Camping Trip 1/3

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Camping Trip 1/3

Unread postby rashaverak » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:30 am

She guides me to the padded stool, orders me to strip naked, and I do so quickly. She takes all my clothes and tosses them away, then sits me down on the stool. She grabs the coil of binding fiber, unrolls a length of it, cuts it off, moves around behind me. She takes my arms and pulls them back, holds my wrists together, and I keep them there as she coils the fiber around my wrists snuggly then cinches them tight. My wrists are tied behind my back.

She pulls out the hand glove and puts it on my hands after she cups one of my hands in the other. She places my thumbs together and slides the special tube built into the glove over them so they will be held together. She works the snug glove over my balled hands and then pulls the two strings tight, tying them off so the opening is snug around my wrists. She then takes the ends and winds them around my wrist cords, and tightens them up and ties several knots, so the glove will be held in place and can't be worked off my hands.

She then tightens up the laces on the back side of the glove, wrapping it even more snugly around my hands, ensuring I can't move them or use them for any useful purpose whatsoever (say to get loose). My hands are now tied completely. I know I can't possibly get loose without help, and even if I had a knife or scissors it would be almost impossible, since my gloved hands are now useless for grabbing anything, and my thumbs are cinched together and prevented from virtually any movement at all.

She goes to the kitchen and returns with a glass of water and 3 pills, which she puts in my waiting mouth, and helps me to drink them down. Adderall, 30mg. Heightens the sexual intensity of the experience. She checks inside my mouth to make sure I've swallowed them. She sets down the glass of water and gets the bottle of clear adhesive liquid, opens it and dabs it around my lips as I keep my mouth closed. She closes the bottle then gets the gag.

She unwraps the gag and presents it to me, I open my mouth and permit her to stuff the foam mouthpiece inside, filling my mouth and pressing down on my tongue. She carefully presses the outside piece against my lips as I cup them around the oval shaped piece in my mouth, making sure the gag is placed correctly around my mouth. Satisfied, she pushes firmly, the adhesive holds it in place. She pulls back on the two white straps, engaging a mechanism in the gag that tightens the outer piece down on my lips even more. She buckles the straps behind my head, pulls them very tight, then as a final measure locks them in place. by stamping the loose straps together with a handheld rivet machine, so they cannot be removed without cutting through them or the rivets.

She then takes the small hand pump and presses the needle into the small hole in the front of the gag, then pumps a few times, inflating the gag inside my mouth, filling it even more, pressing down on my tongue harder, making it impossible to move it. My lips are pressed even more firmly against the outer piece, the adhesive preventing them from being able to pull away from the smooth plastic. The gag has sealed my mouth shut, held my tongue immovable, and made it so I can only breath through the thick foam that fills my mouth and muffles greatly any sounds I might try to make. If I shout at the top of my lungs I can now only manage a pathetic, muffled humming sound. Calling for help is now no longer an option. It is impossible to talk around the gag due to the adhesive seal.

She stuffs the nosepieces way up in my nostrils, pulls the knot in the little strings tight, forcing the to expand outward and ensuring I can't expell them from ny nose, making it impossible to breath through my nose or hum or otherwise make loud noises even with my mouth so securely gagged. What little noise I could make has been even more drastically reduced. I'm forced to remain almost completely silent, no way to make loud noises, or call for help, or call attention to myself, unless the person is within a few feet of me.

Gagged and with my hands tied behind my back, she now takes a very long piece of binding fiber and ties my body harness on. It starts behind my back, goes around front, down between my legs to either side of my exposed genitals, then back up my butt crack like a thong, and from there it wraps horizontally around my body 6 times, 4 below my nipples and 2 above, very tightly, with a line of fiber going up my front along the middle. The top ends move up around my shoulders and behind my neck and end up behind me where she ties them together with several firm knots. She trims the excess off the ends. The body harness wraps my torso tightly and is held in place on both top and bottom, and no matter how I move I can't loosen it or shift it around. It fits me like my own skin. It doesn't restrict my movements at all like the loops tying my wrists, it's just there to provide places to tie other loops to to prevent them from moving around. It also is so tight it's a constant reminder that I'm tied up. I know this is only the beginning, I'm going to be tied up a lot more when she's done. She has told me that it looks good on me as well, that she thinks the harness is really sexy. I do have to admit it completes the effect. Without it my torso seems to have been neglected, the expanse of bare skin without binding cords on it seems out of place.

She takes another long piece of binding cord, and ties my upper arms behind my back together, above my elbows, then cinches the loops tight. My elbows are forced closely together behind my back, so my arms aren't even entirely straight. The cinches pull them a little tighter together also. She ties off the middle of my elbow bondage to the upper body harness knot, so the cords tying my elbows together cannot slip down towards my wrists. My arms are now securely tied tightly behind my back, and there is nothing I can do to work loose. All the loops will stay right where they are, where she wants them to be, no matter what I try to do to move them around. Bit by bit I'm tied more and more tightly, more securely. The anticipation hits me and I'm very aroused now, my penis gets hard. I can't touch it myself but she and I both see it there. I hope she will stroke it or touch it, but she merely snickers and ignores it.

She then takes a short length of cord and ties my wrists off to the body harness loop at my waist, just above my hips, so my wrists are held tight against my body, as my elbows are. My arms are useless behind my back. Now I can't even swing them around to maintain my balance. They're held immobile against my body by the wrists and elbows.

She pulls out the black eye mask with the soft cups that fill my eye sockets and press lightly against my eyes, and with one hand she closes my eyes and with the other she puts the mask over my eyes, then fastens the two ends behind my head, holding the blindfold in place. I'm now blind, can't see a thing. No light gets around the blindfold, and there's nothing I can do to remove it while my hands are tied behind me. She adjusts the straps a little on my head, evening them up, and pulls them a bit tighter before she's satisfied the blindfold too will be staying right where it is, no matter what I might try.

I hear her moving around, and I know she's taking out the second outer blindfold. This one goes around the first one, wrapping it snugly in place, preventing it from moving. I feel her buckle the straps tightly behind my head, and feel the individual pops as she tightens them, then engages the buckling pin. She's done with the blindfold. No rivets this time, the blindfold is only temporary. Where will she be taking me this time?

I feel her move, and then I feel her hands at my throat. I feel as she wraps my throat in my collar, I know she has chosen a black and white checkered wide strip made of stretchy spandex. She fastens it closed at the back of my neck, then buckles the two narrow straps that ring the top and bottom of the collar, tightening them carefully. The sides of the wide collar are first zippered together, then the top buckle is fed through the zipper tab, holding it locked in place so the collar cannot be unzipped. The bottom buckle is there just for symmetry. She has buckled both the top and bottom buckles snugly, and I think the's finished with my collar. But I feel her test how tight the buckles are on my neck, and I feel as she pulls both of the one more notch tighter, so the collar is very snug indeed.

She moves away and back again, and I feel her move down to my feet, and taking my left leg in her hands I feel her lift my foot and she slides a shoe over it, then I feel as the laces are tightened, then tied off. She puts the other shoe on my right foot. I'm wearing shoes without socks now, snugly fitted around my feet, laces pulled tight and tied securely.

She moves away again, and back, and I feel as she clips a leash on the front metal circle of the collar, and tugs quickly up on it, and I rise up on my feet. I lose my balance but she steadies me with one hand. My arms so snugly tied behind my back offer no assistance in maintaining my balance, and the shoes reduce my ability to feel the floor, and blindfolded as I am I can't see when I'm losing my balance. I learn to use the tension on the leash as a guide.

I feel myself led around, and I hear the garage door open. Carefully she takes my arm and helps me down the wooden steps, then I'm walked over to one of the metal garage doors. It's quiet so I know the garage is closed. I hear a click and one of the doors, not the one near me, starts to open. If any bright light is now streaming into the garage I am unable to see it.

With one of her hands holding tight to my leash, holding me in place, I sense that she is looking around outside. Is anyone outside to see us? In a moment I hear another button press and I hear the locks on the car open. Insistently she tugs my collar and drags me along, and I bump against the side of her car. I hear her open the passenger door, and I feel her guide me so I can back into the passenger seat and sit down. She places me against the seat and slaps my legs to get me to lift them in, and she places them together in front of me.

I feel her lean over me and pull something behind the chair over my shoulders and down in front of me. It feels like some sort of straps. It goes down to my waist and I feel her pull something behind me, behind the seat. She then moves away and I hear the rear door on my side open, and I hear her move in and I feel as a belt is tightened around my waist tightly, holding me firmly against the bucket seat. Quickly I feel another belt tighten against my torso, just at my shoulders. These straps are not the car's normal seat belt, they are some form of restraint she has devised to hold me in place against the chair.

She moves back around in front of me in the front seat, and I feel something slide up under my legs and push against the backs of my legs, right at the knees. My legs are forced up and away from my body, but the belts holding me tightly against the seat prevent me from sliding along. Somehow some padded bar is pressing against my legs more and more as she activates some tightening mechanism, probably a worm gear of some sort. She continues tightening it until the bar behind my knees is fighting against the straps holding my body against the seat, and my upper legs are held under tension. Satisfied, the tightening eventually stops.

A moment later I feel as some other belt is passed around my feet. She arranges my feet and ankles so they're close together, and my toes are pointed. The belt pulls back tightly under the seat, forcing my feet together and my feet to remain on my tiptoes. Somehow my ankles and feet are tied in place and I can't move them. In another moment I feel more tension on the padded bar behind my knees, and I feel as my legs are forced apart, so my upper legs make a V that ends at my crotch. I feel very naked and vulnerable now. My knees are now locked in place, pulled apart, and I find I can't move my legs or feet at all. My upper body is held tightly against the seat. I can't move the tiniest bit. I wonder at all this attention to detail. It's as if she wants to remove any conceivable doubt in my mind that escape is impossible. She's going way overboard, I already accepted my helplessness long ago.

Again she moves behind me to the back seat, and I feel her clip something on the ring at the back of my gag, and I feel her pass it back and down to the ring on the back of my collar, and I feel as she tightens this short cord tightly, forcing my head back firmly against the head cushion, making it impossible to move also. I hear as some ratcheting machanism tightens, and then I can sense she's done. I'm firmly held in place, and almost can't move a muscle. I can just barely rock my head a bit to the sides, but that's about it.

I hear both car doors close, and I'm left alone in the car. I hear the locks lock, and the horn beep once -- she has locked the doors so someone outside can't open them easily. A moment later I hear the garage door close. Then I'm left in silence.

Time passes. Perhaps a half hour. Nothing to hear but my own breathing, or the muted calls of birds outside the car. The windows are closed. I try to move, struggle, but can't move at all. I hear a dog bark nearby, realize someone is walking a dog up the street in front of our house. I wonder if they are looking in at me. If they happen to be looking they would see my naked shoulders and head, and the gag and blindfold would be unmistakable, not to mention the white cords wrapping my body or the collar around my neck. I hope that the person has passed without noticing me.

Eventually I hear a door close, guess it's the front door. I hear the locks disengage, and I hear steps outside. The drivers's side door opens, I hear someone get in. It must be her. I hear a key being put in the ignition, I hear the engine start. I hear her buckle her seatbelt. In a moment I feel the car move as she puts it in gear and drives.

A long time passes. I have no clue where she is going. I try to guess the direction, but quickly the turns confuse me and I have no idea. Several hours pass, at least I know that much. She doesn't stop. We travel on highways, high speed.

The car eventually slows, then starts making turns. Then I guess we're on some winding mountain road. Another hour passes. Where is she taking me? At last she pulls the car over, and I can tell she's driving on a dirt road. She drives some distance, slowly and carefully, then pulls the car off to the right and parks. She sits there for a moment, and I can sense she's looking around, outside the car. She unbuckles her seatbelt, takes the keys, opens the door, gets out. She closes the door behind her.

More minutes pass. I hear her walking around outside, sometimes the crunch of walking on gravel or sand. I hear her footsteps recede. Some minutes later she returns. I hear the trunk open, and she pulls something out, then slams it shut again. Steps, then I hear the door next to me open.

Gradually I feel the straps holding me in place loosen and moved away. In a few minutes I'm free. She slaps my ankles and pulls on them, she wants me to rotate and step out of the car. I comply. She clips the leash onto the front of my collar again, and drags me up outside the car, standing next to it. Naked, gagged, blindfolded, completely tied up. I have no idea where I am or what is in store for me.

I feel her turn me around so my back is to her. I hear her pick up something from the ground, and I feel as straps are placed around my shoulders, and some weight is rested on them. She turns me around again so I'm facing her, and I feel her hands buckle the straps in front together. So now the straps on what I know is a large and heavy backpack cannot slide off my shoulders, even though my arms are not fed through them.

I feel her tighten the shoulder straps evenly. I then feel her reach down at my waist and she buckles a belt around me, just above my hips, and pulls it tight. The backpack is now strapped on me, she clearly intends for me to do the carrying.

I hear the locks lock on the car, but she's careful not to cause the horn to beep. Clearly she's taking me for a walk now. She tugs the leash at my throat and I follow awkwardly along behind. Stones on the path trip me up and I have to dance around to regain balance, but she only jerks on my leash and hurries me along. She never says a word. And certainly I can't speak to her.

