Spandex mummy bag

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Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby tonyleeds » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:22 pm

Has anyone tried a spandex mummy bag for self bondage?
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Re: Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby LockedInALocker » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:53 am

tonyleeds wrote:Has anyone tried a spandex mummy bag for self bondage?

     Would this really be possible - or possible reasonably safely?
     If you didn't have (or didn't use) internal arm-sleeves, I suppose you could zip yourself up in one, and then, later on, when you'd been in long enough, unzip yourself again; but I don't think that would count as real bondage. Not to me, at least.
     I have heard of elaborate systems where you can attach strings to zippers and the other ends to anchor points, put yourself in, with the arm-sleeves in use, and then wriggle in such a way as to pull the zippers closed; and then, later on, wriggle in other ways to unzip them. Still not sure if it's real bondage (because, albeit with difficulty, you can still get out whenever you choose); but it would at least be a lot closer.
     But I think there would be safety concerns with this. What if the string snapped or tangled? What if you somehow jammed the zippers because of pulling on them in an unnatural direction?
     Since I cannot find anyone who could help me, I would have to do such things alone. I have long thought I'd like to get some kind of sleepsack to use if I could be satisfied it would be acceptably safe. But I don't think I am so far satisfied about that, so have saved my money. (If I did buy one, I might be tempted to try it on my own, then something might go wrong. Maybe just best left alone if I can't get anyone to help me.)
     As far as I've been able to gather over some years, the consensus is that sleepsacks, mummy bags, and the like are not safe enough for solo use - similarly to the situation with vacuum beds, cubes, and similar. That is a real pity; but that seems to be how it is; and some experts have opined that it would not be possible even in principle to devise a system for using them that would be acceptably safe.

Regards, Michael.
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Re: Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby Franzia » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:01 pm

LockedInALocker wrote:     If you didn't have (or didn't use) internal arm-sleeves, I suppose you could zip yourself up in one, and then, later on, when you'd been in long enough, unzip yourself again; but I don't think that would count as real bondage.

If I did have one with internal arm-sleeves and somehow managed to get my arms in them, I don't think escape would be possible without a partner or a small knife. But spandex without internal sleeves can be safe for solo use; I can reach the zipper of mine without much trouble due to it's 'stretchy' tightness.

True, it might not be considered real bondage since it isn't really tight and release is easy, but it can be great for occasional long sessions.
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Re: Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby chaos_fab » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:42 am

I have used a string system attached to a ring --> tied to a rope which is anchored to a bedpost to 'hop' away from said post in order to zip close a sack (starting at the head). You can also attach it to the bottom and wiggle worm your way (laying down on a bed or the floor) to close the zipper in the opposite direction.

I have had it get stuck and was unable to get out (This sack also came with internal sleeves)only once. I'm only 5'9 and ~140 lbs but I was able to rip a large enough hole along the side of the sack where it is sewn together in order to unhook the zipper without much difficulty. So assuming it is made of spandex than you should be able to rip out of it with sheer strength or at the very least rip and tear away at it with the help from the corner of a bed/dresser etc and get to a cutting device.

Most of the spandex sacks are also elastic enough to be able to stretch in and out of the internal sleeves. You can usually get enough leverage (even with arms behind back) to sometimes also be able to force the zippers apart but doing so can damage or even ruin further use of the zipper. So in a pinch if something goes wrong with the zipper you can rip your way out of SPANDEX/NYLON types. I can't speak for heavier/ more costly products though as I've only used ~50$ sacks.

Play smart and test things slowly before going all-in. If the sack has a hood - test how easy it is to breathe through the material and try not to use very large gags when learning how to play with on. Best of luck!
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Re: Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby IndoRaptor » Mon May 06, 2019 10:07 pm

I'm into cotton, canvas sleepsack. It just gives you a hospital feel.
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Re: Spandex mummy bag

Unread postby Cd Tammy » Tue May 07, 2019 8:42 pm

I have a very strong door magnet. When powered, you are not pulling it apart. What if the spandex mummy bag was secured at the foot to an object or eye hook. Then a cord with a piece of metal to attach to the magnet at one end and a lock to attack to the zipper on the other end.
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