A happy business.

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A happy business.

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Sue and Mandy are a reasonably happy couple that enjoyed each other’s company. They never hurt anyone and life seemed rosy to them. They were both twenty eight and were only a few days apart for their birthdays. Both were five foot nine inches tall. Sue had blonde hair while Mandy was ginger. Both had figures men lust after and women envy.

Life became even better when one year they decided to go camping on Exmoor. They found a farmhouse and asked if they could pitch their tents up in the fields. Sarah who answered the door asked them in where they found Lisa sitting in the lounge.

After a cup of tea, they told Sue and Mandy to pitch their tent up. Unfortunately for the pair, that evening a strong gale got up and blew their tent away. They had lost most of their belongings and rushed back to the farmhouse where they were invited to stay in the house with Sarah and Lisa.

Lisa made them a great meal while Sarah entertained the girls. She explained that Sarah’s uncle had left them the farm but it was too much for them. They needed help. If they didn’t get it, then they would have to sell up and move.

Sue and Mandy looked at each other and asked how they made a profit on a farm. “Well milk is ridiculously cheap and we lost on that and the vegetables don’t last through winter. We grow food for other farmers animals like sugar beet and other things. We have to rely upon a side line to make ends meet. But we can’t do that and run the farm”

After dinner, the four sat down to watch a film on TV. It turned out to be a bit of a let-down; the plot was a girl got captured and tied up and was held captive for ransom.

It was Mandy who made the first comment, “Wow! That looked fun. The girl was supposed to be nervous, but she looked excited. And as for that gag, how can a piece of cloth across the mouth stop you talking? Open your mouth and off it comes”

The other three agreed with her. Lisa turned to Sarah and asked if they should tell them of their side line. Sarah said they had better not as it would scare the pair away and they didn’t get many visitors living that far away from a town.

Mandy replied that they were adult enough to take anything they said. Sarah left the room and came back with a bag. When she opened the bag up and poured out the contents, there were straps of different lengths, gag, blindfolds, leather cuffs plus other items. “We make them and sell them for a nice profit”

Sue and Mandy had never tried bondage before. Sarah asked if they wanted to try it. “Yes please” Mandy replied before Sue could say anything. Sarah said they had better find some clothes they wanted to change into and they could go to the barn and be restrained.

Sue and Mandy put on some denim shorts and tee shirts. Once into the barn Sue noticed it was divided into small rooms. Lisa told them it used to be stables. But the pair had altered them to make little cells so they could lock each other up. There were some stables left, but most had been turned into cells. “Once we started to sell our goods people started to ask if they could come and stay with us, so we hit upon this idea. Although thinking about it the best one was that girl from Birmingham” Lisa said with a big grin on her face.

Sarah laughed. “She had never ridden a horse so we had her strip and tied her to a horse with her hands around its neck and strapped her down. Then we smacked the horse and sent if galloping off around the field. An hour later she was exhausted. We asked if it was because of the horse and her holding on but she told us she had cum three times through the movements of the horse on her body. She had never had that many before. We untied her and made her clean the horse up. After that, we tied her up, laid her on straw, still naked and left her in one of the stables. When we came back she was trying to climb over the bottom part of the door so we pushed her back and bolted the top half as well. That’s how we got the idea of the little cells”.

Sue laughed at that thought. The two girls were led into one of the little cells. They had their hands tied with cotton bandages. “I prefer these as the leather ones make me sweat and the metal cuffs hurt” Sarah said. They then had their elbows tied together making their breasts stand out even more.

The girls were made to lie on the straw and Lisa tied their ankles together and then either side of their knee caps. “Right girls we will leave you here for the night. Behave yourselves and enjoy the session. We won’t gag you this time as it will allow you to talk about ti and your experiences”

Sue and Mandy watched as Sarah and Lisa walked out leaving them and locking the door behind them. The pair struggled to get free, but they were well bound. Eventually the lights went out and the two girls wriggled their way towards each other in the dark. They crashed into each other and laughed out loud. At least they both knew the other wasn’t hurt.

Unable to use their hands, the pair gave each other a kiss and eventually managed to get into the usual spoon position. They were exhausted by the time they did get there and wished each other a goodnight and fell fast asleep.

It must have been the fresh air as it was quite light when Sarah woke them up. “Come on sleepy heads. Time for breakfast”. With that she untied them and led them into the house where Lisa had made them a full English breakfast. The pair ate it with gusto and afterwards had a shower to freshen up.

Lisa said they had been watching them all night on the night vision cameras that had been installed in the stables. “We had to make sure our visitors were safe so we installed this security system”

Sue told them she really enjoyed the experience as for the first time, although she was tied, she felt free to let go and relax expecting Her body to be used by Mandy. Mandy said the same thing about Sue.

