University lessons can be fun.

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University lessons can be fun.

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Susan, Hayley and Charlotte were in their final year at university. They were studying Psychology. They had each helped the others to get as far as they did. But this term they were in for a shock. Their tutor had told them that they had to study the effects of bondage on males and females. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to do or say. It was a hard job as it was from bursting out laughing.

The tutor told them that he had arranged with a local sex toys shop for a discount for college students. In all there were twenty girls attending the course, but this one got them. They didn’t know where to start.

The tutor said he would leave them to discuss whatever they wanted to that evening. Susan asked what they should look at. “Good question” said the master. “Supposing you were tied up? How would you feel? Or the other way, you were tying someone else up? Would you feel a sense of power, or is that all rubbish? Tie someone up in different stages of clothing. Fully dressed, in underwear or naked if you dare. See how that affects your mood. Try getting some lads of your age and tie them up and let them tie you up? See how each other and the other sex interacts with the scene. Ask for their fantasies and tell them yours. Go a stage further. Once you have a boy tied up, would you feel the need to strip him? How would he feel about it or if you were to dress him as a lady when he could not stop you. How would you feel about it? Then again, you will have to allow yourselves to be tied up by the lads. That is all for now. You have a month to discuss the matter and hand your papers in. It will go towards a very high grade marking if your paper makes sense. Another thing to do is mummifying someone. Wrap them up in cling film”

Susan, Hayley and Charlotte didn’t know what to think of it so at the end of the period they went to a coffee bar to discuss it. They spoke reasonably quiet as they were embarrassed by the subject, but knew it would help them gain good marks. Hayley looked round to see people straining to hear their conversations. The girls decided to leave.

Back at the flat they shared they agreed to share looking on the internet together to get ideas. By looking at Youtube, they got a few thoughts on the matter. However, they agreed that it would be best to start by tying each other up.

They drew cards. The lowest card would be the first to be tied, the next lowest card would be second and the highest would be last. They would always keep it in that order. The next morning they will pool their spare money and go to the sex shop to get ideas.

On the Saturday morning, they quickly had a light breakfast and had a shower before getting along to the sex toys shop before the crowds came out and they got embarrassed. There wasn’t any need to be embarrassed as some of the other girls were already in the shop.

Hayley asked for ideas and the woman who owned the shop said she would take them round and show them and do a little explaining. “For women, being tied up releases them from the fear they shouldn’t do it. They can relax. I have never had one person come back complaining they didn’t like it. For the men, they love the idea of being held captive so a woman can do what she wants with him and he can’t stop her. I did have one complaint once. A man complained his wife never tied him up sufficiently enough so he could not escape. He went away and brought his wife back so we taught her how to tie him up. She ended up buying a sturdy cage for him. They never came back again except to buy more toys”

Charlotte asked what the more popular way of tying someone up was. “Rope is the more sensuous, but some like the thought that chains are inescapable. Handcuffs sell a lot. However, if you do buy some, the more you pay for them, the more reliable they are and comfortable” was the woman’s response.

Charlotte asked what she meant by more reliable. “With cheap ones, sometimes the locks jam and they have to be cut off. Also they can hurt the wrist especially if they wind themselves up too tight”

Susan asked what the most popular scenario was. “With women it is simply being bound. Sometimes being naked helps as it bypasses the boundary of being able to control their emotions. A man could take them and abuse them”

Hayley joined in then, “So there we are naked bound on the floor. What happens then?” The woman looks at her and replied, “Well, a lot of women love a man in a uniform. If he tells her he is leaving her there for his mates to come and share her body with him, a lot of the time, she will achieve her orgasm as it is. Not every woman can do this, but there are some. Especially if she is left alone for a few hours not knowing when he will return or even if he will”

Hayley’s response was that she loved a policeman. “That is a good one. You have been arrested. A fireman is another or a member of the armed forces. Sometimes to be told that you will be sold to some slave traders and you have to wait bound and gagged until you are picked up. In that case you can be naked or in a harem outfit. It works on the wearer and the captor”

Charlotte looked around and saw the hood. “Deprivation hoods are good. You can’t see, hear or say anything. There are horse hoods, doggy ones as well. A lot of men buy those so they can lead their wife or girlfriend around on a lead. The metal one, I will demonstrate” Charlotte stepped forward and the heavy helmet was closed around her head. All she could see was some light coming in from the mouth hole. The woman took a chain, locked to the top of the helmet and the other end to a hook. She pressed a button and the hook rose taking the chain with it. Once it got tight and Charlotte could not move, she released the button.

