Start with bondage

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Start with bondage

Unread postby erik40 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:58 pm

For a long time I have the fantasy/desire to be bound or chained for some hours.

I am a heterosexual man, but for me it does not matter if I would be restrained by a man or woman, as long no sex is involved.

I don't know people in real life who like this. So I got in contact with internet. I got in contact (online) with an older man that like to restrain me. I got some chats with him, he likes to restrain someone without sex, and I have a positive feeling. Most important, I find someone I can trust. Safety is of course very important. That's the reason I am very careful.

I have some questions:
- Do you have advice/tips to assess whether someone can be trusted?
- What is a good length of time to be restrained for the first time? Long term bondage excites me, but what is sensible for the first time?
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Re: Start with bondage

Unread postby boundBinder » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:50 pm

Your own safety should be your primary concern. This "hobby" that we all share can make us make poor decisions.

First and foremost, meet someplace VERY public. Do this more than once, so you can get a feeling about them. Next, I would advise meeting someplace a little more private, so that you can talk discreetly, but still in public, and discuss what you both hope to get out of your acquaintance, and detail exactly what the expectations are, and also what the hard limits are. Hopefully that will give you a starting point.

What part of the world, do you live in?

Keep us posted, how things go for you.
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