I can tell she's taking me on a trail. At times we cross narrow wooden bridges. There are occasional breezes. It feels cool and shady, I can't feel direct sun on my skin except on rare occasions. We walk for a long time. Then at some point she stops and pauses. I hear voices, a man and a woman I think. They are getting closer. She grabs my arm firmly, holding me in place, and I wonder what she's going to do. In the end she does nothing, just stands there, holding onto me. The voices get louder and louder, still talking. I hear their footsteps, then suddenly they stop and the talking stops also. There is a moment of silence, then I hear my captor say, "Hello. Don't mind us, we're just playing a game. He's my boyfriend."

There is another long pause, and then I hear a woman's voice, she sounds like she's in her 20's. I hear her ask, "Is he really tied up? Did you tie him up like that?" She says yes, she tied me up like that, I'm really tied up and can't get loose. She says again it's just a game we play sometimes. She then starts to lead me away. The man speaks. "Hey buddy, are you ok? Are you really going along with this out of your own free will?" I pause, wondering what I should do. I've actually gotten a bit scared, I have no idea where she has taken me or what's going to happen next. I just know it is very far from home. As I'm wondering what I should do, she answers for me. "It's just a game we play, he asked me to tie him up like this. It's sort of a birthday present we have planned. He's ok with it, don't worry about him. She continues leading me further along the path. Evidently the man is satisfied, he says nothing more. I hear the woman speak. "Well, I hope you enjoy your present. But maybe the present is more for your girlfriend than for you, you look sexy all tied up like that!"

We continue walking, but I don't hear any more footsteps from behind us, so I assume they're standing there watching us as we walk along the path. She mutters into my ear, "They're standing there staring after us. It's a good thing you didn't try to get them to help you. In the end I'd have explained everything to them and they would have left you alone, under my control, but you would have made me angry and I would have had to think up something special to do to you as punishment for trying to get away."

Then we turn in a new direction and walk for many minutes, and I'm certain the other couple is gone now. If there was a chance of getting help from them it is lost forever now. We pause.

I hear some sound of a gate opening and closing, latching behind us as we pass through. We walk for several more minutes. Then she pulls me sideways, and I feel she's leading me up a steep incline. We're now leaving the trail or roadway, which was probably on someone's private property. We're probably in some national forest somewhere.

She leads me up the steep hill. It is difficult for me to maintain my balance. There is no smooth path, I feel we're crossing clumps of grass. I feel pine needles under my feet, even through my shoes. Always climbing. Occasionally we go sideways. I bump against something and realize it is a large boulder. Another time I brush against a tree trunk. Where are we and where is she taking me? What does she have in mind? All I can gather is that this place is very, very isolated and deserted, and with every step we're getting further off the beaten path. Clearly wherever we are going there won't be any chance of someone happening upon us by accident. I shudder at how helpless I am, how dependent I am not on her for my life. I am completely in her power without even the hope of getting loose or of getting help.

Higher and higher. No trail to follow. No trail that someone else will follow either. We've gone cross country in some isolated forest somewhere I have no idea where. Higher and higher. Finally I feel the ground level out some, and the going is easier. At last we stop. Leaving me standing, she unbuckles the backpack and removes it from me. I hear zippers opening, straps unbuckled. I hear the sounds of fiber rubbing against fiber. I hear noises behind me, something is placed on the ground. Then I feel her grasp my arms and guide me to move slightly backwards, and she pushes down, indicating I'm to bend my knees and sit. I find there is one of those foldable lawn chairs underneath me, but it only has the seat, nothing to support the back. I sit down in it and center myself, my naked rear sticking to the strong nylon fabric.

I hear her move more, more sounds of zippers and unpacking, and then the sound of scissors cutting. She's probably cutting more binding fiber. I feel her hands at my legs, pushing them together, then sliding down them to my ankles, pressing them closely together, and I keep them that way. I feel as she coils the fiber around my ankles, then cinches it tight, then ties some tight knots. I hear her cut more fiber, and next she ties my upper legs together just above the knees, and cinches them tight also. Again she cuts more fiber, and this time she ties my legs together just below my knees, cinching them tightly as well, and tying firm knots on the front, out of reach of my gloved hands behind my back. My legs are tied up now as well. I shudder involuntarily as I realize there is no way I can hope to safely get back to civilization or help if she leaves me like this. Hopping around on that steep slope would be a recipe for disaster, it would only be a matter of time before I lost my balance and footing and tumbled down the hill, rolling along like a sausage.

It's clear that whatever she has planned for me, it's going to take place right where we are, otherwise she wouldn't have bothered to tie my legs together. Having tied my legs I know there won't be any more walking, for me at least, for a while. I further assume my legs will remain tied for the duration, otherwise she wouldn't have bothered with them. I wonder what she has planned for me. It seems as though she has put a lot of planning into this, and has gone to a lot of preparation. She never hesitated as she led us along to where we are. She must have been familiar with the area. Maybe she even scoped it out when she had a chance, some time ago, just for when she had the opportunity to have me completely under her control for an extended period.

One final sound of cutting fiber, and I feel as my legs are pulled out and my feet rested on my heels. I feel her wrap fiber around my shoes, holding them together, then she cinches them. I feel as she draws the knots tight, then feeds the ends up to my ankle tie and ties them off, so the coils tying my feet together can't be worked off. My feet are tied snugly together as well. Why? Seems excessive. But there's nothing I can do about it, nor can I argue the point. But I realize it is further evidence that my legs are going to remain tied throughout whatever experience she has planned for me. Again I shudder involuntarily. I'm starting to get scared, this is turning out to be a lot more than I had expected. The fact that I have no idea what's coming next is starting to really disturb me. I'm wondering if there is any way I can signal her that I've had enough, that I'm not enjoying this, that I want her to untie me and take us home. But I can't think of any way. I try a few tentative yelps into the gag, trying to get her attention, trying to signal that I'm trying to communicate. She only ignores me. I try making noises to comunicate for several minutes but she merely continues in her work, giving me no indication she can even hear me. I wonder if she's wearing headphones. Then I remember she had asked to borrow my portable mp3 player this morning. She must be listening to music or something and can't hear me at all. So even if she were willing to try to communicate, she's evidently unable to hear me. I try a few shouts, absolutely as loud as I can, but still nothing changes in her behaviour. I give up, feeling a sense of hopeless despair sinking down on me. I feel panic coming on but I manage to keep it under control, telling myself I can trust her completely. We love each other very much, don't we? She'd never do anything to really harm me, would she? I try to work up as much confidence in her as I can. As I continue to think, she has moved off and is no longer close by, but I hear her moving around.

For a long time I am left alone, sitting on the chair. I hear her moving around, unpacking things from the backpack. I hear as she spreads things out on the ground nearby. I hear the sound of a hammer or mallot hammering something into the ground. I hear grinding, rubbing sounds and her grunting, as if something is being forced to rub against the earth. The sounds of her work continue for a long time. Whatever she's up to it seems to be quite elaborate. Has she put up a tent? I have no idea.

After perhaps an hour, I sense her approach me. I feel as some soft, thick tube is fed up behind my back, under where the elbow ties are tied to my body harness, and the ends fed around in front up around my shoulders and back down behind again. I feel as she somehow feeds the loose ends into the middle of the tube behind my back, and I feel the tube tighten up on me. I hear her grunting. The thick padded loops wrap my upper body tightly, around my shoulders, and eventually she's satisfied they are tight enough. I feel her tie knots in some long cord. Sometimes I feel the loose ends bump against parts of my body.

Next I feel her at my wrists, and some cord is fed around the wrist cinch and back up. Then for a long time I feel her doing knot work behind me, and I can only guess what she's up to. Finally she finishes, and I hear as some loose ends of rope or binding fiber are cut off. She then moves around, gathering up things on the ground, and I hear her toss the backpack or some other large object off some distance. I hear her step up to me, and I feel her tug on the leash, and I rise to my feet. I'm caught off balance, but now I can't even step around as my legs and feet are firmly tied together. I'm forced to quickly hop around to get my balance. I feel her hand on my body, steadying me. She then tugs me in some direction, and I hop along as she clearly intends for me to do.

Perhaps 6 or 8 yards away I feel something has changed in the ground, it feels more smooth and uniform. She stops me, then taps my shoulders down, indicating I'm to squat down. I do so, balanced on my folded legs underneath me. Unexpectedly as I'm very low to the ground I feel her tug my shoulders back and I tumble backwards to the ground onto my butt, but I'm unhurt. I extend my tied legs a little in front of me and sit up a bit straighter. I feel a bit sorry for myself at the rough treatment she just gave me, jerking me around as if she's clearly no longer even putting up a pretense of patience. She seems to be in a hurry now, and the course way she's shoving me around and yanking on my leash don't reduce my sense of increasing dread. It flashes to me that she might not actually be planning on staying with me, wherever we are. I shudder at the thought of her leaving me alone here, and I quickly have to put it out of my mind before I'm overwhelmed by panic.

I then feel as she grasps the cords behind my back, and I hear her doing more knot work. I hear knots tied and tightened firmly. I feel tugs against my wrists and upper body, against the thick padded tube that tightly wraps my shoulders. Eventually she completes her work, and I hear her cutting with her scissors. I feel her hands on the front of my throat, and I can tell she has unclipped the leash from the front metal ring on my collar. I hear as she coils the leash up around her hand.

She then moves off. I hear her moving around, bending down, picking up items. I hear her return to the backpack, I hear the sounds of her stuffing things into it. I hear zippers. I hear fabric on fabric. I hear her packing up to go. Where am I? Is she going to leave me here alone after all? Where am I? Will she take off the blindfold at least? I don't hope for her to remove the gag or untie my legs, or even my feet. But can I hope she'll take the blindfold off me and let me see my predicament?

At last she's done tidying up. I hear her heft the backpack up and I know she's putting it on herself. I hear her snap the shoulder straps together and tighten them, then she tightens the belt around her waist. Then I hear as she steps close to me. She squats down. I feel her fingers at the back of my head. She releases the outer blindfold, and I notice how different it feels now that the tension is released. She then tucks the blindfold into a side pouch she can reach on the backpack. I feel her fingers again behind my head, and I feel as she unfastens the soft padded eye blindfold, and pulls it away from my eyes.

I blink in the sudden light, too bright for me to open my eyes wide. I must squint as they adjust. It takes a few moments to focus. She has stood up and is standing a few feet away from me, staring down at me. Her hands are empty, she must have already tucked the 2nd blindfold away in some pouch. I look at her thin, lithe body as she stands there before me, I see she's wearing some tight spandex swimsuit, very high cut, that makes her legs look long. She's wearing the same kind of sneakers she put on my feet, also laced tightly, also without socks. Her arms are bare. Her swimsuit is very narrow in front, barely covers her private parts. It goes down between her legs and obviously stays narrow and as a thong, before joining up around her waist to another part of the swimsuit in front.

Seeing me staring at her, she slowly turns around, so I can see her behind. The swimsuit leaves her back completely bare, except for some straps that hold the front part tight against her body. And the back is a thong, her butt cheeks are exposed and beautiful. She knows my tastes, I've never seen her wearing this particular suit, but I like it. I wonder if she was dressed like this when we met the other couple. She sees my eyes roaming her body and clothing and somehow she guesses my thoughts. "This is all the clothing I brought for myself, I was wearing this when we met those other people. They didn't look at me at all though, they were staring at you the whole time. There isn't even any other clothing in the car. You're naked, I'm wearing this. Sort of seemed fair, at least it did to me."

"Of course, even though this is all I'm wearing, it's more than I brought for you to wear. You'll have to be content wearing the cords, your gag, your collar, and your shoes. Sorry there is nothing to cover your groin. But take my word for it your outfit looks good on you. I'll never get tired of seeing a well built man artistically tied up and gagged."

She pauses and looks around, and looks off into the distance, admiring the view.

She turns to face me again, then stands gazing at me for several minutes. As if on an afterthought, she reaches around to a side pouch of the backpack and pulls out a camera, and walking around me to various places she takes several photos of me. I rise up into a kneeling position, and am jerked to a stop by the cords at my wrists and shoulders. I realize I'm tethered in place by a short cord. She keeps snapping pictures as I lose all interest in her and in a panic examine my situation. I find I'm resting on a large white canvas cloth that has been pulled out tight at 6 points and tied by cords to stakes pounded into the ground. Looking down and behind as best as I can, I see I'm tethered by my arms behind my back by some cord that ends in some round hole in the center of the smooth cloth. The cord is thick and is probably tied to my shoulder and wrist loops, the ones she spent so much time tying just right. I find I can't get a look at most of her work, I can only guess at how I'm held tied in place.

All I know for sure is a cord is firmly attached deep into the ground at the exact center of the large cloth I'm resting on, and clearly the other end is tied to me. I see no knots at all. I tug against the tether, find it has no give at all. Somehow she has drilled some long pole into the ground and that keeps me securely in place. She notes my curiosity and my efforts to see how she has tied me, and she obliges by snapping several photos of me from behind, then holds the camera up and permits me to see the pictures on the large viewscreen. I see images of myself, naked, gagged, very securely tied up, and I see she has tied an elaborate harness that goes from the tight, thick padded tubes that encircle my shoulders, where they are all tied together right in the small of my back, to a narrower cord that extends down to my wrists. This length of cord is loose, but it is tied on the top to my shoulder harness and on the bottom to my wrists, and I can see from a closeup she generously took that in the middle there is tied some elaborate loops, right at the level of my elbows, and firm, strong knots are tied through these loops and the tether cord extends from them down into the pipe drilled deeply in the ground underneath me. It's impossible to see how the hidden end of the tether is tied off, but I have no doubts at all that she has done it in a way that will make it impossible to detach that end. I'm securely tethered in place.