“Imagine you are standing there naked and you can’t see what was going on. You would feel helpless. To complete the ensemble there are small balls that enclose the wrists, but in this case, grab her hands and place them behind her back. Hayley and Susan did that and the woman locked some handcuffs on her wrists. Now spread her legs” and she locked a spreader bar on her ankles. “There, completely helpless. Now anybody can torment her body and she will never know who it was. Come along with me; leave her there for a moment”

The three walked off leaving Charlotte helpless. The woman showed Susan and Hayley chastity belts. “The metal ones are best as if you walk, they torment you and keep you on the edge of an orgasm but you can’t stop it. The plastic ones for men are nice as you can see the goods but he can’t get at himself and you can see the result of your teasing him. However, for long term chastity, I fully recommend the metal belt”

The three went back to let Charlotte out of her bondage. Charlotte went loopy at them. She had lost track of time and thought she was in the helmet for an hour when in fact it was only twenty minutes. “Everyone says the same thing. Imagine being naked with people tormenting you” Charlotte calmed down. She told them she was okay and thinking about it, quite enjoyed it.

They bought a deprivation hood, some gags, ropes, some ankle cuffs with a short chain between them and a pair of handcuffs. Charlotte said that if she had the money she would lock Susan and Hayley in chastity belts, tie them up and force them to watch porn films. The woman told her that a few women have shown their desire to have that done to them.

Back at home the three discussed the items they had and how they were going to use them. It was decided that they would start with just wearing bras and knickers and then decide who would be tied up. As Charlotte had been in bondage, Hayley would be next. Charlotte went and got some cling film and Susan and she started to wrap Hayley with several layers of it. They laid her down and watched her struggling to get free.

Susan was surprised how well the cling film held Hayley. They ate tea and told Hayley she had better not eat as she would need to use the toilet. Hayley started to moan so Charlotte gagged her while Susan took the plates back into the kitchen to be washed up.
Charlotte told Hayley to take account of her emotions. She and Susan will discuss what they felt in the kitchen. She closed the door behind her.

In the kitchen Charlotte said to Susan that once Hayley was incapacitated she felt a sense of power over her. “That’s funny, so did I” Susan replied. Susan suggested to Charlotte they look in on Hayley and then torment her by letting her think they were going out for the evening and as Hayley wasn’t dressed she couldn’t come. The pair went into the lounge. Susan told Hayley of their plans and they went off to get dressed.

Hayley was struggling by now and getting rather hot in the cling film. Susan opened a window to let cool air into the room. Hayley started to moan so Susan gagged her. Hayley had to watch as they went off and got dressed in more appropriate clothes for the club. She realised her wriggling was making her hotter so she relaxed.

The two girls came back in and said their goodbyes leaving Hayley wriggling on the floor. She heard the front door shut and slumped back wondering how long they would be. But then Charlotte and Susan burst into the room and cut Hayley out of her cling film. Once Hayley had removed the gag, the girls told her to have a quick shower, get dressed and go to the club with them.
While Hayley was out of the room, Susan came up with an idea. “How about all three of us wearing handcuffs? Maybe it might get the boys attention and we could do a survey to see their responses” Charlotte thought that was brilliant idea. One problem. There was only one pair of handcuffs. “That sort of puts paid to it” Susan said.