The week went by with Sue and Mandy helping in the fields in the day, giving Sarah and Lisa ideas of bondage equipment and in return staying in the stables bound overnight.

At the end of the holiday the four sat down for the last dinner and started talking. Sarah thanked the [pair and said she liked the ideas they had but they were so busy that they should take on other people to help make the equipment.

Sue said she wouldn’t mind moving in somewhere and making the equipment as long as she could test it as well. Mandy agreed with her. They were told that there was a cottage on the far side of the farm but it needed a lot of work done on it. Sue and Mandy went to look at it with Lisa and agreed to move in, but would have top stay in the stables until the work was completed.
A month later, both had resigned from their jobs and moved into the stables. They knew it was going to be an enjoyable experience. Each night they were tied up in different positions “for their safety” Sarah said laughingly.

All winter, they worked hard doing the cottage up. Sue loved the oak beams. She had dreams of being suspended from them. There wasn’t much work to do on the farm during the snow period so the four got round to designing more bondage items.
Mandy came up with an idea that all four loved. It was a stiff thick leather collar that locked behind the neck. From the font, more thick leather went upwards to under the chin and over the mouth. It fitted around the sides of the face as well. Straps went over the head and this prevented the wearer from talking.

In the area covering the mouth was a piece that was slipped into the mouth holding the teeth slightly apart and the tongue down. Mandy decided that there should be air holes in the intruder as she called it so if the wearer caught a cold, she or he could still breathe.

Everyone loved the idea and Lisa said she would cost it up. About twenty minutes later she came up with the costs. “We can use shoe leather like they use in the soles but that would make it extremely expensive. I suppose we could advertise it as the top of the range, but they won’t get much change from two hundred pounds if we are to make a profit. We could also add a blind fold as a fixture or a clip on one As it is Mandy’s idea, I will let her think about it. We could use lather covered fibreglass or plastic. The stuff they use on false teeth is ideal. That way it won’t hurt inside the mouth. Obviously the mouth piece won’t be covered in leather. That way we could get the cost down to around eighty pounds”

They all agreed that a test trial should be made. Mandy had to draw what she thought and agreed the clip on blindfold could be best unless someone wanted on built in.

Sarah got out some wine they had made and the four drank until they were out of it. Sue suggested that her and Mandy could tie Lisa and Sarah up and they could return the favour another day.

That night, the pair slept in the bard but not tied up. The next morning Sue said she missed not being restrained. Sarah replied she thought the idea was good as they could get more ideas for equipment but they would need to sign a waiver to say they agreed to being tied up and no action can be taken against anyone else.

Mandy sat down and Lisa started cutting some strips of cloth while Sarah and Sue heated cut lengths of fibreglass up. Lisa put some cling film around Mandy’s neck to stop the fibreglass from sticking to her neck and face. She wrapped it around her face leaving the nostrils clear. She pressed it down to either side of her head and nose to just under her eyes.

Sarah took the resin based fibreglass and wrapped it around Mandy’s neck. Sue put some from there to just under her nose. “I won’t do the mouthpiece as this is a test run. A few more strips went over her head and joined the side.

They gave it a few more layers and when it was dry asked Mandy to talk. She could only mumble. “Good. That proved how sound the idea is or rather how unsound it is. As it took so long putting it on her, we should leave her in it all day. Sarah could feel she was getting excited. She was grabbed and her hands strapped up behind her.

The other three went about what they had to do ignoring Mandy. Mandy intended to get her own back. She was glad when it was dinner time and they released her.

That night, Sue and Mandy were stripped naked and left tied up in separate cells. They were gagged so they could not talk. This made Mandy even more determined to get even. All the pair could do was mumble to each other so they knew the other was safe.
The following morning, the pair were released and Lisa hoped they had a peaceful night. Although they did not show it, they were angry at being split up.

Again they sat down to design bondage equipment. Mandy said she had to go to town as there were some things she needed to get. Sue went with her.

They bought some bath salts and other cosmetics but after Mandy went along to a hardware shop. Sue asked what she was going to get. Mandy said she will find out.

Sue was shocked when Mandy bought two six foot lengths of heavy chain and four heavy padlocks. She told the shopkeeper that she was concerned that where they live people could steal things and it would take too long to realise it. She had the two pieces cut into two pieces of four foot long. “Thinking about it, it I used two separate chains it would take them twice as long to cut them. She bought another two padlocks and some heavy staples.

Sue was puzzled. “You will find out what they are for. Sarah and Lisa might not enjoy it so much” Mandy told her.

