Something diffent. Ideas wanted.

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Something diffent. Ideas wanted.

Unread postby restricted » Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:20 am

Here goes. This might seem weird. It does to me and I am writing it. But hopefully get some ideas out of it.

As I said elsewhere, my wife was taken to hospital with a suspected stroke. X rays showed no sign of one. However, they are keeping her in for observation and let the physiotherapists and occupational therapists work on her arms and legs. You only get 6 session indoors. I did ask if the stress we are going through where a roofer had taken 6 weeks and still only halfway to finishing the job. I'm stressed out and I thought it might have affected her. They agreed that is a possibility. So I have got another roofer in to inspect the damage he has done.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not a therapist (perhaps I need one myself) and she doesn't listen to me. I have tried to massage her legs and arms but they are getting stiffer. Rheumatism and arthritis.

I was talking to the therapists about her needs. I mentioned how she said that more and more of her independence is being taken away from her. As I said it, that got me thinking. I said that I should let her run the house by deciding what should be done. I will start with taking colour charts in and decorating the lounge while she is in hospital. That is a simple thing.

So I need to give her something of importance that she might not have to do but to see that I do it. It would help me relax by handing over some of the admin side of the house. (She can't write or get up to do anything so I have to set her ideas to make me do it||)

I am a lazy idiot. Now I have bought a pinafore dress that looks like a St. Trinians dress. (need to get a belt) Navy school knickers, white blouse, white socks, black sensible shoes, tie, straw boater, wig with pigtails.

Hopefully she will take on the role of school mistress and make me do the work with the threat that the carers would come in and see me like it.

Basically she would be responsible to see that I do the work she sets. I know English, mathematics are two subjects also writing neatly. (I used to do a lot of letter writing but since the advent of computers......). It will take a bit of time getting back to scratch again. So can anyone think what else can be written down. I will get some exercise books.

I'm hoping she will get into it once she sees she is getting responsibility and would show she is needed and not just loved and let me get on with it. There needs to be a purpose for her and I'm hoping this is it. She doesn't mind my crossdressing. Today I whispered Nurse Ratched will be waiting for her to come home and she grinned.

If I do wrong I would have to stand in the corner facing it with hands on my head. Which will cause the dress to rise. Made to go into the garden to "play" for 20 minutes or so. (Hope it's not too cold). It will definitely calm me down and make her calm down if she sees I m not stressed out. So I am open to any suggestions.
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