Charlotte replied that as it was Susan’s idea and she had not been put into bondage, she should wear them. As soon as Hayley walked in the room, they told her of the plans. Hayley thought that would be fun and she watched as Charlotte locked the handcuffs around Susan’s wrists. What Susan or Charlotte never noticed was Hayley picking up the ankle cuffs.

At the club, in walked the three girls with Susan’s hands cuffed together in front of her. The doorman asked what was going on and Charlotte told him they were doing it for their papers at the end of term. He laughed and let them in. Hayley, from behind her, in the meantime had carefully closed the ankle cuffs around Susan’s ankles over her skin tight jeans. Susan went to walk and found she nearly fell over as the chain got to its maximum length and stopped her short. Charlotte caught her and between Charlotte and Hayley, guided Susan into the dance hall.

Immediately some boys pounced on Susan. They all wanted to talk to her. Charlotte got the drinks while Hayley looked after Susan. They found some seats and the boys sat next to them. Susan started the conversation up, “Do you find it sexy me being chained up like this?” One of the boys said she was causing him problems with his John Thomas. Hayley asked what a John Thomas was. He told her it was his cock. He had an erection just thinking about Susan all neatly chained up. Susan laughed. “So I wouldn’t be sexy without these chains then? Thanks”

The boy said she was very sexy, but these cuffs were the ultimate turn on for him. The girls got talking to the boys and they said there was nothing in the world nicer than seeing a woman tightly bound and gagged. Charlotte recognised one of them, Pete Mansfield. “I’ve seen you at the college. You are the one who does all the running aren’t you?” He told her he was and his name was Pete. Charlotte went on, “I love those running shorts of yours. They are ever so brief. They make me go in a sweat when I see you” Susan and Hayley smiled. They did exactly the same but didn’t want to admit it.

The girls suggested that they come back to their place and they could discuss it more. It was agreed that the boys would come to them the following Saturday. Susan asked Charlotte and Hayley to remove the cuffs. They looked at each other and said they thought the other one had them.

They got a cab and took Susan home. The cab driver asked why she was all chained up and they said it was to prevent her from getting drunk. They asked the cabbie what he thought of it and he replied Susan looked lovely. When asked how he could improve it, he replied she could be wearing a short skirt and tight blouse. He had to admit the thought was giving him an erection. “Lovely” he said.

Sunday came and it was decided it was Charlotte’s turn again to be tied up. She decided she would be naked. Susan quickly tied her feet and legs while Hayley tied her hands behind her back and then her elbows. Susan pointed out that Charlotte’s nipples were already like organ stops.

Susan and Hayley stepped back to decide what the next thing was. Susan got some more rope and wound it around Charlotte’s body. Two turns under her breasts and two turns went over them. Hayley took some rope from the ropes around Charlotte’s elbow, passed it over her shoulder, down the rope under her breasts and back up over the other shoulder and was tied off to her elbow rope once more. Susan got some cable ties and clinched the ropes either side and in between Charlotte’s breasts.

Charlotte was standing there with her eyes closed. She was enjoying all this. Susan thought she heard a faint whisper escape from her mouth. Hayley took a rope from the elbow rope and passed it under her in between her legs and pulled it up tight. Charlotte jumped in surprise. Hayley tied it tightly to the rope between her breasts. Charlotte began to rock her body back and forth causing a little friction on her pussy area. Susan got the gag and stuck it in Charlotte’s mouth. It was buckled tightly.

To save Charlotte hurting herself, they laid her on the sofa. Susan gave Charlotte’s breasts a very light stroke with her fingernail. What felt like an electric shock flew through Charlotte’s body. Susan tormented her nipples. Charlotte was wriggling like a worm on a fishing hook. Hayley and Charlotte decided to ignore her and went out to the wine bar. When they got back two hours later, Charlotte was still hard at it. She was softly moaning at the wonderful feelings she was getting. A few moments later, she finally had her orgasm. Hayley and Susan were shocked. They untied her and she moaned at them for doing it. However, she had to rush to the toilet anyway. She had a shower to freshen herself up.

