Telephone conversations.

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Telephone conversations.

Unread postby restricted » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:42 am

As this is a one sided conversation, to make it easier to follow, I have broken it in into paragraphs.

“What’s that dear? You miss me? I know you do. It’s a shame that you couldn’t come here with me, but you know you would not get through the security at the airport with that steel chastity belt on. In a way, it’s a good job you are not here. The beach is full of lovely girls in tiny bikinis and you would be as frustrated as hell. What’s that? You are frustrated anyway? Try to take your mind off of things. I’m just as frustrated as you, watching all these young well-built studs in their Speedo’s, showing off what they have got for a girl. But don’t worry, I won’t stray. My body is reserved for your tongue and face. I love it when I force your nose into my vagina. Maybe that’s why men’s noses are bigger than women’s? The girls and I are having a wonderful time. They don’t realise how wet you are making me thinking about you with your cock locked away for safety’s sake. I have to relieve my frustration myself back in my room. Thank heaven’s for the invention of dildos and vibrators. I’m sure by now you would be masturbating yourself silly, which of course you can’t. I’ll be home in two weeks.

To be fair, it’s wonderful that you allowed me to control your urges like this. You have definitely paid me more attention since I locked you up. No more fumbling, wham, bam and thank you ma’am. You are more thoughtful for my needs. No more lying in the wet spot. I‘ve never had so many orgasms at once like I have with you using your tongue. Yes, yes. Don’t worry, as soon as I get back to work I’ll get the keys from my desk and put that plastic one on you. I love seeing how it is struggling to escape its prison. I’m sorry that I forgot to bring the keys home, you know how it is, last minute packing and checking we have everything, well, I have everything, as you couldn’t come, Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, but then again, you can’t cum without my permission can you. What’s that? You tried going to my office to get the keys and they wouldn’t let you in? Ha-ha. It’s a high security office and you need passes to enter. Guess what, you don’t have a pass. What’s that love, you are begging to tell me where the keys really are? Yes, I know I said I’d separate them but I never got round to it and they are in my drawer at work as I have told you. It’s no good you begging and pleading with me, although I do love to hear it along with your sobbing. It shows you really love me and it makes me hot and wet listening to it. I never realised just how much my sex life would improve simply by locking you up. I don’t think I should ever take it off of you. You might revert to your old ways. This way you know what your position is.

It’s no good writing to that factory in Germany. They will only send the keys to the key holder. Which of course happens to be me. They make an attachment for the belt and I have ordered two to be sent to you. Do not open it. It is a clip on dildo so you can fuck me without the worry of ever going soft like you do before when I am just getting towards my orgasm. It is recorded so I know you have got it. If you open it, I will throw the keys in the river when I get back to work. I ordered two different sizes. I can’t wait to find out if I can take the biggest one. I’d love to know if size really matters. Lying in the sun like this in my tiny bikini is doing me the world of good. Shame you can’t see it. I won’t send a photo as it will make it worse for you. Isn’t that kind of me? See, I think of you all the time. I have had lots of attention from all the males. They are like flies around a dustbin. Some of the girls have gone topless and some have dropped everything so I might go naked tomorrow. I’ve never felt the warmth of the sun on my intimate part before. But I am worried in case it shows how wet I am. I didn’t know I could be like this until I put you into a cock cage. I am sending you a present It’s a strap on dildo I can wear to massage your prostate. I’m looking forward to trying that. I’ll be the man about the house and you’d be the dutiful bitch ready to accept my wish to have sex with you.

Pardon? You’d go to the police? And tell them what? Your wife locked you in this chastity belt for a sex game. You signed the agreement that you wanted it. They would laugh you out of the police station. You could have stopped me from locking it. You put it on yourself and all I did was close the lock. The film will show that, which I will show as evidence in court. I have the film safely locked away so don’t even bother looking for it. The agreement is with it. They are in a safety deposit box. Only I can get them back. What do you mean I don’t do anything for you? Of course I do. I wear those baby doll nighties you bought me. Okay, I’ll agree it makes it easier for you to go down between my legs. And I do wear those sexy clothes you bought me. Yes I know I refused at the time, but the funny thing is, as soon as I had you locked in that chastity belt, my attitude changed. I should have done it from the day we got married.

I love those short tight miniskirts and shirts especially when I’m wearing killer heels. You don’t hear me moaning about them hurting my feet do you? So man up and stop complaining. I know you watch my bum as I walk in front of you. Oh sorry, you can’t be a man at present. A man can jerk off and can screw his wife or girlfriend. Can you? Oh please stop crying. It is only for another two weeks. Hang on. The girls are talking about something. Oh wow, a gorgeous stud is coming along. I’m sure he must have a cucumber in his trunks. I bet the rest of the girls like me are getting damp right now. He has a nice bum as well. So I suggest you take a cold shower now while I go and get rid of my frustration. I’m soaking just thinking of your head between my legs and me pushing you in further.

I have ordered a penis gag from a shop. Please have that in your mouth when I get home with your hands cuffed behind you. I shall need a good seeing to. There is one for you. It’s a pair of rubber pants with a built in butt plug just for you. It should be there tomorrow so you have two weeks to practice taking it in your anus. Hang on, I’ll call back. I have just been told something so I have to phone the office”.


“That’s better. We have been offered another week here and the office have agreed that as nobody else wants that week off I can stay. So you have three weeks to practice. I shouldn’t have done it really as I am as frustrated as hell now and it’s only been one day. I’ll be climbing up the wall after three weeks, so you had better make a good job of relieving my tension. What do you mean? I'm selfish? I am thinking of you. You know how weak you get after you cum. Well now you won’t get that will you? Not for three weeks at least. If it is right, when I massage your prostate with my strap on, you will empty your balls but sadly not get any feeling. I can’t wait to see if it’s true. If you like, I won’t tell them why, but I could invite the girls back to our place to sunbathe in their bikinis in the garden. See, even now I’m thinking of you, and I know they will be safe don’t I! I’m sure they will love to see your chastity belt in position. Yes, I know it is embarrassing having to sit to pee. But we girls have done that for the millennia, so stop moaning. Anyway love, talking to you with images of you in my mind, I have to rush off to my room and get my vibrator out. I’ll see you in three weeks. Have fun if you can. ‘Bye love. Love you”.
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Re: Telephone conversations.

Unread postby Dianag » Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:37 pm

Oh how cruel - I love it !
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