I pull experimentally, and I find as I pull first the top part of the cord tied to my shoulder harness tightens up, then the bottom part tightens up, and I feel tension at my shoulders and at my wrists. But with my arms tied tightly together and to my body, Nothing has much give to it and so I can't move around much at all. I'm tied in place by a short leash fastened to my wrists and shoulders, and it seems clear that no matter how hard I pull I won't be able to break free. With mounting fear the thought occurs to me that she does seem to be planning on leaving me here, alone. Why else would she have put the backpack on? I am hit with a panic attack and I start to shake uncontrollably. She appears not to notice and continues going through the photos she has taken of me. The panic attack fades away and the shaking stops. But somehow I know she is going to leave me here as I am, tied up and gagged and tethered in place with no hope of rescue or of anyone happening upon me by accident.

Eventually she tires of showing me the photos, and she turns the camera off and puts it away. She then looks down at me and pulls out a plastic water bottle, and offers it to me. I shake my head as I'm not thirsty, but she bends down and says, "You'd better have a good, long drink, just to play it safe. I'll hold the bottle for you and you suck the water through the foam of the gag." With that she kneels in front of me and holds my head by the back of the gag with one hand and gradually empties the water bottle against the foam of the gag, where it is absorbed, and I suck it into my mouth and swallow it as she suggested. It appears I'm being cooperative, but the reality is if I don't suck the water up and swallow up I won't be able to breath, as I can't inhale through my nose. She pauses regularly for me to gasp for air before she continues. I note the bottle is a full liter and it was completely full when she pulled it out, and it is clear she intends to force me to drink it all down. It is a struggle but I manage to take it all. She holds the empty bottle up in front of my eyes as she screws the top back on and releases her hold on the gag, and says, "Good boy! Best not to go too long without water."

She stands up for a moment as she tucks the empty bottle away into a pocket somewhere. After looking around again, she bends down and gives me a kiss on my forehead, and winks at me, and gives me a little nod before turning around and moving off down the hill. I try to scream after her, to beg her not to leave me like this, alone, someplace where clearly no one will find me, somewhere I have no idea where I am. If she hears my muted sounds she gives no indication. I watch her bouncy steps down the hill, admiring her beautiful, thin legs. She recedes further and further down the hill, becoming smaller and smaller. I realize I'm in a wooded area on the top of an isolated hill, and I'm somewhat hidden by trees except on the side she's leaving on. I can watch her for a long time, and I do, as she gets smaller and smaller. She never turns back to look at me.

At last she passes into the treeline and she's almost impossible to see, but for a few moments I can see movement through the trees, but then not even that. She is gone. She has left me alone, naked in the wilderness, tied up, gagged, tethered in place. Escape is impossible. Only she can rescue me, as only she knows where I am. It's obvious that months or years probably pass without anyone coming within a half mile of where I am. It is completely isolated. Gagged as I am I can't even scream out for help. I know escape is impossible for me, that I'll be right where I am until she decides to come set me free. And if she doesn't come back I'm a dead man. I would starve to death right here or die of dehydration. The thought is unthinkable, yet I find myself returning to it. Is this some elaborate murder scheme she has planned? If so I can't see any holes in it.

I stare at the place where she vanished for a long time, absently tugging against my bonds, trying to loosen them up, but I achieve nothing at all. I keep staring after her, hoping to see her reappear. She can't really be serious, can she? She can't really intend to leave me here alone like this? This has to be some elaborate joke, right?

A long time passes. She doesn't reappear. I give up looking for her, and gaze around. I see farmhouses way off in the distance. Far away I see a wide road, probably some interstate. Movement catches my eye, I see a white car on a distant, narrow road. I realize with a shock that it's her car. She's driving away. Now the car replaces her, I stare helplessly at it as it recedes along the winding road, now and then visible, longer and longer hidden by the hills. At last it turns around a final bend and it's gone as well. I gaze at the point for a few minutes, but then give up hope that I'll see the car returning. I know she really is going to leave me alone. Only she knows for how long. Or if she'll return at all. What if she gets in some accident while driving? My survival utterly depends on hers. There's no backup. I find myself struggling against panic about how easy things could go horribly wrong with what I thought was going to be a delightful bondage experience. After all it is my birthday. This is her gift? An extended period of helpless anxiety? I'm horrified. The sexual excitement I usually experience from bondage play has vanished completely. Whatever this is, it doesn't feel like play. Suddenly it's the real thing. Life and death. I struggle against panic.

I think of how long the drive was up here, many hours. In horror I realize she's probably going home now, which means that it will take hours for her to get home, then more hours for her to return, even if she decides to. I realize that I will be left tied up and naked as I am for at the very least 8 or 10 hours now, and possibly much longer. Once she gets home, who can say when she'll decide to come get me?

I recall her saying she had plans for tonight, a Friday. She is going to have some fun with her girlfriends, and she said she was going to sleep over at one of their places tonight. Then I realize that she had told me she was going to be gone the whole weekend, and would likely get back late Sunday, and she said she'd miss me. These words came back to me only now, and I realized it was Tuesday that she had told me her plans, and I had not thought much of it, had only muttered, "That's great baby-doll, have a fun time!" I had been immediately thinking that her being gone I'd have the weekend free to myself, and I'd find some of the guys and we'd have a party of our own. So I wasn't too bothered that she'd be gone the whole weekend. And then I remembered that it was only Friday morning that she had giggled and suggested that we play our little tie up game, and that she had thought of a nice surprise for me but I had to agree to go along with everything she demanded otherwise it wouldn't work out as well as she hoped it would.

And she had had such a pouty expression that I melted and agreed to be hers to do with as she wished. That was just this morning, in fact, seemingly a spontaneous idea of hers to play some tie-up game with me, but I now realized in horror that the whole thing had been planned by her, probably since Tuesday or even before. I cursed myself for not using my wits and figuring out her game. It never occured to me that our bondage play wouldn't last more than a few hours, or that anything would happen that would prevent my weekend I'd set up with the guys. I felt like a fool. I recalled then that yesterday she had asked me if I had any plans for the weekend, and I had told her I'd called up some of the guys and we were going to meet up and have a few beers. She said she was glad, she was worried I'd be bored while she was gone. I remember I even smirked a little as she said that, as I imagined the guys and I oggling dancers at a strip club we used to go to. I was too caught up in my own thoughts to notice she had a sort of smirk on her on face as well.

It was clear now what she had decided to do. Here it was early summer, with temperatures as mild as they can be, lows in the 70's, highs in the upper 80's, even in the hills, and mild enough so that a person could sleep outside without shelter or covering. She had decided to tie me up, blindfold me, and drive me to this deserted spot and leave me tethered in place, naked, gagged, and unable to get free, while she had a great weekend alone with her girlfriends. I became enraged at the thought. I knew the whole time she was having fun, dancing, clubbing, partying with her old college friends, reliving old memories, she'd know I was alone and conveniently out of the way, tied up, naked, gagged, where she knew I would remain, safely tucked away, until she decided to come get me.

I imagined her even telling her girlfriends what she had done to me. Then it occured to me, her friends were all married also. Might this have been something all of them cooked up to play a trick on their husbands? Maybe each of them had tied up her man and left him safely tucked away somewhere out of the way. I felt some comfort in that thought, that at least maybe I wasn't as alone as I felt. Possibly some other guys were even now coming to grips with a similiar predicament.

Maybe all the girls would laugh together and joke about their trick. Then in horror I remembered all the pictures she had taken! She was almost certainly going to show them to her friends! They'd all have a laugh at my expense. The pictures she had taken showed everything, I was completely exposed in most of them, my erect penis clearly visible. The thought of her letting her friends see these naked pictures of me that I had assumed would only be seen by the two of us filled me with shame and anger. Briefly I hoped she'd first cut out the pictures that showed any nudity, but I knew that was just wishful thinking. I'd heard the stories she'd told about what she and her friends did for fun. She would have no problem at all showing them naked pictures of her man, all tied up and alone. She'd even insist they look at them I realized. I knew her friends, we met with some regularity. I wondered how I would face them the next time we met, knowing they'd seen me helpless and completely exposed.

With a shudder I realized she'd probably even give them copies of the pictures. I wondered how I'd be able to look any of them in the eyes again. I felt so completely violated and exposed, humiliated in front of them. Again I felt a wave of anger towards her for doing this to me. Somehow I'd have to get even with her.

I tried to recall any more details of what her plans had been this weekend, but none came to mind. Only that she had said she'd probably be back by Sunday evening. But even so, that might mean she'd be home Sunday evening, and she might decide to enjoy a nice relaxing night at home, and come get me in the morning. Here it was, Friday around 2 PM I'd guess, and in all likelihood I couldn't hope for release until sometime Monday about this same time.

For a long time I tugged against the tether, trying to pull it loose from the pipe in the ground, trying to rock the pipe sideways, trying to get it to slide up and out. I tugged and tugged until my muscles were sore and the cords bit into me. But there was not even the tiniest hint of progress. The pipe I was tethered to was so deep and so firmly bored into the ground that I could never work it loose.

I tentatively tried screaming, but the gag was so effective I knew even someone a few yards off probably couldn't hear me outside here. I looked around for anything I might be able to use, and realized the strong canvas fabric extended out from where I was tethered so far that I couldn't reach anything outside it with any part of my body. I tried rubbing some of the cords that bound me against the fabric, but it was smooth and not abrasive, and so the cords would not be injured unless I was prepared to rub against them for weeks or longer -- clearly a period so long I'd have died of thirst or starvation long before.

I tried to work the gag free, but had no success there, it was so firmly strapped around my head and the mouthpiece glued in place that it was effectively a part of my body now.

I tried moving my legs against each other, to try to loosen the cords that tied them together, but had no luck. I tried working the loops that tied my feet together off, but that didn't work either. I realized with my wrists and shoulders tethered behind my back to the pipe, even if I managed to work my legs and feet loose I still couldn't get away. I wondered what was her point in tying my legs? Maybe just to excite her that much more, imagining me so completely tied up, unable even to freely move my legs.

I resigned myself to a very long wait. The sun slowly crept across the sky. I admired the view, often looking to where the car had turned around that last bend, hoping to see her car returning. Instead I saw no cars at all, no sign of human activity no matter where I looked. Even the farmhouse I could see appeared to be either abandoned or else used only occasionally. It looked run down and had the sign of being occupied seldom or not at all. And no other nearby houses or structures were visible no matter where I looked.

Somehow she had found what must have been the most isolated spot anywhere within 5 hours of our home. I can't remember having felt so totally alone and helpless. Hour after hour passed while I remained naked, bound, gagged, tethered in place. I moved around somewhat often, rolling over onto one side or the other or sitting up, drawing my legs up to my body or stretching them out again. Behind me I could see nothing but the summit of the hill I was on, and the sky above it, obscured by trees. Gradually I got used to being tied up and learned the limits of my movement so the cords wouldn't bite into me as much. Even so they were tight enough that it was impossible to stop feeling them, especially the body harness and my elbow ties, and the gag. As much as I tried to let my mind wander and think of other things to pass the time, my consciousness kept getting pulled back to the reality of my predicament and each time I'd be forced to experience the intimate, tight cords wrapping my entire body so completely. My penis was almost constantly erect and I found I was almost constantly in a sexually aroused state. I'd absently tug against my bonds but I knew escape was completely impossible. My situation was utterly hopeless.

The shadows lengthened more and more. Some squirrel or chipmunk hopped around into view. As I turned to look at it, it was startled by the movement and my presence and stood up staring at me. I stared back. After a moment it lost interest and continued hunting around for food. Evidently it had decided I was not a threat to be concerned with. I continued watching it, thankful for the distraction, until it hopped out of site behind some trees and was gone. I wished I could follow it, but it was free and I was not. Why had I agreed to go along with this? I was tormented by thoughts of regret, of how stupid I had been. If only could get a second chance! But life doesn't give you any do-overs. Not when it matters. The past is the past. I had made my choices. Now I had no option but to see how my future played out.

Occasionally birds flew by. I saw no airplanes of any kind flying overhead. No more cars appeared on the road. I wondered about the couple we had met, then decided they had probably gone back to their own car and had left already. I briefly wondered if they might get curious as to what had happened to us, and whether they might consider coming back to look around. But I realized that there would be no chance of them finding me, I could easily see that she had led us far off any path or trail and I was not visible where I was to anyone walking along one. Nor could I hope to call for help even if I was able to see other people, gagged as effectively as I was. Even if someone knew I was around here somewhere and was calling out my name, I'd be unable to answer or attract their attention. The thought of it, of people I knew out looking for me, close enough that I could hear them calling, yet just not quite being lucky enough to happen upon me by chance, and then the sounds of them giving up and moving off somewhere else, continuing to search, and knowing that as close as they had been there would have been no way I could make enough noise to lead them to me.
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Camping Trip 2/3

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I tried to see how much noise I could make. Again I screamed into the gag and again heard only the most pathetic murmer, and I knew unless someone was 10 feet or closer to me I'd be unable to make myself heard. I tried slamming my feet down on the ground, on the canvas mat I was staked out on, but I just made heavy, jarring contact with the ground below and the sound was even less than my hopeless screaming. With my gloved hands I couldn't even snap my fingers or clap my hands.