The three sat round talking. Charlotte went to get dressed but Hayley told her she will remain naked for the day. Susan said Hayley was getting into the dominancy role quite well. Hayley had to admit it did give her pleasure to see another woman tightly bound. By the time they left Charlotte to go out, she was on the verge of her orgasm herself. Susan and Charlotte grinned.

Charlotte asked if she could put a nightie on and Hayley refused. She quickly grabbed Charlotte and tied her hands behind her back once more. A gag was put back into Charlotte’s mouth. “I don’t expect to hear from you any more tonight” Hayley said in a stern way.

When it was time for bed, Hayley got a paddle and smacked Charlotte hard on her bum. “Bed slave” she barked. Charlotte jumped as the paddle hit her and it stung for a while but eased off to a warm glow.

Hayley did untie Charlotte so she could get a good night’s sleep. Charlotte fell fast asleep thinking of all the fun she had that day. She had never thought of bondage before but was definitely liking it. Hayley slept like a log after thinking about the power she had over Charlotte. Susan dreamt of the pair being tied up and her just sitting there watching TV while the pair tried to beg to be untied. Susan finished up playing with herself until she had an orgasm.

The next day the three compared notes. They could understand why they were told to take on the subject. Now they had to work out how to put it in a way that people would understand it was part of their thesis rather than just as a sex composition.
It was Susan’s turn to be tied up. She went for the underwear. She was bound hands behind her, her feet and upper arms were tied as well. A gag was put in her mouth. Charlotte and Hayley, picked her up, took her to the cupboard under the stairs and put her inside.

Then they closed the door on her and dragged a heavy chair over and put it against the door. Susan was trapped. Susan banged the door with her feet and made such a row that Charlotte decided they had to do something about it. They got their duvets and stuffed the cupboard so Susan could not hit a wall of the door. Then they put the chair back.

In the darkened cupboard, Susan struggled and struggled but it was a waste of time. The girls had got good at tying people up. Susan wasn’t even getting aroused. She was moaning about that. She was jealous of Charlotte. Revenge would be the case when it was her turn to tie those two up.

Hayley and Charlotte decided that as they had the rest of the Easter break off, they would use that time to do research. Maybe they should release Susan and go down to the sex toy shop again. They released Susan and told her they were off top the toy shop again. They all decided as it was hot, they would wear shorts and T shirts. As soon as the gag was taken from her mouth, Susan let rip into the other two. She told them she was upset she never had an inkling of an orgasm. They apologised for forgetting the crotch rope. “That’s what you get for making me go naked” said Charlotte, “But next time, who knows”.

At the sex toys shop, they spoke to the manageress. They told her what they had been up to and didn’t know where to go from there. “Follow me” the manageress said so the three followed her right through the shop into a small warehouse at the back. “We are trying out new stock. We usually get our staff to try it, but one is sick and one is on holiday. If you like to volunteer to try them out, it would help me and I could give you a discount” The three girls agreed.

Each was given a new gag which locked on. They put them on and they were locked in place. “Try to talk if you can” they were unable to say a word. “Nod if you are comfortable and want to carry on” All three nodded.

Susan as backed into small large dog cage and the door was closed and locked. Hayley went into what looked like a coffin but with a hole where her face fitted. But instead of a lid, it had a door. The door was closed and locked in place leaving Hayley standing. Charlotte was pushed into a cage where she had to stand. Her hands were cuffed to the side and her feet were cuffed as well. Then she closed the door and put a padlock on the hasp. The manageress pressed a button and Charlotte was hoisted in the air. When she was up four feet, the manageress let go of the button.

“Well, my pretty dears, I figured out you would be coming back so I arranged this. You are my prisoners waiting to be sold off at auction. I will have to leave you while I get the Middle Eastern potentates her to start the bidding. Shame you are not naked, but this will have to do them. Of course you may be split up and will never see each other again. But that’s life I’m afraid”

The three girls did their best to escape once the manageress left the room. Tears ran down Susan’s face. However, none of them managed to get out of their cages. The manageress came back after an hour. “It’s time to let you out. I’m sorry I spun you a yarn but I wanted to make you think you were going to be sold off to give you a reason for being in those cages.”

