A perfect jpob and I turned it down.

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A perfect jpob and I turned it down.

Unread postby restricted » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:09 am

My name is John. I am now twenty five but at the time of this happening, I was twenty three. I have tried since I escaped to find them, but they moved and never left a forwarding address. At the time I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after I escaped, I realised what a wonderful life I could have led.

Please bear with me while I explain. I kept fit by daily exercises. I kept my weight down by not drinking alcohol.

I was out of work so I decided to go walkabout looking for odd jobs to give me money or a bed and a meal for payment. I had managed quite well until I was walking somewhere in Shropshire. I won’t tell you where in case you beat me to find the place and take my job.

So, to get on with the story I will set the scene. It was a dark and stormy night and I had managed to find a bus shelter out of the rain. Except the next morning was exactly the same. It wasn’t raining when I awoke so I started on my journey.

An hour later, the heavens opened up and I looked like a drowned rat. It was cold as well. That is when I met Simone and Suzanne. They pulled up I a pickup truck and said I looked rather miserable. I said I was. They told me to climb in and they would let me have a shower and change out of my wet clothes. I readily agreed. We drove for miles. I had no idea where we were. But the truck was nice and warm.

We got to the house and again I got soaked simply running from the truck to the house. Suzanne turned on the heating while Simone ran a bath for me. When I got to the bathroom, she had filled it with bath salts and bubble bath. I stripped off and slipped into the bath. It was perfect. I dozed off.

When I woke up my clothes had gone. I got out of the bath and dried myself, afterwards wrapping myself in the towel. I called out for them to fetch my clothes up and was told they were washing them and after would allow them to dry thoroughly before I got them back.

I called out I had nothing to wear so Suzanne brought up a polythene bag. “These are the only men’s clothing we have in the house. Slip these on. They are new and have never been worn. They were our late uncles’ who used to do a lot of sport in the 1960’s”

I opened the bag to find a short pair of shorts. I said I couldn’t wear them. I was told they used to in the 1960’s so why can’t you? I said my manhood would show. Suzanne disappeared and came back with a thong. I said I couldn’t wear that but was told that no one would see me except them two. “We are not a men’s clothing shop. You have to have what you can get. It’s only for today then you get your clothes back”. Okay, I could see sense so for the first time in my life, I found I was wearing a woman’s satin thong. I slipped the shorts over it and went downstairs.

Simone made some dinner for us and I heartily ate it. I thanked them both and they said it was them that should thank me. I was puzzled and asked why. “We have never entertained a man before and you look fabulously fit” I thanked them.

Simone said I looked tired. I told her I was, not having slept properly for two weeks. Simone told me to wait. Her and her sister can share one bed and I could sleep in the other room. I was grateful for that.

She showed me the room and I was surprised to see a huge king sized bed in it. On the bed was satin sheets and pillows. I slipped into the bed and within minutes was fast asleep. I never woke up until much later that night. I must have needed the sleep. That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t move my arms. I realised I was tied to the bed. My wrists tied together and to the heavy oak headboard, my ankles were tied slightly apart and spread between two posts. I was also gagged.

Suzanne came into the bedroom and said “You are awake then. Don’t worry, you are still wearing the shorts, but we removed the thong in case it did you damage” I twisted and turned but found they had well and truly captured me.

Suzanne was wearing a lovely purple baby doll nightie and I was admiring it on her when Simone came in wearing a green one. They stood in front of me. “Nod if you like what you see” Of course I did, but wanted out of these ropes.

The girls slipped into bed either side of me. Have you ever tried sleeping when you have two girls stoking your stomach and thighs? Add to that they kept kissing my cheeks and rubbing my bum through the shorts. Eventually, they fell asleep on with their arms on my body and one leg hooked over mine.

I couldn’t move my head as they were up close to me. All night long I lay there. In the morning they woke and started all over again. Simone slipped her hands into the waist band of my shorts and started stroking my throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum.

They slid the shorts off of me and washed me down. After that Suzanne got a pair of panties and slipped them on me and afterwards pulled a pair of her shorts over that. I mumbled for them to take them off as I was not into wearing women’s clothes. Suzanne said “Shorts are shorts. Okay, they might be a little shorter than you are used to but they fit you well”

They untied me and asked if I enjoyed last night as they did. “It was so lovely feeling a man’s body in the bed” Simone said. I asked for my clothes and was told they liked me in the shorts so they had hidden my clothes. I said I needed a t-shirt so Suzanne got one of hers. It was okay, except the neck line was lower than what I normally wear. It also left my lower stomach bare.
All day long they kept spanking me playfully and telling me I was a naughty boy for getting them so sexually excited. I guess I was enjoying it when they told me it was time to get me tied to the bed again.

Once again they started to stroke and torment me. This time it was it was Suzanne that tossed me off the next morning.

At least I got the men’s shorts back the next day. That is when Suzanne and Simone sat me down and tied me to a chair. They made a proposal. They both wanted a baby and thought I was the perfect donor. I said I wouldn’t do it. They worked the shorts off of me and left me there naked. I still refused to co-operate even though they said they would not expect me to donate. Instead, I could become their nursery maid for the babies. I argued that I wouldn’t do it.

“Oh come on. We have been photo shopping your face into a nice uniform dress and apron and think you would look lovely. Of course you would need a bra and tights. I suppose you could wear a suspender belt and stockings to make it easier for us”

I refused and Simone gagged me and started to suck my cock. It was rock hard when she straddled me. It didn’t take me long to explode and slump back exhausted. Two hours later Suzanne repeated the operation. She was the more aggressive in her approach and more active. It didn’t take me half as long to donate my sperm into her body as she kept humping herself up and down on my shaft.

They gave me a drink and a meal and before I knew it, I passed out. Unbeknown to me, as I had refused them, they arranged a little surprise for me.

I woke up when they was a commotion around me. I could feel fresh air but I was gagged, blindfolded and spread-eagle on the grass. I could not move. A woman’s voice said to me. “Oh, that is the surprise Simone had for us. Welcome to the senior girl guides annual outing. Your clothes are buried six feet down in a chest under one of the tents. You will have to find them. We are here for the two weeks. Have fun. I’m sure us girls will. We can use you to recap on our knot tying skills”

She removed the gag and I asked for clothes. She said all they had was girl guides uniforms. I asked her to get me some male clothes, even shorts were better than nothing. She apologised and said she couldn’t do it. So for two weeks, I wore a girl guides’ uniform. Then I realised how comfortable skirts are and enjoyed the wind blowing up my thighs and causing the skirt to flap on my legs.

One the last day, they removed the uniform and picked up their tents. I saw where the soil had been turned over and found the box only a foot deep. I quickly put my clothes on and thought about the offer of being the nursery maid so tried looking for them to say I would accept the job. I never found them again.
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Re: A perfect jpob and I turned it down.

Unread postby Petrajane » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:42 pm

I quite like this one, thank you restricted.
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