The day grew darker and darker, and turned into evening. I continued to stare hopefully at the bend in the road, hoping to see her returning for me. It got darker and darker, and stars started to appear. The distant bend in the road grew more and more fuzzy and indistinct, and continued to fade into the growing darkness. I was not worried at the darkness, because I knew if she returned for me she'd be driving her car and she'd have her lights on. I knew I could safely assume any headlights coming around the bend would be hers, even if the night was so dark the car itself would be invisible.

Darkness set in completely, and it was a moonless night. The stars were beautiful. The night was quite comfortable, not warm or cold. I looked about me for some sort of covering or blanket that perhaps she had left behind for me that I hadn't noticed before, but found nothing. Nor did I find any pillow or cushion to rest my head on. It was just me, staked out naked on the bare canvas mat that itself was very securely lashed down in place against the ground. I could not move off the edge of the mat nor even reach within even a foot of any of the edges with any part of my body, I was held so well in place in the center by my tether.

I had to be prepared to spend the night completely alone and exposed to the elements, because clearly there was nothing I could do to cover myself or keep myself warm. Again I was thankful the evening was so warm and tolerable. I was thankful for the cords though as they did provide some minor role as clothing, in that I was warmer wrapped up in them than if I had been truly naked. Also having my legs tied together left less surface area for heat to be lost through my legs. I knew if it got really cold I could fold my legs up in front of my body and assume a sort of ball shape. As an experiment I tried it, and laying down on my side I could easily squeeze into a very tight ball shape. I held the position for a few minutes and noticed I was starting to feel noticeably warker. I unrolled and sat up again and stretched out my legs, then looked around at my surroundings.

As it became almost completely dark I continued looking off in the distance in the direction I guessed the bend in the road was, I could no longer make out the hills. I continued vainly hoping to see car headlights approach but hour after hour passed with nothing happening. Finally I gave up, convinced that at the very least she was going to be leaving me tied up alone here for the whole night. I wondered where she was, what she was doing right then, whether she was thinking of me, whether she was having a laugh at my predicament.

The night was lit only by the stars overhead, the sky was very black. This place was very isolated, looking off in any direction I saw no distant glow of city lights. My eyes grew somewhat accustomed to the darkness, but I found I could barely see my own body, and that only showed up as a dark silouette over the white canvas mat. And I could see the white cords looped about my body, they showed up visibly on my darker skin.

Then I saw a darkness approaching from the side, to the right, along the side of the mountain, and I realized dark clouds were moving in, covering the sky, blocking out the stars. It was headed right for me. I wondered it they were storm clouds, would I get rained on, would I find myself soaking wet? In time thought it was clear the clouds were not going to be bringing any rain, just darkness. They continued rolling over until the entire sky was covered, and all the stars were blacked out. I realized it was almost completely, totally black out now. I could no longer see myself or the mat I was tethered on. In the distance I could only see a few lights, the only sign of civilization left. Her headlights never appeared, although I continued to hope and to keep watch in that direction. I could feel myself giving up hope that she'd be returning this evening at least. So I'd be spending the night as I was, right there. I wondered if I'd be able to get any sleep.

I found myself growing sleepy. I lay down on my side, trying to achieve a comfortable position, even tied up as I was. I managed to find some comfort by lying on one side and bending my legs at the knees under me and behind for support. I tried rolling forward somewhat onto my chest, or rolling backwards somewhat onto my arms and back, but neither position was especially more pleasant. Briefly I thought of her, of how probably right then she was back home, in our soft, comfortable bed, just nodding off to sleep. Again I was surprised she had been able to torment me like this.

Little did I know just exactly how much torment was in store for me, all of it knowingly planned by her and her friends for their own amusement. As I nodded off to a fitful sleep I was comforted by the thought that most likely she would be coming to get me in the morning. I wondered how I would act when she untied me, would I yell at her and be furious, or would I just be relieved to be finally set free. I dozed off into unconsciousness. I slept lightly, coming in and out, but never really getting into a deep sleep. Several times I was startled by the realization that I was tied up, but eventually I achieved an extended doze that could be called sleep.

The morning light woke me, I guessed it was probably 6 AM. I was briefly surprised to find myself tied up and naked, as I had evidently been able to forget my predicament while I slept. After a moment of disbelief and of perhaps a minute of fruitless struggle, I again was fully conscious of my situation, and I again accepted it as being real.

I felt refreshed from my sleep but my body felt sore, especially my arms that remained pulled tightly behind my back. I sat up and looked out and found the bend in the road easily in the light. I stretched and pulled against my bonds and made sure I could feel my hands and feet, that the blood was still circulating, but I was fine. I felt somewhat thirsty, but drinking was not an option. Nor was eating. I had a wish to urinate but it wasn't at the level of discomfort yet. I realize that I probably wouldn't have to make #2 for quite some time, she had gotten me to agree to fast starting in the afternoon on the day before she brought me here, and I had already emptied my bowels. I realized that if I needed to I could urinate off to the side of the mat I was on and maybe even avoid soiling it at all, but that in all likelihood I wouldn't have to worry about doing #2 for as long as I remained here.

So I realized the main issue now was coping with thirst and with a growing sense of hunger. I knew the hunger could be ignored and wasn't a cause for concern until many days had passed. But if I was left as I was for more than 3 or 4 days without drinking it would start to become a serious concern. I was thankful the temperature was so mild and I had not sweated any during the climb up here.

Then I recalled the bottle of water she had forced me to drink just before she left. It came to me she had just bought a good deal of time of her not having to be concerned with me suffering from dehydration. How long would that drink keep me going? I figured with my limited movement and freedom my body would most likely consume a lot less water than it normally would. I probably would be fine for 4 or 5 days without more water. The only issue would be coping with the thirst.

I thought more about that bottle of water, with a growing sense of dread. She had been very insistent that I drink some, but then hadn't stopped until I had finished it all. Clearly she had had a reason for forcing me to drink so much just before she left me. The conclusion I came to was inescapable. She intended to leave me where I was for a long time. Here it was Saturday and I had already been anticipating seeing her car appear any moment, but it seemed inescapable that she had planned all along to leave me here the whole weekend while she partied with her friends. Leaving me with a belly full of water was all the consideration she could spare for me. After thinking about all that water I felt an urge to urinate, but I decided to hold off as long as I could, and eventually the urge faded away until I could almost forget about it.

I continued to try to guess when I could hope for her to return for me. I was unable to convince myself that there was any realistic hope for her to return before Monday at the earliest. And late in the day Monday at that. Because even if she left Monday it would be in the morning, whenever she awoke from a weekend of partying and got through whatever wakeup activities she would have to get through, there was no guarantee she'd feel any sense of urgency to get an early start out on the trip to come get me.

I remembered that she and I had both taken Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off from work and had planned on spending the days relaxing at home together, just the two of us, with perhaps a bit of bondage play to add some spice to the time. I thought about her and how she behaved when with her friends. I couldn't hide the fact that she was a girl who loved to party. She might not even make it home by Monday morning, and in all likelihood she'd be struggling with a painful hangover. It could be any time Monday before she dragged herself out of bed and got started on the trip to come get me.

I tried to imagine her. I was shocked to realize she might even decide not to go at all Monday, instead deciding to leave me one more day. I rememebered the two of us had sometimes discussed the idea of being tied up for a long time. She had gotten me to admit that I did find the idea sexually appealing, and that I had fantasized about it. She had admitted nothing, but also had denied nothing as well. So I didn't know whether the thought of being tied up a long time was at all appealing to her.

What I did know is that I was on record as having expressed interest in the experience, and that she knew it. I shuddered as I realized this whole thing might have been something she'd have thought was a very thoughtful gesture. Meaning from her point of view if I was excited by being left tied up a long time and unable to get free, if she came and got me too early she'd be ruining the whole experience. I realized there was a good chance that in her mind I had secretly wanted to have such an experience as this seemed to be turning out to be but was also secretly too afraid to outright ask for it. As selfish as her act of leaving me tied up and off in the middle of nowhere while she parties with her friends might seem, in her mind it might be something she could point to as a gesture of love and consideration.

I thought more about that. As I continued musing, I tried to imagine how I would look back on this experience. I imagined the experience to have been over, she had come and gotten me and we were back home, and I was none the worse for wear. Looking back on the whole ordeal, would I be sexually aroused at the memory of it? Would it be something I'd long for to happen again? Would I jerk off imagining how it had been? I couldn't guess. But some part of me felt that it was likely I would look back on it with a sense of pride, and I would be able to use it to my advantage. Would I then get caught up in an endless effort to break my record? To arrange to be left tied up for longer and longer periods, just to see how long I could endure it?

I imagined what it would be like. Where would I find the free time? I expected my muscles and tendons would adapt and I'd get used to being tied up tightly for long periods. I also imagined I'd get used to fasting for long periods of time, or that I'd get used to not drinking. I imagined that I'd even come up with some device that would allow me to get a drink of water when I wanted one, so that I need not even suffer from thirst. I also imagined if I went down that route I could even devise some solution where I would be able to take drinks from some sugary nutrient solution, so I wouldn't need to worry about hunger or malnutrition.

As I thought about it, I wondered if she would support such a pursuit, and I realized with little doubt that she would. She even had told me the times when we were separated for some reason were special to her, and it made her appreciate me more when we were together again. I knew what she was talking about. Familiarity breeds contempt. If I asked her to "Leave me tied up for a good long time," every few months or so she'd be more than happy to go along. I thought about how I'd feel if she asked me to do the same for her, and I realized if it was something she wanted I'd give her my support. I then imagined how it would be for me, going about my normal everyday life, knowing I had left her tied up and naked and helpless and gagged somewhere only I knew about. The thought excited me. I realized I'd be in no hurry to go rescue her, quite the opposite in fact. I'd struggle against the impulsive desire to give her just a little bit more alone time. The realization filled me with a mounting fear, because if that's how I might feel, it might be how she felt right now. Maybe she'd come up with her own reasons for leaving me where I was even past Tuesday. I shuddered at the thought.

It was here only Saturday early in the morning and I was terrified of the unknown future I faced. I had no idea how long I'd have to stay as I was. I couldn't even comfort myself with a realistic guess as to when I could expect her to return, and so defer any stress and anxiety until after that time had passed. I had no idea when she might be coming back for me. And all my thoughts on the question indicated there was every reason to believe it might be later rather than sooner. Why had we taken all three days off from work? Now I knew it was even an option for her to leave me here until very late Wednesday, so I'd make it back just in time for work on Thursday.

I was tortured by my thoughts. I absently pulled against the cords and the tether, but not really trying to get loose. I had already accepted the truth that escape was impossible. She had done too good a job of tying me up. Indeed she had really overdone it in so many ways. Not only was escape totally out of the question, I had to spend the time tied up far more securely and completely than was necessary even to ensure I couldn't get loose.

For example, probably I was so far away from other people that the gag wasn't even necessary. Even if I yelled there was probably no chance I'd be heard. So the gag wasn't even really crucial to keeping me captive. Yet here I was, not with just a simple ball gag or bundle of cloth tied around my head, but with the intricate, absolutely effective gag I myself had invented and made. When a person a quarter mile away couldn't even hear me screaming as loud as I could, and with an almost absolute certainty that the nearest walking trail anyone might be likely to move along was at the very least over two miles away, any gag was overkill, let alone the gag I was left wearing, one that made the wearer so incapable of making noise that someone 4 steps away would be unable to hear them. So much overkill. And even this gag, she had stuffed the two nose plugs in when they were totally unnecessary. Yet here I was. Overkill. Utter overkill. Forced to remain not only adequately silent but almost incapable of making noise at all.

Then there was the issue of my legs. With my arms tied so well behind my back having been tethered by them so well in place, my legs were useless to do anything anyway. They might as well have been left loose and untied. But she had bothered not only to tie my legs together at ankles, upper legs and knees, but she had tied my feet together also. Overkill. Pointless, almost cruel overkill.

I found myself resenting her treatment of me. I couldn't make sense of it. OK, so she's going to leave me tied up, alone, naked out in the middle of nowhere like this, for who knows how long. But did she also have to tie me up so thoroughly? Tied up so completely that not only was escape impossible, it was even impossible to forget even for a single waking moment that I was inescapably tied up and gagged. More and more I was feeling that it was just a case of pure cruelty. I imagined her laughing to herself, thinking of me and how well tied up she had left me. She'd consider her own freedom of movement and at the same time compare it to my utter lack of it. She might scratch her nose, and then think to herself, "He can't do that right now; his hands are wrapped one around the other, tightly inside a glove, and tied behind his back. I can scratch my nose whenever I want. He can't."

I imagined such things more and more. The contrast between her freedom and my lack of it, her taking new pleasure in just the everyday motions everyone has learned to take for granted. I thought of more things she might be thinking to herself. "It's nice to go for a walk like this, to stand up straight and stroll along. I can do that whenever I want. He can't do it. Not now. Not until I come get him. He can't go for a walk; his legs are tied. Even his feet are right this very second tied securely in place. He can't even move one foot without moving the other. And look -- I'm doing it myself right now! Such a simple act. But he can't do that, and I can.

