so horny and desperate. No matter what I do, I just can’t stop thinking dirty. I can almost feel my desires changing and my fantasies tending to get darker.

About two years ago around this time I read some things about pegging and now want to try it. These past few hours I’ve been thinking of chastity. Probably three or four years ago I started desiring it, but tonight I have been thinking for hours about the implications of chastity.

When she locks you up, do you realize she’s not the only one that gains from it? All the men in the world now have power over you as well, if only they knew it. Almost certainly, if you were to measure up against other guys you would have the shorter penis due to it being locked in a cage and scrunched into a smaller state. Unless she lets you out, you are now inoperable.

If she desires penetration, now all other guys have an advantage and could possibly use that against you. She could keep you as a locked up servant always willing to do her bidding, while she could have another man on the side where she doesn’t have to waste time locking and unlocking whenever she wants to fuck.

If she really wanted to, she could leave you as an ass to be fucked and a mouth to be used. You would begin to want to feel the extremes of her manipulation just for the hope of relief. Kept like this long enough, you could eventually experience chastity stockholm syndrome and begin to love her manipulation of you. Eventually you will do anything for her and derive pleasure from just seeing a simple smile on her face.

It’s weird that I’m starting to have these thoughts. I kind of like them, which is different for me. Am I starting to have a cuckhold fetish?
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