The girls laughed and thanked her. Charlotte said they would model them any time she wants to show them off. The manageress said she would think about that. She might sell them if people could see them in action. It would be worth a try. The box that Hayley was in had a customer in line but wanted a few modifications made. They girls looked puzzled.

“He wants the box divided so the arms were in separate areas to prevent the prisoner from masturbating. The legs would be held apart. He wants a lid to close over the face and also some flaps in the right areas so he can torment his wife by teasing her body”.
Susan was interested. “That sounds fun” she said.

Friday night came and Susan told Hayley to put her bikini on. Hayley picked the smallest one she had. Susan pushed her against the bannisters and Charlotte tied her hands behind the upright post Susan tied her feet and ankles. Charlotte tied her body to the post. She could not move. Susan gagged her with the ball gag that she had drilled so it was full of holes to allow breathing. Then she blindfolded her. Once she was helpless Charlotte reminded her that the boys were coming over that evening. Hayley struggled to no avail. Then the doorbell rang. Hayley was caught unawares and tried even harder to escape.

Charlotte let Pete in who said he loved the decoration in the hall. Hayley was making as much noise as she could but he was ignoring her. Charlotte hoped he had brought his running shorts and as luck would have it, he did. She told him to go to her bedroom and change. Just shorts and slip no vest or trainers.

When he came down Susan and Charlotte both said “Wow” in unison. Hayley could not see what was going on. Susan gave him a drink and then once he had finished it said they should get down to business. Charlotte asked where the other lads were, but they had backed out.

Susan explained their theses and that how they had being tying each other up but now needed to know what the reaction from a male would be. He asked how long he would be there and they said “All weekend”. He had nothing arranged so was happy to help.
He was bound hand and foot. Susan asked how he felt. “Strange. I feel helpless and yet have handed my trust over to you. I feel I am in charge somehow as you can’t go off and leave me” Susan told him not to worry. They were not going to murder him. They needed him.

Susan gagged him and sat him one the sofa with herself one side and Charlotte the other. Susan started to stroke his chest while Charlotte stroked his thigh. From the reactions they got, he was loving their attention. His cock was straining against the slip.
Susan slipped her hand inside his shorts and stroked him. A couple of minutes and his juices spurted out. “Oh dear” said Charlotte, “We had better wash these for you now”. Between the two girls they had him naked in a few moments and washed him down before tying his legs back up.

Susan had an idea and nodded her head towards Hayley who could hear but could not see what was going on. The two girls helped him up, led him over to Hayley and untied his hands. He could only shuffle so it took longer that they thought it would do to get hi there. Charlotte shoved his hands behind the banister post the Hayley was attached to and Susan put the hand cuffs on him. Now they had two prisoners.

Charlotte started rubbing his bum and Susan joined in on the other cheek and his back. A few playful smacks on his bum and they left him to go and wash his shorts and slip. They returned to find the pair trying their best to have sex with each other. It was time to release him and untie Hayley.

Firstly Charlotte gave him a pair of briefs. He asked where his clothes were and was told they had hidden them somewhere outside of the house. He said he couldn’t put the briefs on but Susan was adamant. “Don’t worry. We would like you to do something else for us. When she told him they were going to dress him as a girl, he wanted to run; however, the three girls were too quick and pinned him down. Stockings were pulled up his legs, a corset held them up. Then they rolled him over so they could tighten the laces of the corset. Stockings were put in the cups of the corset to give him breasts. A silk blouse was put on him and the cuff buttons were done up. It was unusual in that the buttons were at the back of the blouse. They were very tine so made it hard to undo. They then rolled him on his back once more. The tight mini skirt was pulled up and the blouse was tucked in.

Then they started on his makeup. He struggled which made it take them longer than they wanted. But eventually they had him ready. They rolled him face down once more and tied his hands behind his back. Finally they let him up and put a wig and earrings on him.