Once back at the farm, Mandy didn’t show Lisa and Sarah all what she had bought. Only the toiletries etc. Wisely she had left the chains and padlock in the stables. In one of the cells she hammered home the heavy staples.

Dinner that night went down well. They were all tired. Lisa told them they had a few more ideas which they hoped the two girls will try out so they can modify them as they went along. But tonight, Sarah and Lisa agreed they will be tied up. Mandy got them to strip naked.

Lisa showed them the nipple clamps they had got and the leather ropes. “We love leather as you soak it and as it dries, it shrinks making it even tighter. Mandy said nothing, but intended to use it.

Sue tied Lisa’s hand behind her back while Mandy tied Sarah’s. Sue blindfolded them. They marched them into the stables and the cell where Mandy had prepared all the chains earlier. “Gag them Sue” Sue did as she was told. “We don’t want one warning the other”

Lisa and Sue were backed up to the staples where the ropes were tied to preventing them from running off. The two girls stood a foot from the wall. They tied the two captives feet together so they could not kick out once they realised what was about to happen.

Sue watched as Mandy picked up the four foot length of chain and wrapped it around Sarah’s waist twice pulling it in tightly and she locked it together to form one thicker waist band. Sue copied her on Lisa. Lisa gave a grunt as the chain was pulled tight.
Then Mandy padlocked the other two foot length to the chain at the back so it hung down. She arranged the padlock to go through the both circuits of the waist chain so cutting them would be a waste of time. Sue did the same to Lisa. Mandy pulled the chain between Sarah’s legs and pulled it tight. Sarah let out a sigh as she felt the chain sliding between her legs.

Mandy pulled the chain tighter causing pressure on Sarah’s pussy. Finally when Mandy thought it was tight enough, she undid the font padlock, slipped crotch chain onto the padlock and locked it. Sue copied her and Lisa gave a mighty grunt as she too felt the pressure from the chain pressing on her tender parts.

The two captives were released from the wall and laid down. The blindfolds were removed and Sarah told them to have a good night. They walked out and locked the door behind them.

Sue and Mandy retired to their cell where they stripped off and started to make love top each other. It didn’t take them long. They were covered in sweat and both screamed out as their interactions caused the double ended dildo to massage their clitoris’s and they fell back with a warm afterglow as the orgasms hit them.

“Having them two as our prisoners certainly turned me on” said Mandy. Sue agreed but perhaps one night they could just tie the two up and then tie each other up as well. Mandy thought the idea was great. “Being bound certainly releases your inhibitions doesn’t it” Sue grinned.

Sue suggested that as there was no one around who could see them, they could do a little skinny dipping in the local stream. Mandy went along with the idea and soon the pair were frolicking around, splashing each other.

Back in the cells, Lisa and Sarah were on the edge of their own orgasms, but just could not cross over the top. This went on all night.

One the way back from the stream Mandy said she wanted to hide the keys. Sue thought the idea was brilliant. It would drive them mad trying to find them. They went back to their cell and fell fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Next morning Mandy went out first and looked around where to hide the keys. She had an idea. She got the tractor and rotovator and turned over a large field ready for spring planting. This is where they would think the keys were. However, to make sure they were safe; she taped them to one of the cell doors on the inside so they would not be seen just looking in.

Once the girls were untiled and gags removed they asked for the chains to be taken off. Mandy said they can wear them for the rest of the week unless they find the keys. Lisa started to grumble. “I wouldn’t moan or we can pull the chains tighter you know. You can go to the toilet but it might be a little messy”

All day long the girls kept asking for the keys. They had looked at the field and prayed she hadn’t buried them there. Mandy did relent at dinner time and they discussed the situation. Lisa said although it scared her, it excited her at the same time. Sarah agreed. But she would get her own back.

A week went by and Lisa and Sarah were working on a secret project. Mandy said perhaps they should do the same.
During the week, the first prototype of the gag was made. They used plastic but had got a local blacksmith to make the thing of iron and they covered it with the plastic. It locked at the back of the neck and held the chin perfectly still. The mouthpiece was done to perfection. The side pieces had straps to the top of the head. Studs on them made sure the blindfold would stay in place. That went from the forehead down each side of the nose to the mouthpiece where it was clipped preventing any light from entering. Sarah volunteered to test it. She said it was so good they all wanted to try it.

Now they had to sell it. They put it on an online auction site where people immediately bid for it. Sarah said the blacksmith was stuck for work so maybe he should join the enterprise. Everyone agreed.

He was in his early very thirties and was single. All four agreed he should become part of the team as there wasn’t much work for him and he could still shoe horses etc at the farm. He could work there and go home at night. That was settled. It would save him the rent on his town blacksmiths forge.

