The best laid plans go wrong sometimes 2

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The best laid plans go wrong sometimes 2

Unread postby restricted » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:42 pm

Jane sat there looking at the computer and had a few ideas. She copied the films of the three chained up in the shed and watched as they made their way to the door. Just as they got there, the ice melted, the bolts slid home and they were stuck.

Jane laughed to herself. She had better get to know the burglar a bit better. He turned up an hour later with a nice Indian meal and couple of bottles of wine. Jane lit some candles and laid the table. It was quite romantic.

The burglar introduced himself as Alan. Jane said she hoped that he didn’t think she would jump into bed with every burglar that came along. Alan laughed. She told him she was so grateful he came along when he did. Alan’s response was that he saw the
woman go into her house by picking up the key from under the mat and she put it back. That made it easy for him. “You should never leave the key under a mat”

Jane explained how she loved bondage and that Terry had set a scene where she had to escape or be trapped. Unfortunately Terry had made too good a job of tying her up. Alan replied that he looked around the house to see what he could steal once he had the three upstairs immobilised and saw the string on the shed and wondered what it was for. He had a shock when he opened the door and saw her sitting there. Jane said she didn’t know he had been screwing other women. Alan was her first time.

The pair of the looked at the TV where the image of Terry and the two women were on display. They laughed as they watched them trying to barge to door open. Terry should know it would be impossible. Seeing the two bound women got Jane a little excited. She took Alan’s hand and guided him to the bedroom. The bedroom TV showed that Terry and the women were still trying to escape. Jane told Alan he didn’t have to worry as escape was impossible. She knew as she had been locked in it before.

After a good session of screwing the life out of each other, Jane and Alan showered. Once they were dry, they got dressed and headed for the kitchen where Jane made some tea. Jane did explain she was in a state wondering what to do with the three of them. Alan came up with the idea of printing pictures of the three of them in different positions and telling them that they were now Jane’s slaves, her personal property. If they didn’t agree, the films and posters go up all over town. Jane thought that was a wonderful idea. Not only that, she could throw them out in the street naked.

Alan said the only way to do that would be line them all up with Terry in the middle. Tie the woman on his right’s left hand to his right. The women on his left would have his left hand tight to her right. The same with the legs. The woman on his right would have her free hand tied to the other woman’s free hand. Maybe they should use chains. Each would have to be gagged and Terry could have a notice around his neck “I’m Terry. These are my whores. The women could have notices Slut 1 and Slut 2. They would have to be big enough for people to read and yet small enough that their private parts are not covered. Each would be fighting to cover their parts and the other two would be doing the same and uncovering the others”

Jane said he was evil, but perhaps they should have their upper arms strapped together as well. Alan said that would make it perfect. A big grin came on his face and he quickly sketched a rough drawing to demonstrate what they would look like. Then Jane could show them and being kind, ask them what choice they wanted. Be her slaves, or be thrown out in the street like the image shows after all the pictures had been posted around town.

Jane did say she thought of tying a stick across their backs, tying their hands to it like they were being crucified tying their feet together so they could only take short steps and then leave them 30 miles from home in the middle of nowhere, suitably gagged of course.

Alan said she might as well leave them tied up, bent over, legs held apart, gags that held their mouths open so they would get all the sex they wanted from both ends. Even Terry would find there are gay men that would love to use that opportunity. They would need to be blindfolded of course.

Jane said she would explain it to them once Alan had gone home. She would leave the choice to them. But as they had been there for some time, she felt a duty to feed and give them drinks. Alan took her order, went to the shops and came back with exactly with what she asked for.

His shopping list was six tin dog bowls, three tins of dog food and three tins of cat food. Alan asked what she intended to do with them. Jane told him, if they decide to become her slaves, they have to do exactly as they are told without question so they will be given a bowl of water and a bowl of cat or dog food. They have the gags removed but not untied. They will have to eat and drink from the floor. If they refuse, they can have the choice, thrown out on the street or dumped some way from home.

Alan was amused. Jane really was annoyed at finding out Terry was having affairs. Jane took the bowls down to the shed and put them on the floor. When she had filled them she told them she would be back in an hour. All the food bowls would have to be empty and all the water drunk.

If there was anything left, they would be thrown out or taken somewhere to make their own way home. “Something I don’t know about you ladies. What are your names?” she said as she removed the gags.

The blonde said she was called Traci and the redhead was Jacqueline or Jacci for short. With that Jane left them to it, closing the door on them once again.

All three of them wretched at the thought of eating dog food but at least they knew it wouldn’t hurt them. Not eagerly but quickly they slid down the walls until they were sitting and wriggled their way to the food and water bowls. By throwing their weight over, they managed to lie on their stomachs and ate the dog food quickly getting rid of the taste by drinking the water. Exactly one hour later, Jane came back into the garage. “You have made your decisions then. You wish to become my slaves” They didn’t, but thought she would soon get bored and let them go.