Susan nipped out and came back with a pair of high heeled shoes she had borrowed from someone. They were forced on his feet. Hayley fitted the ankle cuffs to him and once they were ready took some photographs. “What are you going to do with them?” he asked and was told that no one would recognise him dressed like that. But the photographs that had secretly been taken would show it in stages so unless he did as he was told, they would be released around the college. “That’s blackmail” Hayley told him it was and he should do as was told.

They tied his ankles and his knees together so he didn’t spread his legs As Charlotte said, “Good girls don’t show their wares” He was stood up and Susan tied his hands behind his back. Hayley gagged him so he didn’t have to talk.

All evening he had to sit there with the girls and even when their girlfriends turned up, he was not recognised. They had even been talking about Pete to his chagrin.

His shorts were still wet and it was raining so they told him he had to stay on the couch for the night. They refused to go and get his clothes. Next morning he was released and Charlotte said, “Before you go. Do you want to stay like that or get dressed?”

He wanted to get dressed. That is when Susan asked how he felt being tied up in different stages and being forcibly cross-dressed. He told them he enjoyed the experience more than he would have thought he would. He told them it was nice to give up the reins of power. The girls told them it turned them on tying him up. Susan said he looked magnificent in that skirt. She liked the visible panty line of his knickers through it.

“Next week, you can tie us up in any way you want. We owe you that plus we need to find out how you feel” Pete agreed. He wanted them in their bikinis. They got his clothes and let him get dressed.

The following week, he turned up with a lot of chains and padlocks. Each of the girls was in their bikinis ready for him. He stated with Susan. He chained her feet together, and then laid her face down where he padlocked her wrists behind her back. He put a gag in her mouth to stop her talking.

Hayley and Charlotte thought that was all he was going to do. He repeated the operation on Charlotte and then Hayley. Once he was satisfied they could not escape. He locked a chain around each of their waists. All three wondered what that was for.

They soon found out. Pete clipped a chain to the waist chain of Susan. It was easy as he only had to reach underneath her and the clip didn’t make the chain uncomfortable. Hayley and Charlotte got the same treatment. Pete took the chain between Susan’s legs and pulled it tight. He finally, once Susan started to grunt as the pressure on her body grew, locked it. Susan’s eyes grew wide as she realised what he had done.

Hayley followed suit and finally so did Charlotte. Each of the girls could feel the chain pressing into them. Pete had not finished. The arranged them so they were each facing outwards and there feet touching. Finally he locked the feet chains together.

Then he made himself a cup of tea and sat back to watch the show. Each of the girls was trying to get off on the chains but because they could not roll or bend their legs, they were stuck. Now and again he would smack on hard on her bum with his hand. The girls were purring with delight. He left them there for an hour before releasing them. As he undid the locks he said he wished he had a vibrator for them.

The girls sat there not bothering to get dressed. They sat and spoke about their experiences and all agreed it was fun. They worked out their theses and explained that the physical constriction of the body gave the emotional side a release from the constraints of normality. For the person tying up it gave a sense of being trusted by the prisoner which gave them a wonderful feeling that they respected the trust given by the person they had tied up.

They all got top marks for the articles they had written. Pete and Susan started going out. Pete took her back to the sex toys shop where while she was wearing only a thin pair of shorts and blouse, put her in the box and opened the flaps and tormented her body. He loved the sound of her achieving her orgasm as she screamed in delight.

A couple of years later, Pete and Susan got married. Hayley and Charlotte were the bridesmaids and each carried a bouquet of flowers. What all the guests didn’t know was that under the bouquet of flowers, each had their hands cuffed together. Under the long dresses, each had a spreader bar holding their knees apart.

People might have realised they were walking funny but no one commented. In the bridal suite that night, Susan wanted to get her own back so handcuffed Pete with his hands behind his back and sat down. She lifted her dress. Pete could see she was commando and knew exactly what she wanted. He edged forward and Susan pulled the dress down over his head. Then she laid back and let the waves of her first orgasm overtake her.

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