Self bound cuckold

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Self bound cuckold

Unread postby Smthat » Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:01 pm

We have all read stories of the wayward husband who has wronged his wife. He is made to dress in woman's clothes, bound and madeo to watch her have sex with another lover.

Here is the perfect tie for such an occasion. In hotel bondage in the self bondage section I discussed hanging a belt attached to a clothes hanger at about chin height. Today it was a window frame. The belt has been threaded through the buckle to make a noose through which your wrists go behind your back. When you sink to a kneeling position the noose is pulled tight and your wrists are pulled high to the middle of your back.

Now when your are fully dressed in your sluttiest attire, clamp your nipples, put on bright red lipstick, put a ring gag in your mouth and tie it behind your head. Not too tight. Thread the belt from the wall through the strap from your gag behind your head and kneel down to your knees.

The simple device is quite an erotic sensation. Your head is pulled back against the wall with your wanting mouth gaping open. Your arms are pinned high into the middle of your back forcing your chest out and putting severe pressure on your burning nipples. You are no your knees with your legs spread wide. I believe if you were wearing six inch heels strapped to your feet you might not be able to get back up without help.

So with a simple belt, a skirt hanger , a rubber ring and a piece of ribbon you are bound helplessly as your wife stands over your gaping toung before she devours her lover as you watch unable to move.

If you want a short video clip of this send me a private email.
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Re: Self bound cuckold

Unread postby Gabriel » Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:22 am

Oh my... As unbelievably arousing helpless scenarios go, this is gold. I kinda wanna try it myself now... :oops:
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Re: Self bound cuckold

Unread postby BrokeZodiac » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:51 pm

Having a hard time visualizing this. A picture or two+ would be nice and helpful if possible.
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