Help required.

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Help required.

Unread postby restricted » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:36 pm

My name is Joe. I am stuck in a predicament through my own fault. I love the female of the species and what happened as I say is my own fault.

It started out when I went for a quiet drink with a few friends. They went home leaving me on my own. A girl in her twenties and her mother came along and asked if they could sit at my table. Of course I agreed.

Anyway we got talking and started to see each other. Her mother would not let her meet me on her own. She always came along. It was obvious what I was after.

I found that by pretending I wasn’t after it, girls were more than happy to try to change my mind. But this time, her mother presented a new problem to me.

We met a few times until one day her mother said that she could not get there in two months’ time as she was going on a cruise and she forbids her daughter from seeing me during the months’ holiday. Two months plus another without sex? I couldn’t wait that long.

Then her mother hit me with an idea. “If I buy a chastity belt, I can relax during the cruise knowing my daughter would be safe” I said that was rotten to stick a chastity belt on her daughter. She told me it would not be for her. It would be for me. I laughed, but she was deadly serious.

Six weeks later, she showed me she had got the chastity belt. I was to go to a hotel and book a room. They would come to see it in place.

Like an idiot, I agreed. The thought of having my way with the girl was clouding my mind. Once she was out of the way, the daughter could unlock the chastity belt and we would be free to screw each other to death.

I took a hotel room and as per instructions, I stripped off to await their arrival. An hour later they turned up.

They said they liked what they saw. I was hoping the pair of them would rape me there and then but no, they fitted the Neosteel chastity belt on me quite clinically as if I didn’t matter. They talked about the weather and other things. I might as well have not been there. Before I knew it, there was a loud click as the lock was snapped shut.

The daughter said it looked lovely and it was making her hot already. The mother ran her hands over it and commented how nice it felt. I asked them to take it off of me as I would only wear it when we were on our own. I intended to get copies of the keys cut. Her mother said she hadn’t brought the keys with her. I got dressed.

The mother and daughter said they needed to be satisfied. I asked how, when my cock was well and truly trapped. As the mother said, owing to health and safety regulations, the fire brigade can’t cut chastity belts off in case the wearer got hurt plus she had paid extra for a hardened version. There was no escape.

“You have a tongue. Use it”. I had to strip off again and slowly lick their sex organs. They both came in a short time. Anyway, I got dressed once more. All they had to do was put their knickers back on and pull their skirts down.

We met in the bar. A dozen of her girlfriends turned up who demanded we went back to my room so I could display the chastity belt. Before I realised it, a lot of them had their hands inside their jeans or skirts and were playing with themselves and they came within a few minutes of each other. The mother said “See. Men are easy. Let them think they will get a nice reward and you can get them to do anything”.

Back in the bar and a few drinks later the crowd dispersed Even the mother and daughter left.

I went back to the pub several times but they never turned up. There was a letter for me and when I opened it I was shocked. It read the pair had gone on holiday and hoped I was having a nice time. We would never meet again.

I wrote to the manufacturer who wrote back and said they only supplied keys to the person who bought the chastity belt. I went to the fire brigade who told me they would not cut it off owing to health and safety regulations. Personally, I doubted that. I thought she may have paid them to say that to me. But I couldn’t argue with them.

So if anyone has a spare key for a chastity belt, can you message me on Facebook so I can try your key on my lock; it’s driving me insane. It’s as if all the girls in town know about my problem and they all want to sit next to me wearing their shortest and tightest shorts or micro skirts with cropped low cut and tight tops. Everywhere I look, they parade up and down the High Street in a fashion to get me worked up. In the park they wear their smallest bikinis and it hasn’t been that hot. They all sit near me even though the rest of the park is empty. I even get asked to rub sun tan lotion on their backs. I never got all this attention when I was free.
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Re: Help required.

Unread postby Petrajane » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:49 pm

I like that! Nice one Restricted.
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