She helped them up and showed them the drawings of how they would have been left in the street. The three realised they had made the right choice. Little did they know what was to come.

Jane took a tape measure and measured them very carefully. They were surprised at Jane measuring under their crotches. Once she had all the measurements safely in her computer, she went back down to release them.

Terry went to go indoors but Jane told him, the shed was his house now. She had got a new relationship with Alan. The women left, but not until Jane had got their telephone numbers. She asked Terry how the women could spend the time away from the house without their husbands becoming suspicious.

Terry told her that Traci was not married and Jacci’s husband was away for a couple of weeks sorting out some business for his company. As it happened, Jane had no use for any of them for a few weeks.

In fact eight weeks went by. Jane was having the time of her life while Terry was lying on a straw mattress in the shed. At the end of the eighth week Jane was ready for them. Fortunately Jacci’s husband had to go to Germany to sort out problems there. He was away for two weeks again.

Jane called them all in and told them that in one of the bedrooms she had some gifts for them. All three looked at each other. Had Jane backed out? Firstly, one by one they had to strip off and go to the shed. Jane ordered them to strip and when they refused she told them that unless Alan had heard within an hour, the pictures would be all over the internet and the town. They all stripped. Jane told Alan it was okay. They had made their choice.

Terry went first. Jane handcuffed his hands in front of him, tied some rope to the cuffs and threw it over the beam. Then she pulled it tight finally tying it to a peg on the wall. Jane left him there while she went indoors to get some pants she had left in the freezer overnight. When she got back Terry gladly stepped into them. As she pulled them up, he realised how cold they were. Terry screamed as the cold hit his cock and balls. Jane gave it three minutes and then pulled them down. Terry was as limp as he had ever been. Jane blindfolded him

Jane took the waistband of his chastity belt and locked it on him. She fitted the under crotch piece and brought it forward, finally sliding his cock into the tube, which in turn forced his cock back between his legs. The lock was undone and the crotch piece was clipped in and the lock put back.

“That’s your one done. You have a she male belt. You will find that will be to your advantage later. She took the key back and locked it in the combination safe she had bought. Then she took Traci out blindfolded and undid Terry’s handcuffs. Terry went outside the shed.

Jane quickly fitted the chastity belt to Traci. Then she took the key, locked it in the safe once more before blindfolding Jacci. She led Jacci into the shed and released Traci. It didn’t take long to fit the chastity belt on Jacci. Then she locked the key away one last time before telling Traci to release Jacci from the roped. Leave the hand cuffs on. She would deal with them herself. Terry was told to go into the shed. As all three stood there Jane told them, they had just waved goodbye to their sex lives. Jacci asked what did Jane think her husband would do when he wants sex?

“Go upstairs and you will find three boxes; one for each of you with your names on. Put the contents on and report to me in the kitchen” The three went upstairs. Terry trying to remember that this used to be his house.

They each opened their boxes. Each one contained a French maid’s uniform. They all spoke against it; Terry more than the women. “I’m a man. I can’t wear this!” Jane called up that unless they all put the uniforms on, the photos would be released.
It didn’t take Jacci and Traci long to get their outfits on. Stark black dresses, lots of white petticoats and frilly knickers, bras, a cap, a bow tie, self-support stockings and six in heeled shoes that locked on.

Terry was different. He carried on arguing he couldn’t wear it as he was a man. Traci and Jacci begged him to let them dress him. That way Jane might take those chastity belts off.

Firstly the corset was wrapped around him and pulled tight. Stockings were clipped to the corset. Frilly knickers were pulled up. The bra had false breasts put into the cups. They were big and heavy.

Traci put the petticoat on him and Jacci got the dress which she slid over his head and pulled down. Finally she locked it on him. The apron was tied around his waist. Terry’s was different in the fact it had a bodice. The girls wore only waist aprons. Jacci pinned the bodice to the dress. A wig was stuck on his head and the cap was clipped to it. Some earrings were clipped onto his ears. Finally his shoes were locked on.

They all tottered downstairs. Even the girls had trouble as they had never worn shoes with this high a heel before. When they reached the lounge, Jane told the women they had to make up Terry’s face. They eagerly applied all the required makeup.
Still Jane was not satisfied. “Let’s get this straight. You three have seen the end of your sexual activities. Here is your final piece of equipment to go with them. It is a false cock so you can milk Terry in front of Alan and me and any other guests who come along.

Jacci asked what her husband was going to do. Jane said that was not her problem. But to help her husband out, Jacci was to tell him to book a hotel room and put a blindfold on. She would take Traci to the hotel and when Jacci’s husband was spread-eagled on the bed, she could straddle him. Jacci said “In that case it means it will be Traci getting his cock and not me. What am I supped to do?”

