The perfect job found again.

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The perfect job found again.

Unread postby restricted » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:39 am

Well two years after I walked out on the best job I could have had as it happened, I was walking in a very remote area of Westmorland and saw some girl guides and I recalled being spread-eagled naked for the guides to find me and I had to spend two weeks wearing a girl guides skirt and blouse. What tickled me was that I was the only one in such an old fashioned outfit. The rest were in trousers and jumpers. Never mind. I enjoyed it.

Then I remembered that the guide leader had mentioned that it was Simone that had told her about me. So she must have known her. I decided to stay somewhere in the area in case that guide leader was around.

I got a few jobs doing fence and dry stone wall repair work. It gave me enough money to be getting on with. I found that by doing such work, I was being fed as well as being paid.

A few days went by and some more elder guides turned up at the farm I was working on. I was too busy to look at them when a voice over my shoulder said “Hello, fancy seeing you here”. I spun round to see it was her. The guide leader who made me wear that skirt and blouse to everyone’s amusement. Mind you, I did like the attention I got.

I asked her if she would tell me where Simone and Suzanne lived. She looked at me and I explained why I wanted to find them. “I shouldn’t but as you were such fun and it was lovely to have someone to practice our knots on rather than just posts, I will on condition you stay with us until we are ready to go. I haven’t got a skirt and blouse this time. I only had it last time as it was an anniversary”.

I agreed to stay. My work had finished, but she made me ask the farmer if I could stay in the barn and she would take me to Simone and Suzanne’s house. He agreed as long as I would help around the farm.

I asked her how Simone and Suzanne were and if they had their babies. She told me they never had babies. So I hadn’t made them pregnant. A sense of relief came over me as I thought they could have gone to the police and reported I had raped them. But on the other hand, I felt disappointed that I had failed them.

That summer turned out to be hot so the guide leader said she would get me some shorts as long as I let them tie me up again, they enjoyed it so much. So did I at the time, except when they kept lifting the skirt up to see my knickers. At least this time I would be wearing shorts.

This time they seemed to enjoy hog tying me and watching my hopeless attempts at escaping. I did enjoy just being bound hand and foot and having to sit there while they fed me. It gave me a sense of being able to hand over my alpha male position and let other people do the thinking and take the responsibility.

The time went too fast really. But at the end of it, the guide leader bound and gagged me, stuck a blindfold over my eyes and put me in her car laying on the back seat with a blanket over me.

We had been driving for what I thought was an hour turning left and right. I had no idea where we were. I was surprised to find out afterwards we had been on the move for an hour and a half.

When we stopped, the guide leader untied my feet and guided me until she stopped and knocked at the door. “I have brought back your escaped prisoner” I was led into the house and sat down on their sofa.

The blindfold was removed. Suzanne stood in front of me. Simone and Charlotte the guide leader (I only just found this out after all this time) sat on chairs behind her. Suzanne started talking. “Before I remove the gag, I would like to explain our position. Neither of us want the ties of marriage. As girls we can’t sleep round or we get a name like local bikes or sluts. You men are lucky; they say you are one of the lads. So obviously we need to find someone we both like. They would have all the sex in the world. Whenever they want it”

Simone took over talking, “Look, we would not ask the father of our babies and we both want one, to pay any money up front. We would pay for everything. Between Suzanne and Charlotte, we run a tea room now. So, if we have babies we need a nursery maid for them. We would like it to be you. That way if you were the nursery maid, you could be with your offspring at the same time. What do you say to the deal?”

I mumbled through the gag and Simone removed it for me. I asked what was involved. Charlotte told me she would train me in baby care. I had no problem with that. Then she said that babies prefer women’s bodies as they are softer and gentler. The babies can snuggle up to the breasts. You would need to be dressed as female in a nice uniform”

I said I didn’t relish the idea. Suzanne broke in then. “Well, I suppose we could rape you and say it was you who raped us. Who will they believe?” I saw her point.

Simone spoke next, “Sorry for what we did to you last time. I hope it didn’t put you off” I told her that once I got over the shock and was allowed to get dressed, I quite enjoyed it. Charlotte said all the guides thought I looked smart in the old uniform.

They left me there still tied for a while. When they came back, they untied me and said if I wanted to leave I could. If I wanted to stay then remain seated. “Just remember, all your food and drinks supplied. All the sex you want and just for wearing a nice uniform dress” Suzanne chipped in.

