A job well done.

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A job well done.

Unread postby restricted » Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:19 am

As a self-employed carpenter I used to travel all around looking for work. I was happy with what I made per annum but it didn’t give me enough for a holiday. Still, I could take a weekend away here and there.

Then came the day I came across an advert in a shop window. “Carpenter required for fitting kitchen units” and it gave the telephone number. It looked promising and I thought I would give it a go. I was surprised though that no one had taken the job up. Anyone can fit units.

Still, I tried the number and arranged to go and see what they wanted. Wow, what a kitchen. You could have put my old flat inside the kitchen and not even see it. I estimated about two weeks work. Maybe I could do it quicker, but that would have to be seen.

They introduced themselves as Rose and Ann. Twin sisters that had been left this old house. They were in their twenties and might I dare add, stunning to look at. It seemed a shame to be hidden away in a house like they were, but they explained, once it was redecorated, they would be getting out and about. Plus they would be having parties there.

The grey sky was clearing and it was getting warmer. As I looked around, the sun came out. “Oh good, the weather is supposed to be hot for the next two weeks”. I told them I could start the following Monday but I have to find a place to stay first. That was agreed. However, I could only get one week in a B&B. I was told that was no problem, they would sort something out for me in the meantime.

The following Monday I arrived with all my tools and started. They gave me food and drink to save me keep going off for lunch. By the end of the first day I had the cupboard for one wall completed and ready to be put in place. This was going to be quicker than I thought. The units they had bought must have cost a fortune as they were good quality and easy to assemble.

By the end of the first week I had nearly all the units in place. I told them I had almost finished and would like to settle up fairly soon. There was a nice beach nearby so I would find a place to stay while I took a weekend off sunbathing. I was told I could stay there for the while and maybe decorate the house for them. That sounded a fair offer but I told them I hadn’t any shorts. Rose told me she was going into town and she would get me some. I told her my waist size.

I finished the units while Anne showed me the other rooms. She told me what room I could have to sleep in. It had a king sized bed in it. I prepared the woodwork ready for painting and looked at the emulsion they had got. Mostly Apricot was chosen for the house. Still, it wouldn’t take a week to decorate the place.

Rose turned up and said we should all go to the beach to relax before carrying on. She handed me a package and told me to go and put them on. I went into the room Anne had told me and stripped off. When I opened the package, Rose had bought some budgie smugglers. I slipped my trousers back on and went and said I couldn’t wear them. The two girls argued that I could. They would be wearing bikinis so why couldn’t I wear them. Okay, they won the argument. I went back in and came out wearing them.

The two girls were full of praise and went to put their bikinis on. I went to the beach with Rose while Anne put the shopping away. She joined us about twenty minutes later. What a wonderful day. The sun really got hot. Nearly as hot as I got when we all rubbed sun tan lotion into each other’s bodies.

Eventually we went home and I went looking for my clothes. They were gone. I asked what was going on and Anne told me they like their slave to be wearing the uniform at all times. I asked what slave and what uniform. Rose responded by telling me I was wearing my uniform and I was their slave. It was making them hotter by the minute.

I retired to bed only to be joined in a matter of minutes by the two girls. They were quite deft at tying my hands together and above my head to the headboard and my feet together to the bottom of the headboard. I was gagged and blindfolded and the two said they were taking their bikinis off. They slipped into the bed, one each side of me.

Have you ever tried sleeping when two naked girls were nuzzling your ears and neck and running their hands over your thighs, stomach and chest as well as running their legs up and down your thighs? They were rubbing their vaginas up against my legs as much as they could. They were hot indeed. One kept stroking my cock through the briefs and the other kept playing with the elastic around the leg openings both at the front and rear.

I told them I wanted my clothes back next day but was told I would not get them until I had finished. They told me they liked me dressed like I was. The next day we went back to the beach and afterwards Rose and Anne gave me a hearty meal. That night in bed, only Anne joined me and we screwed like there was no tomorrow. The following night, Rose joined me but wanted my hands and feet tied. I didn’t object. They were wearing me out.

I finished the decorating and said I had to go. My clothes were returned. Then I was told the garden needed sorting. That would take a month. I did my transactions and wondered if I should go back or not. Would I be able to stand it? Supposing they made a complaint against me?

I hesitated about what I should do and then thought, in for a penny and in for a pound. I phoned them and told them I would be there the following week. I was told in that case, they would get me some more swim briefs. That turned out to be a most satisfying job indeed.

I am only human after all, so what would you do?
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