"Indeed. Let me take three steps over this way. I've just moved more than twice the total amount of movement he is able to do. I can go anywhere I want. He can't; He's tethered in place and has as much area to move around in as a queen bed, probably even less."

I continued to imagine her taking pleasure in my predicament with a mounting sense of anger and frustration. It was then that I was surprised to realize, looking down at myself, that I had a hard erection. And then I realized I was sexually aroused and excited and I hadn't even realized it. I thought of trying to masturbate. I tried to rub my erect penis somehow. I found I couldn't roll over enough on eithe side to touch my penis to the canvas mat because my tether was too tight. I tried bending my legs up to rub my penis with my thighs, but I could barely even make contact. I tried for many minutes, the whole time my erection staying rock hard, but I was unable to do anything to cause me to come. After 20 minutes or so I gave up in frustration. I was denied even the satisfaction of sexual release.

My erection remained for a long time. I tried to ignore it and think of other things but it stayed there. I remained in a state of intense sexual excitement. I found it was stimulating to writhe around and pull against my bonds. Bending my torso around I could cause the loops of my body harness to tighten against me and that was exciting also. Every movement I made served as a constant reminder of my situation of being tightly tied up and gagged.

Hour after hour passed. I saw a car moving around the distant bend on the road, and thought it was lucky I happened to be looking just then. The car was red, I was disappointed to note. So it wasn't her coming back for me. The car continued approaching until it was obscured by trees, and I saw no more movement for many more hours. The car must have had been driven by people who wanted to go for a hike. I wondered what was the attraction of this place. Maybe there was a pretty waterfall here.

Some hours after the car had been hidden by the trees I saw it again, leaving. I watched it sadly, realizing some part of me had hoped some miracle might happen and the people there would find me. Seeing the car leaving dashed those ridiculous thoughts. As the car rounded the final bend and disappeared I felt another wave of despair and loss. I continued watching where it had been for maybe 10 minutes but nothing changed. Finally I turned away.

More hours passed. The sun wheeled along the sky and started its descent. I watched another sunset. No more cars appeared. It got darker and darker. I felt thirsty but it wasn't particularly urgent. Gradually the darkness increased and the stars came out. It was a beautiful clear night. No clouds in the sky. I laid back on my back and stared up at the sky, looking for meteors and satellites. I counted 6 meteors and 13 satellites before I felt very sleepy and decided to try to sleep. I rolled over onto my side and bent my legs up for balance, and after some time I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a few times in the night, both times having completely forgotten where I was, and being shocked into reality when I tried to move and discovered I was completely tied up and gagged. I'd roll over onto my other side and after a while drift off to sleep again.

The morning arrived. I couldn't see the sunrise because the trees and hill behind me blocked the view. I knew it was now Sunday. I wondered where she was right then and how she'd spent her Saturday night. I wondered if she had been dancing in some club and maybe met some attractive young man, and if she had let him taker her home with him. I couldn't think of any reason why she wouldn't do such a thing. After all, we weren't married yet. I did know she liked to flirt with other guys when we went out together clubbing. I remember once she nodded to some guy she'd been dancing with and she whispered into my ear that she wouldn't mind going home with that one. I turned to look at her and she had looked back at me with petulant face. I remember I had joked with her saying that if she really wanted to it was ok with me, but then she'd owe me one. She had asked what I meant, and I said that she'd have to let me pick up some girl and spend the night with her in order to make it fair.

She'd looked at me and laughed, and said she had no idea I was such a naughty boy. She said nevermind, she was just joking anyway. Then she looked at me again and said she'd probably better keep an eye on me now that she knew how I felt about things. I told her I was just joking also, then I kissed her and said she was all the girl I needed. And I told her it wasn't so easy to find a girl who liked the kinky stuff we did either. She kissed me again and said I was probably right. But I remember several times over the evening I caught her looking at the guy she had pointed out, and I knew she was thinking of him. She danced with him a few more times, and danced with me also. I danced with a few other girls at the place. When we left I forgot about what we had been talking about.

But now it occured to me she might consider this a perfect opportunity to go have a ball with some other guy. She might be at his place right now. The thought angered me but I could do nothing about it. I looked around and it was cool, clear morning, but everything was exactly the same as it had been. I was still tied up and naked and gagged as I had been for the last 2 days.

As I waited alone I thought of how this experience was by far the most cruel thing she had done to me. I thought of what had been the previous record, and for a long time I was distracted by the memory of the experience.

One Friday evening we had planned to go to a club she had heard about. She said it was a bondage house some friends had said was great, and she'd gotten me to agree to go along. Before it was time to leave though she had told me she'd just heard from her friends that it was male offering night, and men were only admitted if they were tied up and gagged and in the company of at least one woman. I first laughed at the suggestion that I was going to have to go to this new place tied up and gagged, but she showed again just how well she knew how to get me to go along with what she wanted. Within an hour I had found myself wearing an outfit she had put together for me of a skintight black shirt with long sleeves that covered my arms out to my wrists, and extended high up my throat like a turtle neck, but ended just below the level of my nipples, so my waist and stomach were exposed. I was wearing tight black boyshorts also, and for shoes just black and white sneakers with no socks.

After she had dressed me this way, she had tied my arms behind my back at my wrists and above the elbows, and had tied my elbow ties off to a shoulder harness she had tied around them. I saw her pick up her handback and just before we left the apartment she had ran back to the bedroom, saying she'd almost forgotten something, and she returned carrying a gag, which she held up for me before tucking it in her purse. I looked at her but didn't say anything. She said, "You do need to be gagged, remember?" I nodded. We then left. She hailed a taxi downstairs while I hid in the shadows, embarrassed about being seen as I was. When the taxi pulled up she held a door open for me and I dashed inside, and she got in next to me. She told the driver the address and the taxi pulled away.

Immediately she had pulled out the gag and told me to open my mouth. I asked her what the hurry was, and she said the men were supposed to arrive already tied and gagged. So I let her gag me, and the rest of the ride I listened as she talked about the place we were going. She said I'd have to stay tied up all the time we were inside, but there'd be lots of other guys tied up also to keep me company.

When we arrived there was a line outside, mostly of sexy women in tight, kinky outfits that were clearly of the dominatrix variety. Lots of riding crops hanging from belts were visible. There were several guys in line as well, all of them tied up and gagged, each with one or more women keeping close control of them. We headed for the end of the line when someone called out her name and we saw some friends of hers were near the head of the line. She tugged me along and we joined them. 3 of her friends were there and they stared at me and told us how sexy I looked all tied up. They liked the way she had dressed me as well. One of them said my legs didn't look tied up enough though, I ought to have something tied around my knees and ankles just for show. They all immediately agreed, but none of them had any more binding fiber. A girl behind us in line had overheard, and she pulled out a length of soft white sashlike cord and handed it to one of the girls and said they could use some of that. She also had a pair of scissors. One of the friends of my girlfriend took charge and cut somelengths of the cord and wrapped them around my knees, above and below the knee, and around my ankles, and tied them off. When I stood with my legs close together it looked like they were tied up. But when I stood with them apart it just looked like the loops were some sort of decoration. The girls thought it looked much better, and they kept staring at me as I stood there tied and gagged in front of them.

Anyway I'm getting off the point of this story. Long story short I spent the next 12 hours or so tied up as I was, often left alone inside the club tethered to some seat by a cord tied to my wrists. For a while I was left locked in a cage that was suspended from the ceiling with spotlights all over it, and I had to remain standing and moving around while people stared at me. About halfway though the evening when I was left tethered alone for a while some woman I didn't know sat down next to me and casually untied the laces on my shorts and tugged them down my legs and off me, then stuck them in a purse she was carrying. She then leaned down and sucked me off until I was very hard and almost ready to cum, then she stopped and got up, laughed, then left me alone. I had to spend the rest of the evening with my groin completely exposed. Even when my girlfriend and her friends returned for me and noticed how I was, none of them did anything to cover me up and instead only commented on how sexier I looked.

One of the friends of my girlfriend then got an idea and left, and returned shortly with a white length of binding sash. She pulled me up and stood in front of me, and proceeded to tie the sash around my waist and groin area so cords went down in front on either side of my penis, then went up in back in the middle like a thong, and the ends were tied off behind me. She had tied a makeshift thong onto me that did nothing to cover my nudity and instead only made me feel even more exposed and on display. The thong was also very tight, as was the part tied around my waist. All the girls thought it looked great, and I had to stand and pose for them for a long time until they got enough of staring at me.

Sometime later some girl pulled up the bottom of my shirt so my nipples were exposed, and the shirt was left bunched tightly just at my armpits.

For a while I was left in a cage on display again after that. Finally some time in the early morning the girls came and we all left together, crammed into a taxi. We went to the house of one of my girlfriend's friends, and I was angered to discover no one had thought to untie or ungag me, and I was still left without my shorts. As we were leaving the taxi one of the girls handed something to my girlfriend, and she looked at me and said she'd gotten my shorts back from the girl who had taken them. My girlfriend just looked at me and laughed, then stuffed them in her purse.

We went into the house and I knew they were all quite drunk and sleepy. Inside they all proceeded to get undressed and lounge around on the sofas and chairs. After a while blankets and pillows appeared and they laid down and prepared to sleep. I was left sitting on a footstool in the corner. One of the girls looked over at me and said, "Hey, what about him?" Finally I was going to get untied. Instead my girlfriend said nothing, and it was clear she had already fallen asleep. One of the other girls asked, "What about him?" "Should we untie him?" "What for?" "He might get into trouble". The two of them looked at me, then the 2nd one said, "Let's just tie his legs so he can't get into mischief." In a short while some binding cord was produced and my legs and ankles were folded and tied into a frogtie, so I could kneel and crawl around but not much else. The girls decided that was good enough and they left me like that and went to sleep.

Eventually I overcame my outrage and crawled over to my girlfriend and managed to lay down on my side with my head on her pillow, and I dozed off a little. It wasn't until late the next afternoon that we left in a taxi and I was still tied up. Only later that evening did my girlfriend finally untie me. That had been the worst she had treated me up until now.

I thought there might be a chance she'd come for me today so I looked at the road frequently. The day passed slowly. Sometime in the mid afternoon I saw a white car approaching, and I thought it could be hers. I was very excited. The closer the car got the more convinced I was it was her car. When it went behind the trees I was almost certain it was her car. I began to look down at the trees where she had left, expecting to see her appear. Time passed, perhaps a half hour. I thought I caught movement through the trees, in a place off to the side from where she'd left. I watched, and immediately I could make out a person moving through the trees. I saw it was a girl. I assumed it was her. She was heading in the wrong direction though, and she was not leaving the trees at the same place she had entered them on Friday.

I didn't think much of this until she was completely out of the trees and moving up the slope of the hill in the grass. I realized then that it wasn't her, it was some other woman. She was dressed in a leotard and short shorts and sneakers like I wore though. I then knew she was looking for me and that this was something my girlfriend had set up. I watched her moving up the slope. She'd reach the top of the hill about a hundred yards away from me. I saw her pause and look around. She looked towards me and past but evidently didn't catch site of me. She held up something in her hand and studied it. Then she started moving up the slope again, only she had changed her angle and was heading almost directly towards where I waited.

I realized the thing she was carrying had to be some GPS device. My girlfriend must have recorded the GPS coordinates of where I was on her phone, so anyone who knew them could find me. After she'd walked maybe 20 yards she caught sight of me staring at her, and she stopped and stared at me for a moment. From where she was she could only see my head and my shoulders, because the lip of the hill would have blocked part of her view. She stared at me for a moment, then turned and looked all around. She looked at the farmhouse for a long moment, then once more glanced all around. I was sure she was making sure there was no one else around, so just the two of us were here. She then looked back at me and stared at me for a long moment. I saw her put the thing she was carrying into a pack she had strapped to her waist, and I saw her zip it closed.

Then she started moving forward again. She stared at me the whole time as she approached. Finally she was standing at the very edge of the canvas mat I was on, staring down at me as I looked up at her. I recognized her as being one of my girlfriends friends from college. I'd met her about half a dozen times, and she had always seemed friendly to me. Now I was very embarrased to be tied up, naked and gagged in front of her as I was. I was embarassed to realize I had a full erection. I saw she looked down at it and I saw as she stood there and looked me all over, from head to toe. She was smiling but she didn't say anything. Finally she sat down on the edge of the white mat and crossed her legs and said hello. I tried to remember her name, and could recall it was something like Stacy.

I nodded my head and looked back at her. "I suppose you didn't expect to see me here, did you?" she asked. I shook my head. "Your girlfriend was a little occupied so she asked me to come check on you. Are you feeling ok?" I looked at her for a moment wondering how to respond. Eventually I shrugged my shoulders. "Do you remember my name? I'm Lacy". I then nodded, as I recalled it was Lacy, not Stacy.

She came over to me then and stroked my arms behind my back and asked if I was ok, could I feel my arms and hands. I nodded. She tapped the outside of the glove on my hands and asked me if I could feel that. I nodded again. She then bent behind me and looked at my arms, then bent back and said, "Your arms look fine, there doesn't seem to be any problem with circulation. Your legs look fine too. Do you want a drink of water?" I nodded quickly.

