The best laid plans go wrong sometimes

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The best laid plans go wrong sometimes

Unread postby restricted » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:22 pm

Jane was into bondage in a big way. Terry liked tying her up so it was a win-win situation. However Jane said she wanted to be tied up in a situation where she had to escape by herself. Terry said he would think about it.

What Jane didn’t know was that he was having two affairs at the time. Two women knew he was married but didn’t know of his affair with the other woman. It was a few weeks before Terry came up with a solution that made Jane think about escaping and pretending how she could die if she didn’t and nobody would find her.

Eventually Terry came up with the perfect answer for him. He could lock Jane in the shed and have his mistress around to have sex at the same time. He had made the shed himself out of six inch by two inch planks each nine feet long. It had a wide single door with three sliding bolts that could be locked if he wanted to. He did say to Jane he would lock her in there, but she wanted a reason to escape. If he locked her in there, she would be there until he released her. Jane wanted to take the excitement to another level.

Terry said he could fix springs to the bolts. The bolts would be held open until the timer released the string. Jane asked him what he was going to use as a timer. He told her the bolts would be held back until ice melted in a bucket, releasing the string and the springs would cause the bolts to close and preventing the door from opening. He demonstrated it and it took six hours for the ice to melt. Jane was happy with that. He fitted an alarm that would tell Jane the bolts had closed.

A few days later and Terry sent a message to one of his mistresses that the front door key would be under the matt. She could let herself in and be ready. She could come round on Thursday and they could screw their minds out. Unfortunately Terry still hadn’t heard from her a couple of days later so he phoned his other bit on the side. He told her the plan and how it would make him even more randy knowing they could be caught. She was to put her sexiest gear on.

Jane was tied to a wheelchair. Her wrists were tied to the armrests. Rope went from above one elbow, wrapped around the wheelchair back and her body three times and then tied to her other arm. More rope was taken under the chair three times and tied underneath the chair again. Her knees were the forced apart and each one tied to the armrest upright. Her feet were tied to the footrest supports. Finally Jane was happy.

Terry gagged her and buckled it tightly behind her head. As she would be on her own, it was one with holes in it so she could breathe through her mouth. Terry gave her a peck in the cheek and then tickled her clitoris. Jane wriggled with enjoyment. She was on the edge of her orgasm when Terry stopped and left closing the door behind him. He had put magnets on the fram and door so it stayed closed until the bolts slid home.

He tied the string to the bolts so the string was pulled tightly. Now Jane was stuck, he could enjoy his mistress with the added excitement that Jane was nearby and wouldn’t know he was screwing his mistress in their bed.

Terry added under bed restraints. He wanted to tie her down as well. He was ready for the fun to begin.

The first mistress was clever and thought of everything. She knew of Terry’s sex toys. Terry left them out for her. He stripped off and changed into to his swim shorts. It wasn’t long before she turned up.

She secured his wrists to the bed straps and removed his shorts. Then she spread his legs and fastened those too. “I don’t want you moaning so I want to gag you” Terry opened his mouth eagerly to await the gag. She buckled it tightly. Luckily the buckle was at the side so his head would not lie on it.

Slowly but sensuously she stripped off and climbed on top of him. She started kissing his neck and wriggled her body so his cock was close to her pussy. She was just getting to enjoy it when the door flew open. It was the other mistress. She went mad, sat on them, grabbed a gag and locked it behind her head. Then she took some handcuffs and tried to handcuff the naked woman to the bed posts. The left wrist was fastened the left bed post. The other one she got ready but with the confusion, it was the second mistress that was handcuffed to the right bed post by her right wrist.

When she went to get the keys to the handcuffs, they were out of reach. They could not get free. At that time, the door opened up and a man walked in. “Well, well. What have we got here? A right three some I must say. I feel jealous. It doesn’t look right you having clothes though when the other two are naked” He picked some more handcuffs and fastened the two women’s free wrist wrists to the other bed post. He sat on the top of the clothed woman and removed her shorts and knickers along with her trainers.

He pulled up her blouse and unclasped her bra. By undoing one cuff at a time, pulling the blouse and bra over the handcuff and putting the handcuff back, he soon had her naked too.

Finally he looked at Terry and the first woman, the sandwich filling, and removed their gags. Before either of them could shout, he put another in that meant they were kissing apart from the leather shield between their mouths. They were buckled tightly.

Finally he got some rope and tied their legs to the bed posts. Then he set about robbing the place. When he had all he wanted, he took a photo of them all bound together. Terry was trying to undo the Velcro straps but they were too strong. They were also out of the reach of the two women. As much as they tried, they just couldn’t get enough purchase on the straps. The burglar could see what they were up to and got some chains and padlocks and fastened Terry’s wrist to the straps. Now they could not be undone.
The burglar turned to Terry once more and said “I don’t know where your wife is, I’m sure she won’t be long. I’d hate to be you when she turns up. Goodbye. Enjoy yourselves while you can”

It was at this point Terry remembered Jane was tied up in the shed. He had no idea of the time, but she was his only way he could escape. He could only pray she had managed to get out of the wheelchair before the bolts slid shut.

