Naughty, but nice.

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Naughty, but nice.

Unread postby restricted » Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:38 am

Sitting in my garden today, wearing a knee length skirt and blouse, I started thinking, (my brain hurts now). Why do I like cross dressing? After all, it is only material? I could wrap a curtain or towel around myself but not get the same effect.

I know I'm never going to look like a woman, nor do I want to behave like one, but what is it about the clothes that makes me want to do it? The nearest I do to it is wear a wig and ear rings. (I love heavy pendant ones that tug on the ears as you move your head)

Fair enough, my nurses uniforms represent the authority of nurses and how gorgeous they look in the dresses. (Shame more are wearing trousers and tops these days). I also feel smart and clean in them, more than I do in trousers, shirt and jumper. But what makes me feel the urge to do it?

The material of feminine clothing is softer so I presume that has something to do with it. But then again, you can get men's briefs and shirts in silk or satin, so why do panties feel nicer? My cock doesn't rise up in men's briefs but in panties, it gets affected.

Is it the gentle brushing of my legs or thighs by the petticoats or skirts according to the length I am wearing that day? I suspect that has a lot to do with it. The softness of the blouses on my stomach and arms? I don't know.

Is it the fact it is considered weird and virtually morally illegal (for want of a better word), that makes it exciting? I'm not hurting anyone. A councillor, a female doctor told me to put my uniform on and sit in the garden (but don't let the neighbours see me) as it would calm me down. A matron told me to wear one as it would slow me down. They were all right as far as I'm concerned. I wish my neighbours would accept cross dressing as the norm.

On my travels I found houses where the nearest house was a half mile away. (Or maybe have a female neighbour who would call over to check if I was presentable). I'd love one of those or an island on my own where I can dump all my male clothes and only wear skirts and dresses.

Why do you love it?

I was indoctrinated by my mother who when I was younger loved putting my elder sisters dresses on me at every opportunity, and now and then would stick me in the laundry bag and my sister would taunt me I was wearing knickers. She always said I was the best boy in the girls school, and said she would try to get me into a girls school. She wanted me to joing the Dagenham girl pipers or the girl guides. (She did say she was going to put me in my sister's guides uniform and make me go to the meeting instead of my sister). She even asked if she could have me changed into a girl. It was obvious she wanted a girl as a baby, but she got me instead.

So I put a lot of it down to her. When my wife zipped me into a wedding dress, I could hardly contain my excitement, especially when her and her friend said they would not undo the zip so I could take it off again.
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