A few days went by and Sue and Mandy were told
they were to be bound that night. They would be bound together. That cheered them up but they hadn’t been told how they were to be tied.

All day the pair wondered what was going to happen to them. They were filled with dread and yet, excited at the same time.
So they had to skip dinner but had a late lunch instead. This was to make sure they did not need to use the toilet.

After a shower they were ordered not to get dressed. That suited Sue and Mandy fine. They were presented with a latex hood and when they put it on, found it had no eyeholes, but their nose down to their chin was free. They could not see.
The pair felt a harness being strapped on their heads and a gag was shoved into their mouths.

Each had their hands taped to their thighs. Belts were strapped around their waists. Sue was helped to the ground and lay on a satin sheet Mandy was laid face down on top of her but in a 69 position. The two girls were played with the induce lubrication and Mandy felt the dildo entering her. Sue’s ankles were brought over Mandy’s neck and tied together. Then they were rolled over and Sue felt the dildo entering her. Mandy’s ankles were tied behind Sue’s neck.

Now the fun began. Mandy felt her head being pushed forward and Sue let out a gasp as the dildo slid in further. Quickly Sarah tied the leather strap to a D ring on the waist belt that Sue was wearing. They were rolled back and the operation was repeated for Sue. Once the two girls had the dildos in as far as they would go, the pair were informed they would be left for a while, but they have been advertised as a show for men to come and ogle.

Where Sue and Mandy’s arms crossed, Lisa and Sarah taped them together.

The two girls struggled and that made the dildos fitted to the gags move and soon the girls were getting towards their first climax. It was not long before they heard Sarah say, Come on gentlemen. Enjoy the show. If you need to masturbate, no one here will stop you. These two certainly can’t. I don’t know if they would like cum all over them but we will find out. Let it all out folks. Come and knock at our door when you are ready. Thank you for the sixty pounds each. Enjoy yourselves. Then the unmistakeable murmur of men masturbating hit their ears. They each wriggled to escape and suddenly their climaxes hit them. They relaxed with the afterglow waiting for the first lot of male cum to hit them.

They were shaken when they were released. They had been listening to a tape recorder. There weren’t any men about staring at them. “Jake the blacksmith went to a porn show and recorded it for us. That fooled you”

Sue and Mandy had another shower and were treated to a nice bottle of wine. They both agreed they enjoyed it, well, sort of enjoyed it. They said they should get even with Jake. Lisa and Sarah agreed.

However, the bondage equipment business was going from strength to strength. Jake’s girlfriend joined in helping some as well. Jake said he had seen something and had ordered four of them for each to try and decided if they should stock them. They asked what is was but was told that it would be better as a surprise.

Another week went by and Jake brought in a package. As the girls were well in advance of orders they decided that they could stop early that day. They saw his girlfriend wasn’t with him but was told she had to go to the hospital.

Lisa was called into the stables first and ordered to strip. She was gagged. Jake inflated a large balloon. Lisa stepped into the opening. It had two layers so the inside was separate and the balloon stayed up. Lisa lowered herself into it and as she did, some air came out. The neck snapped tightly around her neck but didn’t strangle her. Sur wriggled about and in a matter of moments, the balloon had collapsed trapping her in it. She was unable to move her arms or legs. Jake blindfolded her.

Sarah was next. Quickly she was gagged and blindfolded and lowered into the balloon. She too was surprised at how immobile she felt trapped in the balloon.

Sue and Mandy were soon captured the same way. Then Jake removed the blindfolds. “Right girls, you are mine to do as I wish. I will take you out one by one and each of you will give me a blow job. Anyone who fails will be taken into town and left in the town centre for everyone to find.

He picked Sue up and took her into another cell. Soon the other three could hear his murmuring “yes, keep going you bitch. Suck harder. Flick your tongue. You are a my slut. You wag it hard enough” Sue realised he wasn’t talking to her so was it one of the others then was doing it to? She and the other three could hear his slap someone and a female voice would scream.

One by one, two of the others were removed and the process followed all over again. That now only left Sarah. She was dreading it if after him cumming three times already couldn’t do it for her.

He left her there and went and got his girlfriend. Quietly they explained he was hitting a sack of straw and she was pretending to cry out. Jake brought the other three back and said he would leave then, but he had got so worked up, he needed a little time with his girlfriend. All four of them enjoyed themselves trying to escape but had to be released by Jake and his girlfriend after they had finished enjoying themselves.

Jakes girlfriend told them it turned her on seeing them all trapped like they were. All four of them said they intended to get even. “Beware. Hell hath no fury like a woman wanting revenge”.

The business was doing well and by the end of the month they were employing twenty people. Of course, whoever thought of an idea had to be the first to try it. And that included Jake and his girlfriend.
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