She reached into her pack and pulled out a plastic water bottle. She told me to lean back and tilt my head back, and I did so. She carefull poured some water into the foam of the gag, and I sucked it in and swallowed it. My girlfriend must have told her how to do it. She was more careful than my girlfriend had been, and after a while I'd finished the whole bottle but hadn't had any feeling of choking. I looked at her and nodded my thanks.

She put the bottle back into her pouch and zipped it closed. She asked if I had gone to the bathroom. I shook my head. She asked if I wanted to, and I waited a moment then nodded. She told me to lay down on my side and slide as far to the edge of the mat as I could, and I did so. She then moved up behind me and reached around and took my penis in her right hand and pushed it down so it was aiming at the edge of the mat. Then she said, "Whoops, hang on a moment." I heard her open her pouch and reach in, and in her other hand she held a rag about the size of a washcloth. She held it under my penis with her left hand, and it was clear she meant to catch any splashing with it. She said, "Ok, go ahead."

It was an awkward position and I was a little nervous having a woman who was only slightly more familiar than a complete stranger holding my penis in her hand, so it took a long moment for me to release and start urinating. I pushed as hard as I could so the stream went far out, and I managed to reach beyond the edge of the canvas mat. I urinated for a long time, then I was done. She held the rag underneath me and I squirted a few more times to get the last bits of urine out, then I was surprised to feel her moving her fingers up my penis, pushing out the urine from the tube in a surprisingly adept manner. She finished and wiped my penis completely dry with the rag, then carefully wiped off the mat where some dribble had splashed. She finished then folded the rag up and tucked it back into her pouch. Then she backed off and told me to sit up again, which I did.

She sat down and crossed her legs again and gazed at me. She looked back over her shoulder and admired the view. "Nice view you have here." She looked all around again and I was sure she was making sure we were alone. She turned back to me and said, "We're completely alone here, aren't we?" I nodded. She stared at me for a long time. I started to wonder what she was going to do. She seemed to guess what I was thinking, because she said, "I'm trying to decide what to do with you, actually. Your girlfried told me to do whatever I thought best. It's a long drive up here and if I leave you here it would mean another long round trip. But it seems a shame to untie you when you're doing so well. Do you want to spend another night up here?" I shook my head vigorously no.

She laughed. "But you're doing so well! I'd have thought you'd be happy to have such a nice quiet time alone. It just doesn't seem right to cut it short." She laughed at my obvious look of despair on my face, and I continued to shake my head. Finally she spoke. "Ok, I'll tell you the truth. I'm going to set you free and take you back with me. But I'm going to keep you tied up and gagged and naked for a while. I'll have to untie your legs so you can walk but that's all. I'm not going to blindfold you though, if you were wondering.

She pulled out of her pouch a pair of scissors and leaned over and cut off the cords that tied my legs. She cut the loops on my feet first, then the ones on my knees, first above the knee then below the knee. Finally she cut the cords tying my ankles. My legs flopped apart from each other and I was surprised at how odd it felt now that they were loose. She then moved around behind me and I could hear her snipping with the scissors. I felt the harness loosen around my shoulders and I felt as she pulled it away, the ends sliding along my shoulders and upper arms. Then I felt her snip away the loops tying the harness to my wrists and those were pulled away as well. The then told me to get up, and I rocked forward and tried but was unable to stand up.

Finally she reached down and grabbed the cords tying my upper arms together and lifted, and I was able to get up into a standing position. She pushed me off to the side and said, "Don't do anything funny like try and run away. I'll tackle you and you'll go down and it won't be fun. Then I'll bring you back here and tie you down by your throat and I'll leave you here. Understand?" I nodded and stood perfectly still right where she had left me.

She looked down and pulled out of her pouch a plastic grocery bag and shook it out. She picked up all the pieces of cord and harness and stuffed them into the bag. She then pushed me further off the mat and onto the grass and told me to stay there. She then proceeded around the mat and one by one worked out the metal stakes that had been driven into the ground until they were all removed. She put these into her plastic bag also. Then she dragged the canvas mat off to the side and folded it over in half once. I looked at the place where the mat had been and saw the head of a metal object in the center, flush with the ground. That is the stake I had been tethered to, I realized. I saw her bend down and work at it with her fingers, until a metal rod slid up in her hands. I saw her tilt it sideways and start to force it to turn counterclockwise. With a lot of struggling she managed to get it turning, and as she cranked the rod lifted up out of the ground. It was obviously screwed into the ground and she was unscrewing it.

She finished and I saw the bar was about 2 or 3 feet long and about an inch in diameter and had thin metal twisted around it like a screw. The meal of the screw heads extended out maybe 3/4 of an inch. The bottom end of the bar was a sharp point and the screw threads were almost invisible. It was clear the bar was meant to be hammered down a bit into the ground until the threads could catch, then it was meant to be screwed down into the ground. I no longer wondered why it had been impossible to pull the thing out or even rock it sideways. It looked strong enough to keep an elephant from pulling free.

She set the bar down and went over to the canvas mat and continued to fold it up. When it was fairly small she came and got the bar and put it into the canvas mat and proceeded to roll it up. As she worked she glanced over at me a few times to make sure I was still standing where I was. When she was finished rolling up the mat with the bar inside it she got the plastic back from where she'd set it and tucked the roll into it. She then tied the ends of the plastic bag around the roll to keep it from unrolling and to keep anything else from falling out of the bag. I realized the plastic bag wasn't one of the flimsy ones from a market but was instead something thicker, like you might get at a mall if you bought something. She finished tying off the bag and held it in one hand and looked around the ground, as if to make sure nothing had been left behind. She checked to make sure she had her pair of scissors in her pouch, then she looked over at me. Finally she said, "Let's go. You go first. Head down there for the trees, I'll be behind you. Don't try to run away. If you do I might just let you go. How'd you like it if I left you as you are, and I just drove off in the car? Think you could get loose on your own?" I shook my head. "Ok let's go." I started walking. "I don't think so either," she agrees. It's a long walk to the main road too. I imagine it would be embarrasing being seen like this in public. Who knows what kind of person would stop. Might be some pervert who would load you into his truck and take you home with him. Some burly redneck might think you were just the sexy thing he'd like as a plaything." She Snickered as I shuddered. We continued walking and I made no attempt to escape.

The going was easier now that I could see, but it was still tricky keeping my balance with my hands and arms tied. I had to step quickly with my legs a few times to keep from falling. I looked back at her once and she was following along behind me. "Don't look back at me!" she shouted, and I snapped my head back away from her.

She guided me through the forest, telling me to go left or right. Eventually we came through and got to some more grass on the side of a hill, and moving down that we got to a dirt path which I realized was the one my girlfriend had come in on. She told me to turn right and walk along the path. After some time we came to a gate and she moved ahead and opened it and grabbed my arm and shoved me through, then she closed it behind her. She then said, "Keep going."

I walked along the path ahead of her and we crossed over several wooden bridges that had been built on the trail to pass over little streams that crossed the trail. We moved in and out of tree cover as we moved along the path. Finally the path opened up and we got to a big dirt parking lot, and I saw my girlfriend's car there. I also saw just at that moment another car pulling into the lot, and the girl told me, "Stay still and do what I tell you. Don't try anything funny. If they ask you any questions don't do anything, don't shake your head or anything. Understand?" I turned and looked at her and nodded. We continued walking towards our car. The girl now had one arm around me left upper arm and she guided me along.

The other car had parked and I could see through the windshield that a guy was driving and a girl was in the passenger seat. The two of them were staring at us. Then they got out of the car and walked over to us. We had by then reached my girlfriend's car but we stood standing next to it facing the other car. The girl and guy came around and stood facing us. I then rememembered we had seen a couple when my girlfriend had brought me up here. I wondered if it was the same people. I didn't have to wonder long because the girl spoke first.

"Hello! I wondered what had become of you." She was looking right at me. So it was the same couple. She looked me up and down. She looked at my legs for a while and said, "You had your legs tied for a while, didn't you? I can see the marks." I looked down and indeed my legs had dark red lines where the cords had been tied. The other girl looked at Lacy as she held me then and there was a look of surprise on her face. "You're not the same girl as the other time!"

Lacy didn't say anything, but she continued to stare at the two of them. The guy didn't say anything either, but he continued to look at me and at Lacy standing next to me. The other girl waited, but receiving no answer she just shrugged. "Ok, I guess it's none of our business. Are you taking him away with you then?" Lacy nodded.

The girl stood there staring at us for a while, mostly at me, then she looked at her boyfriend. "Can I tell them what we're here for?" He looked at her and after a while nodded. She went around to the back of their car and told him to pop the trunk, which he did. She motioned us to come take a look, and after a moment Lacy led me over so I could see into the trunk of their car. I looked in and saw an assortment of ropes and cords of various thicknesses, a tent in a bag, and what looked to be a couple of leather ball gags, one larger than the other. The girl spoke. "We thought we ought to try out a little play like we saw you doing to see what it's like." She looked at me then and smiled. Then she looked at her boyfriend and said, "It took a bit of convincing but he finally agreed. We figured we'd take turns tying each other up. We flipped a coin and he lost. I get to tie him up first."

Lacy finally said something. "If you're looking for a nice private place, just go a little past the gate and start climbing up the side of the hill. After you pass through the trees you'll come to lots of flat space on the top of the hill. It's perfectly private and no one will happen upon you. It's a great place to leave someone tied up, if they were minded to."

The girl smiled and thanked her for the advice. Lacy then seemed imatient to leave, and she yanked me around and walked me to the back of my girlfriend's car. She reached into her pouch and pulled out the keys and opened the trunk. The she looked at the other couple, and they were already done pulling out their stuff and had closed and locked the car, and they stood staring back at us. Lacy left me standing there and went around to the side of the car and tossed in the bundle she'd been carrying onto the back seat of the car. Then she returned and took hold of my arm again, and stared at the other couple. There was an awkward pause and it seemed each group was waiting to see what the other was going to do. Finally Lacy got impatient and turned me around and guided me I was standing next to the trunk of the car, and she said, "Squat down and put one leg into the trunk, then climb in. I'll stand here and make sure you don't lose your balance. You're going to ride in the trunk."

I was shocked and I turned around and looked at her, but she just looked coldly back at me. I turned and looked at the other couple but they just stood there watching. It was clear they didn't intend to help me in any way, they were just curious to watch to see what we were going to do. Finally I did as Lacy asked and managed to climb down into the trunk of the car. She told me to get down and lay on my side, and I did. The other couple and come over closer so they could look down at me in the trunk. The girl then said, "Aren't you going to tie his legs? I think you ought to put him in a nice hogtie while he's riding in the trunk, so he can't kick anything, don't you?"

Lacy looked at her and giggled. "That's a good idea. Actually I've even got some extra cord I can use. Hang on." She went around to the side of the car again and when she came back she had taken off her pouch, but in her hands she had the scissors and a roll of the binding cord. My girlfriend had certainly given it to her. She tried leaning down to get at my legs to tie them but the space was too confined. Finally she said I'd have to get out of the trunk, and I tried to sit up and as she was trying to help me get up we heard the other woman say to her boyfriend, "Help them!" and he immediately came over and grabbed my upper arms and helped lift me up out of the trunk. I was left standing up again. Lacy closed the trunk behind me and told me to hop up onto it, and did. The guy helped me. She told me to put my legs together and I did, resting them on the bumper. Everyone was staring at me as I sat there.

Lacy then cut lengths of the binding cord and tied my ankles and my knees again, above and below the knee. She didn't tie my feet. She then told me to hop down, and I did. She opened the trunk again and the guy told her he'd put me in, and his girlfriend stepped up. He grabbed me by my upper body and his girlfriend gabbed me by my ankles and they lifted me into the trunk and set me down in it. I had to bend my legs at the knees to fit in. Lacy had cut another length of cord and I knew she did mean to tie my ankles to my wrists so I'd be in a hogtie. The girl said, "Can I do it?" and Lacy laughed and handed her the cord.

She reached down and shoved me a bit so I had to scooch further into the trunk. She then grabbed my legs and pushed them so they'd fold up behind me. She got them folded so my ankles were near my wrists, and she then looped the cords in between my ankle loops and fed them around my wrist cords a few times then I could see she tied a knot. She pulled it tight and all the loops tightened up evenly and my ankles were forced behind me into a strict hogtie. When she'd finished the ankle cords were tightly held against my wrist cords and my back was forced to arch somewhat behind me. She tied off several knots and said, "There, he's all done. Nice tight hogtie for the ride home. Or wherever it is you're taking him." Lacy thanked her and slammed the trunk closed.
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Camping Trip 3/3

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I heard their muffled voices a bit as Lacy thanked them again and said goodbye. They also said goodbye and then I heard a loud knocking on the trunk and the girl shout, "So long, loverboy!" Then I heard their footsteps as they walked away. Lacy walked around and I heard the car door open and felt the car rock a bit as she sat down, then she slammed the door. I heard the engine start and the car started to pull out.

I pulled against the hogtie a bit but it served no purpose. It occured to me that this was going to be a long drive, if Lacy was taking me back home. I resigned myself to having to spend the next 4 or 5 hours hogtied in the trunk of the car. I thought I was at least lucky since she hadn't blindfolded me. But it didn't matter much since it was almost completely dark in the trunk anyway.