Jane grinned. “Do you like my little plan? I may not take her belt off so she will have to make your husband do it anally. Of course you can always give him a blow job. You might be able to have an orgasm by having a cock or these fake ones stuck up your bum. That’s all Terry is going to get. Can you imagine you girls pounding his bum or some gay man having him! But I have to say, the three of you look very pretty. Tonight, we are having a party and you girls are going to be the waitresses. You may be able to have the belts removed later, but that is because Alan is arranging something different for you”

All three were worried now. What devious plan had she got in mind for them? At the party they had collars on and their hands were chained to the collars so they could not reach below waist level. All night they had to suffer their bums being slapped and pinched.

Two weeks later, Jacci had taken her husband to a hotel. She tied him to the bed and blind folded him. Jane and Alan took Traci along, undid the belt and impaled her on Jacci’s husband’s throbbing cock. It didn’t take him long to explode. Traci was grabbed, washed and had the belt put back on. Traci was made to wait and Jacci was forced to give him a blow job. She hated that, but that was all she could do. He had to think it was Jacci he was making love to. He told her he had to go away next morning again to Hong Kong for a month. Jacci as doing her best not to tell him. Maybe next time she could tell him she locked it on to let him now she remained faithful and lost the key.

Two day later found the girls back at Jane’s house. “Alan has your new equipment ready and we are off in a van to put them in place” The van had no windows so they had no idea where they were going. Each was secured to the side of the van and was naked, gagged and blindfolded. The chastity belts having been removed.

It took them the best part of two hours to get where they were going to. Alan had been there the day before and set the equipment up. There was one for each of them. Terry was taken first, hands cuffed behind his back. He felt his anus being lubricated and thought that was his lot. He was helped put his feet on the foot rests. At this point ha had no idea what was going to happen. He was guided downwards and felt something at his anus. He felt is suddenly entering him. He tried crying out but there wasn’t anyone around to help him.

He felt what felt like a saddle that encompassed his crotch. The dildo was attached to it. When he was in the right position and the dildo could go no further, his feet were locked to the upright pole the saddle was on top of.

Traci was next and she felt two dildos. One entering her pussy and one her anus. She was soon locked to the pole. Jacci was the last and it only took a few moments to have her impaled as well. Finally they took the blindfolds off. Chains were fitted to their hands and the cuffs removed. The chains were pulled tight and locked to stakes in the ground either side of them.

“We are doing this for you as you seem to be a little pasty faced. So we are giving you a week of camping. Those dildos have another secret which you will find out later. Don’t worry about the toilet as they dildos are hollow enough to let the waste pass through. The vibrations are really in those saddles” Jane told them. Jane and Alan then proceeded to make love in front of them. Jacci started to cry as she knew she would never get a throbbing cock inside her ever again.

Afterwards Alan told Jacci she had a surprise in the morning. That left her wondering what they had planned for her next. Then Jane pressed the button which caused the dildos to vibrate. She played with the speed button varying the speeds. Jacci and Traci were on the edge of an orgasm when Jane stopped it. Thea girls cried out in anguish. They had already gone long enough without an orgasm.

They were left on the poles to watch the sun go down and dusk form. Jane got the dog food and one by one removed the gag, spoon fed them the dog food and then after a drop of water, regagged them.

The next morning was a brilliant day. Everyone was happy until a campervan pulled up about a mile away behind them. Sometime later Jane welcomed the man. Jacci looked in horror. It was her husband. He told her he knew about her affairs and it was him that had the equipment made for them.

Jane asked what he wanted to do. He would keep Jacci as long as she wore the chastity belt and the key stayed safe elsewhere. Alan asked what he was going to do about sex and he said he enjoyed Traci riding him. That would do or he could find someone else and keep Jacci as the maid. She could always give him blow jobs as he wanted them or as she is a slut, let her give his friends some treatment. I might find a girl who likes cunninlingus" Jacci cried.

For the rest of the week the dildos were turned on for a while and ask the girls were getting close to their orgasm, they stopped. The girls were as frustrated as hell. They were lifted off of the saddles and the chastity belts were put back on

They put their French maids’ uniforms on once more and Jacci had a collar locked around her neck. Her husband came and collected her. “She will be riding up front with me and everyone will see what she is dressed like. I might go via Birmingham and take her for a walk around the Bull Ring”.

Jacci tried to pull away but he was too strong. Traci, Alan, Jane and Terry watched as her little skirt bounced up and down as she walked away, revealing her knickers. Jane broke the silence with, “If you two think you are going to have it light, forget it. We have been discussing other plans for you two and it isn’t pleasant. That will teach you to cheat on me.”
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Re: The best laid plans go wrong sometimes 2

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There are mistakes but for some reason EDIT does not appear on my screen for this story.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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