She was right. What would you do? Charlotte said I would be free to join the guides on their outings. Suzanne said they looked forward to me tying them up and having my evil wicked way with them. That settled it. I was hooked.

I was told to go and have a bath. Simone had run the bath full of scents and bubbles. It felt nice. All around the bath were these scented candles. Soon all three walked into the bathroom and started to sponge me down. Charlotte soaped my aching cock while the other two concentrated on all the other parts.

It wasn’t long before every part of my body hair except my eyebrows and hair was removed, I was told to get out of the bath and they dried me with a rough towel My skin was a right shade of pink by the time they had finished.

They led me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. I thought they were going to rape me. Instead they tied my hands to the headboard once more. Charlotte sat on my stomach and Suzanne placed something over my feet. I couldn’t see what it was but felt it being pulled up over my legs. Charlotte got off of my body and Suzanne pulled it up to around my waist. It was a pair of cotton bloomers. “We can’t expect our nursery maid to be as finely dressed as us can we!” she said with a big grin on her face.
I was rolled over and my hands untied. My hands were guided through the straps of a long line bra. Then they tied them to the headboard once more. Then I was gagged and blindfolded. I felt the bra being down up behind me. Finally I was rolled over onto my back once more.

I felt something else being slipped over my feet. I felt it being worked on up on my legs and I felt them push my cock down between my legs, although it was hard for whoever it was as it had sprung to attention. I heard Charlotte say they will sort that out. I felt it being pulled up my legs and settled it over my waist. I realised it was a pair of thick tights. Then came something else; this too was pulled up and settled high around my waist. It must be a panty girdle to stop the tights falling down. I felt a hand force its way down inside to girdle and force my cock between my legs.

I was released and stood up. A petticoat was slipped over my head. Hands smoothed it down all over my body. I enjoyed this, but my cock wanted to spring into life but couldn’t because of the restrictive girdle. A dress was put over this and I felt the zip being done up. They put an apron on me and I felt it being tied behind my back. Finally a cap was put on my head. That is when they removed the gag and blindfold.

I looked in the mirror and realised it was me, but not as I know me. I had to admit to the three girls that it felt nice.

I asked if I could wear stockings and suspenders and was told sometimes as it allowed me some freedom for my natural instincts but the girdle and tights would be safer for the babies. They said that they would need to get better fillings for the bra and the cotton wool, although soft wasn’t enough to hold the shape out.

Charlotte got hold of a baby doll and taught me how to do a nappy up; both the disposable ones and the terry towelling type. She said I was so natural that I could teach the guides.

Suzanne said that until they had the babies they could get me a black dress with a white apron and I could work in the tea room. I said that was taking it too far but Charlotte agreed that I should when the guides go in there. After all, they had seen me in a guides’ uniform before.

So that night, I was sent to bed naked once more to await the attention of the two girls. I was tied to the bed and blindfolded. I felt someone getting on the bed and called out each of their names but got no answer. Whoever it was certainly wanted me to cum as I she put my cock into her mouth and started real slow licking the underside and then easing her mouth up and down my shaft. I was soon about to explode when she got up and eased herself onto it. I felt myself explode inside the warm cavity of her body. Finally she came too. I was washed down and lay there waiting to see what happened next. I was left for the night.

The next morning, Simone removed the blindfold and started toying with me. My cock was rock hard and she kept kissing and licking it. Finally she impaled herself on me and started going up and down and we both came at the same time. I fell back exhausted and thought they would untie me. But no, I was cleaned up and fed breakfast in bed.

After breakfast Suzanne entered the room. She started on me and I soon had my second orgasm. The pair had left me completely drained. I was cleaned up once more and Suzanne and Simone helped me put on one of their baby doll nighties. I was put into a wheelchair, taped to it and wheeled out into the garden. I was told I needed vitamin D and the sunshine was the best way of getting it.

By Suzanne, Simone and Charlotte working in the tea room they found me lots of work on different farms. The longest one was to rebuild a barn. Mostly it was fences that needed fixing.

After a while Simone and Suzanne started to show. My sex life was really what every man wanted. 9 months later, they both gave birth a few days apart. Simone had a girl while Suzanne had a boy.

After that I became a full time nursery maid. I asked what will happen when they no longer needed one and was told they would still need a maid.
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