A long time later the car started driving on city streets. I realized I had dozed off. The car stopped for a while, then started again, probably having stopped at a signal. Many turns later I felt the car brake and then turn, and bounce up and down and I guessed she must have turned into a driveway. I felt the car tilt downards and move forward, then level off. More turns and I heard the high pitched squeel of tires skidding on smooth cement, and I guessed she had pulled into a parking garage. A while later the car slowed and turned, then stopped. She must have parked.

In a moment I heard the engine turn off and the car door open. I heard a key placed in a lock, and a click and the trunk lid popped open and I looked up at her, blinking in the light. She had the scissors in her hand, and she leaned down and snipped the cord tying me in a hogtie. My legs flopped loose. She then cut the other cords tying my ankles and legs, and my legs were free again. She helped me to sit up and I was able to use my legs to lift up and out of the trunk, and then I was standing next to her. She had held one of my arms to help steady me. She closed the trunk and hit the button and I heard the car doors lock. She had the scissors in her hand. She started to guide me along then stopped and told me to wait a moment. She went back to the car and opened the read door on the driver's side and reached in, and in her hand was a ball of binding cord. She closed the door and locked the car again. I noticed she had her pouch strapped at her waist again.

She came to me and grabbed my right arm and pulled me along. I let her guide me along and we passed many parked cars. We turned and stopped in front of an elevator door. She hit the button and we both looked around, but no one was in the garage besides us. The doors opened and the elevator was empty. She shoved me in and followed. We turned around and she reached over and pressed the 5 button. I didn't know where we were. Probably her place. And evidently she lived on the 5th floor.

The elevator rose some then stopped on L and the doors opened. There was a young well dressed couple waiting for the elevator. They both took one look at me standing there naked and tied up and gagged and their mouths fell open. Lacy told them to come on in, and asked what floor they were going to. The woman said "Six" and Lacy pressed the button. The doors closed, but looking out I could see the lobby was empty. I could see the people in the reflection of the stainless steel sides of the elevator, and I watched the woman. She was staring at me. She whispered something into her boyfriend's ear and he laughed, then said, "That's his problem." She continued to stare at me but neither of them spoke to us. When the elevator stopped on the 5th floor Lacy pulled me out into the hallway. We turned right and walked down the empty hall. I looked back and saw the woman had stepped out of the elevator and was staring at us.

We walked past several doors and then stopped at one numbered 514. Lacy pulled out some keys and unlocked the door. I looked down the hall and saw the woman was still staring at us, one hand holding the door of the elevator open. Lacy glanced at her once then shoved me inside as the door opened. She closed the door behind her and I heard her engaging some locks, then I saw her slide the doorchain in place. She then turned around and pushed me further into the room by my arm. She led me over to a living room area and sat me down on a sofa, then said, "Stay there." She reached behind her and unsnapped the pack from her waist and set it down on an end table. She pulled out of a pocket in her shorts the ball of binding fiber and the scissors and stepped over to me.

"I'm going to tie your legs again. Hold them together." I did as she told me. She tied my ankles and then my knees again, above and below the knee. Then she tied my feet together as my girlfriend had done. "If you try to move from there I'll hogtie you. Understand?" I nodded.

She walked around the sofa and picked up her pack, then walked to the kitchen and pulled open a drawer. I heard her drop the things she was carrying into it and shove it closed. She opened the refrigerator and I heard the click of glass, and I saw she had a beer in her hand. She popped the top off and then came over and sat in a chair opposite me and took a drink, staring at me all the while. I looked back at her and let my eyes roam over her body. She had nice legs and a great figure. I looked down and saw she was wearing sneakers without socks, just as I was.

She saw me looking at her and took another sip of beer. Then she looked down at my penis, which wasn't hard at the moment. Then she looked back up into my eyes, and I could feel my penis start to get hard. As it started to stand up she looked at it again and smiled and I heard her chuckle a bit. She set the beer down and stood up, and pulled her shirt off over her head. Then she Slipped the shorts off her waist and they fell to the ground. She was wearing the same kind of sexy swimsuit my girlfriend had been wearing. She saw me staring at her and she turned around slowly for me. The rear of the suit was a thong, just like the one my girlfriend had on. I wondered if it was the same suit. Maybe my girlfriend had loaned it to her. The shoes might have been the same also.

She bent and picked up her shorts and bundled them together with her shirt and tossed them away towards the kitchen and they landed on a table there. She then sat back down and picked up her beer and took another sip, then crossed her legs. She looked beautiful. My penis got completely hard as she sat there staring at me, sipping her beer. I wondered what she was going to do with me.

Then from the kitchen we could hear a phone ringing. She jumped up and got her phone from inside the pack in the drawer, and I heard her ask, "Hello?". There was some talking on the other end that I couldn't understand, but it sounded like a female voice. "Yeah, we're at my place. He's right here on the couch and we're enjoying a beer." She listened some more and then said, "No problem, if you're occupied you can just come by tomorrow. He'll be fine here." There was more talking. "He's still tied up just like he was. He's looks fine. I tied his legs up again when we got here. I gave him a drink and helped him to pee. Do you want to say anything to him?" Evidently she said no because Lacy didn't bring the phone over to me. "Ok, call me when you're on your way. Is there anything special you want me to do?" There was a long period of talking, then Lacy said, "Ok, no problem. Ta ta!" Then she hung up the phone. She set it down on the counter and came back and sat down and picked up her beer again.

She took a sip then said, "She wants me to keep you tied up until she gets here. She said she'd probably come by tomorrow before noon. She said we could entertain ourselves however we wanted." She took another sip. "She's with another man, in case you didn't realize that. She saw him at the club we went to on Friday night and she had known him from before. She said you and her had seen this guy a few times when you were dancing, she said you'd remember him."

I immediately thought of the guy she'd told me she wouldn't mind going home with, and I felt a wave of anger at her taking this opportunity to go be with him while I couldn't do anything about it. Lacy saw my reaction and laughed. "You know it gets worse. He asked about her boyfriend and she told him all about you, and where you were right then. He didn't believe her. She showed him the pictures on her phone. Then she said he hoped he didn't have any plans later that evening, and he said he didn't. They danced a lot that evening. He's a cool guy, we all liked him. He kept asking about you though, why she had left you tied up like that. She just said if that's what she had to do once in a while to have a girls night out she was willing to do it. We all laughed. She said you were into it anyway, and it was your birthday present."

Lacy sipped her beer and continued staring at me. Her beer was almost gone. I wondered what was going to happen when she finished.

"She spent the night with him, took him back to your place. Then they were together all day Saturday. She told me last night on the phone that he was into bondage also. She'd let him tie her up, but he hadn't let her tie him up. He said he'd have to build up a little trust first. She said she laughed at that and told him she didn't mind. When we talked on the phone I asked her if she was tied up then, and she said she was. She said he was about to gag her and she had gotten him to let her make one phone call. She said she'd call me the next morning, which would be Sunday, if he'd let her. Then she said she had to go, and the line clicked off."

Lacy finished up the last of her beer, then set the bottle down on a little table. She leaned back and just kept staring at me as she rocked her leg from side to side, the one that was crossed over the other one. I stared back at her. Finally she stood up and snapped her fingers and motioned for me to stand up. I did, and she grabbed one of my arms and started roughly pushing me along. I hopped along and she guided me out of the living room and along a short hallway until we came to a larger bedroom at the end, and we went in. There was a queen sized bed with the covers made up. She told me to stand still and she went over and pulled all the bedding off until there was nothing but the sheet covering the mattress. She rolled all the bedding up and tossed it into a corner behind a chair. There was no board at the foot of the bed. She told to turn around and sit down on the bed, then lay back in the middle. I did as I was told, but to move around required a considerable amount of writing around and twisting. She watched me the whole time. When I was in the middle of the bed laying on my back she told me to wait there.

She closed the bedroom door behind her and I heard it click shut. She then walked over to a closet and went in. She came back out quickly and had something in her hand. She held it up and it looked to be another swimsuit. It was all black but it looked much like the one she was wearing. She tossed it on the bed and then stepped closer and pulled the arms down off the suit she was wearing and slid it down her body until it was loose enough to fall down to the floor. She bent and picked it up and tossed it back into the closet. She was naked except for the sneakers she was wearing. She came to the bed and picked up the black garment and arranged it, then stepped into it and slid it up over her body to her neck. It was a tight spandex one piece outfit, clearly something bought at some kinky adult store. There were round holes where her naked breasts poked through. The crotch area was completely bare. She turned around and I saw the rear was also a g-string. It looked incredibly sexy. I could see the top part at her neck was seperated and there was a zipper. She turned back around and faced me, then reached around behind her with her arms and stared off into space as she tried to get the zipper closed.

Eventually she succeeded and I saw as she pulled the zipper up. The top part of the suit was high up on her neck and was wrapped around it tightly. Her shoulders were bare, but aside from her bare breasts her upper chest was covered by the black fabric up to the top of her throat. She stood and struck a pose and held her hands on her hips and stared down at me. "Do you like it?" I nodded vigorously.

She came over to the bed and climbed up, then walked along on her knees until she straddled me. Then she sat down on my upper thighs with her legs bent underneath her. She was just barely far enough down so she didn't touch my penis. The leaned forward and rested her hands on my chest right at my nipples, and looked into my eyes. She avoided touching my penis. She said, "Isn't it unfair that your girlfriend is right this minute with another man? Wouldn't it be nice if there was some way you could get back at her?" I nodded my head. With her fingers she started to tickle my nipples, and I was in heaven. She continued to stare into my eyes as she kept fonding my nipples. She stopped after a while and reached up and played with her own nipples and breasts. I watched without blinking. My erection was as hard as it ever had been. She stared into my eyes while she played with her nipples.

Then she reached down and rubbed her hands on her own crotch, and I could feel her shudder. She massaged her clit with one finger, and with the other hand she reached up and fondled her breasts and nipples. She started to rock a little forwards and backwards on top of me. I continued to watch everything she did.

Finally she reached down and touched my penis, stroking it and massaging it with both hands. She looked up into my eyes and saw as I started to defocus my vision and phase out. She continued rubbing my penis, then suddenly she slid back down towards my feet and bent down and took my penis in her mouth. I was in nirvana. She sucked and massaged my penis with her tongue. Then she reached up with her hands and tickled my nipples again. She kept this up until I was almost going to come, then she slowed down. This teasing went on for a long time. 5 minutes? 10? Finally she stopped completely and rolled off of me and off the bed. She hurried to the bathroom and I heard a cabinet open, then close, and she ran back. She held up what she had, it was a condom. She tore it open and shook it out, then placed it on my penis and rolled it all the way down. Then she got up and straddled me again. She looked into my eyes and said, "Do you want me to fuck you?" I nodded vigorously. "Do you want to get even with your girlfriend?" she asked. I nodded again. "Ok," she said. She then moved up and guided me into her, and then lowered herself down and I was inside her. She was tight and very warm and I could feel her pulse punding. She reached down and tickled my nipples some more, then started to pump up and down slowly.

She played with her own nipples and breasts some, then came back to my nipples. She bent down and kissed my face, the parts that weren't covered by the gag. She started to pump faster and faster, and I started arching my back up against her in step, and the two of us continued until finally I exploded in orgasm, and she shook violently as she climaxed as well. She continued to pump for a while longer until we both were completely spent. She opened her eyes and stared down at me, then laid down on top of me with my penis still inside her. She kissed my face again and tickled my nipples a bit more. Then she rose up and pulled loose and slid to the side of the bed and sat there staring at me.

"That was wonderful," she said. She was breathing hard and I could see her heart beating against her chest. I was breathing hard as well. She reached over and put her hand on my chest and felt my heart pounding. Then she pulled her arm back and sat there staring at me. "Did you like it?" I shook my head yes. She laughed. She looked at my penis and said, "It's still hard," then she laughed again. She looked into my eyes, then asked, "Would you like to be untied?" I nodded my head, thinking she was going to untie me. But she only laughed again. "Oh I'm so sorry for you. I have to leave you tied up until she comes." She leaned down and gave me another kiss on my cheek, then caressed the side of my head. "I'm sorry for me also. But you've got to stay tied up. I can't even take your gag off."

She got up off the bed and went to the bathroom. I saw her brushing her hair, then she tied it back into a ponytail. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Damn! I forgot the belt!" She left the bathroom and ran to the closet. When she returned she had a wide cloth strip in her hand which she then wrapped around her waist above her hips, fastening it together in front. It was a tight elastic belt and it looked like it had been part of the one piece swimsuit thing she was wearing. The belt made her look even sexier. She saw my appreciation and frowned. "I can't believe I forgot to put it on. When I saw the belt on the maniquin at the store that's what made me buy this outfit in the first place."

She sat down in the chair in the corner sideways and folded her legs underneath her. She still wore the sneakers and I thought she looked really sexy. Her outfit looked perfect on her and I hoped she would keep wearing it. She seemed like she intended to. I continued to gaze at her and she watched my eyes as I did so. After a while she laughed and looked at my penis again, and it was still hard. "Still hard? That's amazing. Let me try something." She came over and straddled me again, and I was inside her again. "Yep, still hard." She started to pump up and down and after a while we both exploded in another orgasm again. It had only been about 5 minutes since the last one. "Wow!" she said. She stayed where she was on top of me and just continued to slowly pump up and down and look at my eyes. It felt incredible. After a long time, maybe another 15 minutes or so, I started to feel my hard on going away. She felt it too and frowned and said, "Oh well, nothing lasts forever." She leaned down and kissed me then slid off and went back to the chair, sitting as she had before. She gazed at my penis as it slowly deflated.

