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Post Tied

Unread postby dsteve » Fri Oct 09, 2020 7:16 pm

My Post Tie
I am a fan of tying and being tied to something. Usually, this is the bed, with arms and legs spread and tied to the four corners of the bed. Your classic spread eagle. This position is ideal for sex, as everything is exposed and vulnerable. At least everything on one side of the body. But, I also love a good tight post tie.
I installed a wooden post in our basement. It is a 4 by 6 wooden post, secured at the top and bottom to the floor and ceiling joists. This makes it very sturdy and rigid. I can not move it at all when tied, or when free for that matter. Before putting it up I rounded the edges and gave it a good sanding to make it smooth and comfortable for anyone tied to it.
The first times we tried it out, one of the problems was that after struggling, the ropes could slip down. Not all the way, but they could be loosened. You all know how disconcerting it is to try to get loose, and find out that you can get loose. No one likes that. We could solve this problem with lots of cinching of the loops, but we were looking for a better solution. Here is how we modified the post.
This is called a “flagpole cleat”
It is meant for tying off the ends of rope after raising a flag. You will also see them on the sides of boats for tying rigging. I purchased enough of these to space them 3 inches apart down the back of our post. These have two great advantages. The first is that it is incredibly fast and easy to tie a body to the post. Tie a loop in the end of a long rope, place the loop over one “ear” of the cleat and start going back and forth across the body. The second is that these solve the problem of ropes slipping down.
I should mention another modification that I made to the post. I mentioned that it is a 4 by 6. That means that my back will be against the 6 inch side of the post and my arms and hands will be against each of the 4 inch sides. We tried the standard wrists tied around the post, but found that to be uncomfortable for long sessions. So, I drilled a large diameter hole through the long dimension of the post at the height where my wrists will be. We can pass several loops of rope through this hole, in advance. When the victim is lead to the post, he is placed back against the post, and wrists are placed in the loops, which are then tightened and knotted. Actually, this is enough to make the situation totally escape proof, but we all know that more rope is always better. And, like all men there is no way to get my elbows together, but they can easily get within 6 inches and having my forearms up to my elbows tied tight to the sides of the post is a good approximation of what an elbow tie must feel like.
After wrists and arms are tied to the sides of the post, the wrapping can begin. So, here is what a session might be like:
I am naked except for my collar. I am lead by the chain dog leash to the basement and then to the post. I am roughly shoved into position, and by hands are placed in the loops of rope that go around each wrist and through the hole in the post. The loops are pulled tight and knotted. Then rope is wrapped around my arms, from wrist to elbow, pulling them against the post. She ties my ankles together and ties a rope around the ankle ropes, between my legs, then to the post.
Getting out our longest ropes, she starts at neck level. The first rope goes over my shoulder, down across my chest and to the back of the post, around one of the cleats. This misses the front of my neck. Then, back and forth, working her way down my body, making sure everything is very tight and the ropes are placed with symmetry and precision. By the time she is done it is close to a rope cocoon, but because of the cleats it is complete in a matter of minutes. I can strain and struggle, but nothing moves a millimeter. Oh, and my cock is strait out, which she can tease and torment.
The final touch is the gag and blindfold. We have a set, including a leather panel gag with a plug, and a leather blindfold. These are both buckled on. The gag is then secured to the post, holding my head in position, upright.
After all this, sometimes she will just go away and leave me there and sometimes she will tease and torment me. I can stay in this position for an hour or more without any discomfort except for the obvious frustration of being horny as hell and not being able to do a thing about it. I love the sensory deprivation of the blindfold and the anticipation of what she will do when she returns.
Anyway, I hope the description of the arrangement is clear. And I hope this gives you all some ideas.
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