Some time went by and there was no sign of Jane. If she hadn’t escaped, they were stuck there for ever. Mind you if she had, it would be the end of their marriage. Terry heard the alarm go to say the bolts had closed. All three of them were struggling hopelessly.

An hour later, the bedroom door flew open. It was Jane. “So this is what you get up to behind my back” With that she picked up a paddle and gave the top woman and hard swipe on her bum. She screamed against the gag.
Jane looked at the position of all three and said she was leaving them there until she had time to think what to do with them.

Another hour later and Jane came back into the bedroom. She sat on all three of them, undid the cuffs and ropes from the top woman, turned her over and fastened her hands behind her back. She made a noose and pulled the woman down to the shed. She tied the rope to the handcuffs, threw the rope over a beam forcing the woman to bend over. Jane tied the rope to a hook. Then she left her there, locked in the shed.

Jane came back for the second woman. She unfastened the gag behind her head and put another in her mouth. Finally she undid one cuff and forced her hands behind her back. Jane repeated it on the other hand and cuffed them together The ropes from her legs made another noose and she too was led naked to the shed.

When she saw the first woman, her eyes opened wide with horror. But it was too late. The rope was tied top her handcuffs and thrown over another beam. Jane pulled hard on the rope and the woman pulled against it. Jane picked up a cane and gave her a heft swipe. The woman screamed against the gag and jumped, however, it did make her lose enough strength just long enough for Jane to pull on the rope, forcing the woman to bend over. She tied the rope to the hook and walked off leaving them locked in the shed. Now she had to deal with Terry.

“Right. I will tell you. A man walked into the shed and saw me. He was going to leave me but as he did the locks closed. I was no nearer to untying myself. Either you do as you are told or we get divorced and I take you for every penny you have got. By the way, it was hotter today and the bolts slid home in three hours and not four and you should never leave the key under the mat.”
Terry agreed to do as he was told.

Jane unfastened him and handcuffed his hands behind his back and marched him naked to the shed. More rope was tied to his handcuffs and thrown over a beam. He never argued as Jane pulled the rope tight forcing him to bend as well. Once it was tied off Jane started to talk. “The man who released me, I was so grateful I let him take me and he was much better at it than you Terry. In fact he is coming back. That's what I've been up to for the past hour. Shagging him. He apologises about raiding our house and I told him it was okay. We would all be trapped if it wasn't for him. He told me where you were.So tonight while you three are thrashing around with aching backs, I will be strapped down and raped by a mysterious burglar. The bed is so comfortable. You three won’t be. I will arrange for people to come and shag all three of you. I will put gags in your mouths that force them open. That way you can all give blow jobs as well as taking it up the bum and normal places. I’m sure that some women have strap on dildos that can make you scream as it enters you. I will set a camera up so I can watch. Anyway, have fun. I know I will”

With that Jane left the shed and let the bolts slide home before putting padlocks in the bolts. The three prisoners stood there awaiting their fates wondering in Jane would go through with it. It wasn’t long before she came back with more rope and tied each of their legs to the nearest wall forcing their legs apart. “We have to make it easy for the customer don’t we!” and laughed.

The night drew on and Jane was having the time of her life thrashing against the bed harness as the burglar pounded her mind into oblivion. Her cries of passion were so loud, the burglar gagged her. She never thought of those three once.

Should she throw them out in the street naked, with their hands tied behind their backs with a notice, “I’m free if you want it” around their necks. Should she take them for a ride and dump them miles from home with no clothes? Or should she simply use them for her own pleasure. She had to admit the sense of power she had got her adrenalin rushing around and she enjoyed hitting those women. She would have to see.

The next morning, she and the burglar had breakfast and the burglar left. “See you next week” he called out as he left. Jane went down to the shed to find all three of them looking at her with pleading eyes. Jane untied the ropes from their legs and put ankle cuffs on them so they only had a ten inch step. Then she undid the roped from the beams so they could stand up. Each of them stretched their backs to relieve the ache.

“Right. I don’t know how long the ice will hold but if you haven’t reached the door before the bolts slide home you will be here all day”. She walked off and set up the bolts with the string just leaving the door held closed by the magnets.

Jane went to her computer to look up ideas what to do with them.
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Re: The best laid plans go wrong sometimes

Unread postby Hypercat » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:51 pm

Planning a sequel?
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Re: The best laid plans go wrong sometimes

Unread postby restricted » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:52 am

I don't know. I wonder where it could go. I have a few ideas.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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Re: The best laid plans go wrong sometimes

Unread postby icy » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:12 am

Nice, I too would ask for a sequel... ;)
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