Eventually she hopped up and pulled the condom off me and ran to the bathroom and tossed it away. She came back with a small washcloth and wiped my penis with it, drying it off. She then tossed it back into the bathroom and went and sat in the chair again, in the same pose. She gazed at me for a long time and I stared back at her. I rolled onto my side to face her and bent my legs up behind me for balance. I wished I had a pillow. She looked at my body and I could tell she was looking at all the cords that tied me up. "You look really sexy tied up, you know that? Maybe I should just get my camera and capture the moment." She ran out of the room and came back with a camera, and she took maybe two dozen photos of me on the bed. She told me to bend my legs up, to sit up, to crouch with my legs folded underneath me. She took pictures from many angles, and several from behind. Finally she turned her camera off and left the room. When she came back she he the ball of binding cord and the scissors. I was back up against the headboard leaning against it with my legs straight out in front of me. I wondered what she was going to do with the cord.

She set the scissors and the cord down at the foot of the bed, then said she had to get something. She went into the closet and came back holding a piece of wood about 5 or 6 feet long and 2 or 3 feet wide. She said, "This is the bottom piece of the bed, but I don't usually keep it on. Hang on..." She held it until it fitted into some slots on the part of the bed and it slid into place. She went into the closet again and came back with some bolts she held up for me to see. In her other hand she had a wrench. She went first to one side and to the other and fed the bolts in and tightened them up. Then she stood up and yanked on the board and it was solidly in place. She went and put the wrench back in the closet then came back to the room. She picked up the binding fiber and the scissors and told me to slide down to the foot of the bed and put my back to it. I did. She told me to bend my legs underneath me, and I did. She moved behind me and reaching through the square holes in the base board she tied a length of the binding fiber she had cut to my wrist loops. She then fed it out through the hole and tied it back to my ankle loops. When she saw how it was coming out she changed her mind. Instead she took the length of cord and tied my ankle ties to my wrist ties so I was hogtied again. She then cinched these loops and from the cinch knots she fed the cord ends through the hole in the baseboard and tied it off. She told me to scooch down a bit so I was closer against the board and she tightened the cord so the tether allowed me only a little bit of movement.

She then set the scissors and cord down and came and sat on the bed and leaned against the head, and stared at me. I was balanced upright on my tied legs with them folded underneath me in the hogtie. She frowned and shook her head, and said it was no good. She moved and got the scissors and cut through all the ties on my legs and the hogtie and started over. She then tied my ankles to my thighs on both legs, frogtying me. She didn't bother with any loops at my knees. She then tied a length of cord between my ankle ties and tied a knot in the middle, and from there she tied it off to the middle of the base board. I was left squatting with my legs spread apart, folded underneath me. I felt much more stable as I knelt there.

She returned to the head of the bed, but then got up and got a pillow and put it behind her and leaned back against it. She pulled her legs up and crossed them and we sat there staring at each other. "I ought to take some more pictures," she commented. She asked me if I felt ok. I nodded. "Still want to be untied?" I nodded again. She asked me to try to lay down on my side, and I did. Then she told me to sit up again, and with a bit of effort I was able to. "Ok, it looks like you're tucked in for the night. I'll be right back."

She ran out of the room and came back with her camera, then took some more pictures of me from various angles, finally from where she sat at the head of the bed. "You look gorgeous right there," she said. She set the camera down and just sat staring at me, and I stared back. Finally she said, "I wish I were tied up too." My eyes must have opened wide because she laughed. She picked up the camera and I realized it was her phone when she dialed it. There was a long wait and then someone answered. "Hi, yeah everything is ok. Are you tied up right now?" I heard my girlfriend's voice say, "No." Lacy pressed the button to put the speaker phone on, then she set the phone down. "Are you busy right now?"

"Not especially busy. He's in the bedroom laying down."

"Is he tied up?" there was a pause, then my girlfriend answered with a drawn out, "Maaaayyybe." Then she giggled. Lacy said, "Can you drop by my place. I'm sitting here looking at your boy and he looks so sad tied up and gagged at the foot of my bed. I thought it would be some comfort to him if he had some company."

"But you're with him, aren't you?" "Yeah, but I mean, it doesn't seem fair that he's the only one tied up." "You want me to come over and tie you up?" "Maaaayyybe," Lacy said and laughed. "Right now?" Lacy said yes. "Do you also have another gag?" "You want to be gagged also?" "Yeah." "We've got a bunch of them, I'll bring one over. I'll be there in about 15 minutes, I've got to throw something on." The line went dead.

Lacy sat there with me and we continued to stare at each other. There was a knock on the door and Lacy jumped up and ran to it. I heard her unlocking the door and she opened it, and my girlfriend's voice said, "Wow, you look so sexy in that!". The door closed. Then the two of them entered the bedroom. They came around on either side of the bed and both looked at me. My girlfriend laughed when she looked into my eyes and said, "I hope you're not mad at me, sweetheart? I thought you'd like your birthday present." She laughed again. Then she looked at Lacy again and admired her outfit. "That really looks good on you. I'd love to borrow that sometime." She looked at me sidelong. "I bet he likes it also." I nodded.

My girlfriend was wearing a large overcoat belted at her waist. She opened the belt and slipped it off. I was surprised to see she was wearing a very sexy outfit herself, but it was less revealing than Lacy's. She had brought a large bag with her and she empied it out on the bed. "Do you want to get started right away?" She asked Lacy. Lacy nodded. "Do you want to be tied up like he is?" Again Lacy nodded. "But you want to wear what you're wearing though, right?" Lacy said she did.

My girlfriend told her to climb up on the bed and face away and put her hands behind her back. Lacy did. I watched as my girlfriend methodically tied Lacy up just as she had tied me up. Before she tied the body harness on her she unbuckled the belt though, and she buckled it back on when she was done. As she was figuring out the lock mechanism she realized it could be adjusted. She took it off again and pulled it so it was a few inches shorter, then buckled it back onto Lacy's waist with a bit of struggle. By this time Lacy was gagged and her wrists were tied behind her back and her hands were tightly wrapped inside a glove just like mine. She looked down at the belt and then up at my girlfriend and nodded. My girlfriend smiled.

Quickly Lacy's upper arms were tied together and the cords pulled tight and tied off to her shoulder harness. Then her wrists were tied to the harness down at her waist just as mine were. Finally she tied her legs in a frogtie like mine, then she came over and looked at how my ankles were tied. She tied Lacy's ankles the same way and the last step was to tether her by her wrists and ankles to the head of the bed. She asked Lacy, "Do you want to be tethered in place like he is?" Lacy nodded. She told Lacy to flop down on her face and she tied her ankle cords to her wrists in what looked to be a stricter hogtie than mine. She then tied a long piece of doubled cord onto Lacy's wrists and fed it through the middle holes of the headboard, wrapping it around a bit. She then moved to the side and told Lacy to sit up. She then started pulling the loose end of the tether to the side, tighting up the tether so Lacy was forced to back up next to the headboard. Finally my girlfriend reached back behind Lacy and tied off the end of the tether cord and wrapped it around the tether many times and knotted it securely. I couldn't see any of her work and could only guess at what she was doing. Finally she was done and she stepped back off the bad and looked at the two of us. "You two look like bookends." She picked up Lacy's phone and took a bunch of pictures of Lacy. She was going to take some pictures of me but Lacy shook her head, and she guessed that Lacy meant she'd already taken a bunch of pictures of me, and Lacy nodded when she asked if that's what she meant.

She put the phone on the chair and made sure there was nothing left on the bed. She found Lacy's scissors in the bathroom and she left them there on the counter. She then sat on the side of the bed and looked at Lacy. "Do you want to spend the night tied up like this?" Lacy nodded. "Want me to come by tomorrow morning then?" Lacy nodded again. Tomorrow was Monday. She went and put her coat back on and belted it. Then she checked Lacy's bonds one more time, and then mine, and said we were both safely tied up and if either of us was able to get loose she'd let us tie her up naked and run her through central park at noon on a Sunday.

She then got up and left the room. She came back a moment later jingling Lacy's keys, and told Lacy she was going to take them with her. Lacy nodded. She closed the bedroom door and left the two of us alone. A short time later I heard the apartment door open and close. Then there was just silence.

Lacy was resting balanced on her folded legs just as I still was. We were facing each other. We continued to stare at each other and at the cords that we were tied up in. I thought she looked fantastic. I felt as my penis got hard again, then I realized that with her tied up as she was there was nothing we could do to take advantage of it. She looked down at my penis and then I could almost hear her sigh. She rose up and pulled against her tether, first tentatively then after a while harder and harder until she was really straining to get loose. I could see her muscles as she struggled, but after a short time she gave up and sagged back. She couldn't break loose of her tether. She looked down at herself and started to writhe around, trying to shift the cords around on her body. It looked very erotic. She kept it up for 5 or 10 minutes but in the end she accomplished nothing. She was still tied up just as securely as before. She tried to loosen up her gag by tilting her head way back so the straps on the gag bit into her flesh, but they didn't stretch in any noticable amount. She tried to rub the gag against the head of the bed, as if she could work the clasp loose that way, but stopped after a while when she must have remembered that my girlfriend had rivited the straps on her gag just as she had done on mine.

Finally Lacy settled back down and stopped moving and stared into my eyes. There was a look of sad, hopeless defeat there. A wistful look. She stared down at my penis and then back at my eyes, and I realized she was starting to regret having herself tied up as she had.

She looked over to the side and I looked at what she had glanced at, and saw a digital clock. It read 12:23 AM. My girlfriend would come back any time before noon tomorrow morning. I guessed she'd barely make it, if I knew her. Lacy and I continued staring at each other. I realized the light in the room was going to stay on all night. Eventually I got tired of my position and I rolled down and lay on my side. Lacy did the same. We continued to stare at each other's eyes and bodies for a long time. Finally I started to get very sleepy and my erection had long since gone down. I looked at the clock and it was just after 2AM. I closed my eyes and when next I opened them there was sunlight coming from a high window in Lacy's bedroom. I looked at her and she was asleep, still in the same position on her side. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30 AM. My girlfriend would probably be showing up any time.

I carefully sat up without shaking the bed, and got to where I was kneeling again with my legs folded underneath me. I just sat there and stared at Lacy as she slept. She looked really cute sleeping there in her sexy outfit, tied up and gagged. I heard some noise and realized my girlfriend had shown up and had come in the front door. In a moment I heard the door open and she came in, but didn't make any noise. She looked at me then at Lacy and saw Lacy was asleep. She quietly came over to me and pulled out some scissors and cut the tether cord. She then motioned for me to slide over to the edge of the bed, and I did, and she cut the cords tying my legs into the frogtie. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She tugged my arm and the two of us quietly left the room. She looked back in and Lacy was still asleep on the bed. My girlfriend closed the door and led me to the living room.

She then asked if I'd like to be untied, and I nodded. She came over and cut through the straps on the gag and with some difficulty managed to pull it off and out of my mouth. I worked my jaws some and they were sore and numb but recovered quickly. She put her finger to her lips and whispered for me to be quiet. I asked her if she was going to untie me, and she said she was willing to, but she wondered what I wanted to do. She said if I wanted she'd leave me with Lacy and she'd let me decide what to do with her. I said I'd like that. I asked her about the guy, and she said she'd taken him back to his place. I asked if he was still tied up and she shook her head. She said he'd spent the night tied up but she'd let him go in the morning.

I wondered why she wasn't untying me. She just sat there staring at me. Then she said, "Let's make love. I want to do you while you're tied up." I told her to go ahead. She said she wanted to gag me again though, and I saw it was important to her so I said, "If you can figure out how to reuse that gag I'm ok with being gagged again." She managed to put it back on me even though the straps had been cut. She was able to use the rivet gun to fix the straps but she had to pull it very tight in order for the ends to overlap. When she was satisfied she stepped back and took off her clothes until she was naked except for some high heels and a tight exercise top. She guided me down onto the floor and I laid there on my back. She straddled me and immediately I was inside her and she started pumping. We came together and the waves rolled over both of us but it wasn't as good as Lacy last night. She pulled off of me and then quickly stood up. I worked my way up to a sitting position and stared at her, expecting her to untie me. Instead she crept to the door of Lacy's bedroom and opened it and looked in. Then she closed it quietly and came back.

"She's still asleep. I hope she's still alive in there," then she laughed.

Finally she got down and with the scissors cut me loose of all the cords. I was stiff and sore but after stretching I was able to loosen up. I rubbed my hands all over my arms and body and face. I went over and kissed her again. I was naked except for the shoes which I still wore. "Did you bring any of my clothes over?" I asked. She said she didn't think of it. I said, "Nevermind. What are you going to do now?"

"I'll probably go home. What are you going to do?" She glanced over at Lacy's bedroom door. I thought about it. "Let me tie you up," I said. She looked at me. Then she said, "Ok."
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